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  • Name: Elena Armin Van Buuren ( Elena Podkaminskaya )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Armin van Buuren: biography

    Biography Elena Armin van Buuren has become interesting to many viewers after the TV series «Kitchen», where she played a major role. The actress is involved not only in films but also in theatre. On account of its a lot of movies, and most of them are quite successful.

    Armin van Buuren Elena Ilinichna was born 10 April 1979 in Moscow, her parents were not alien to art, their fates are closely connected with this direction. The father of Armin van Buuren founded the music Studio «rainbow», and today it is the recipient of a grant of the President of Russia and many prestigious awards. Elena’s father also founded in a Moscow Shcherbinka College of art. His daughter graduated with elementary performing arts education. As noted by her teachers, Lena was one of the best and most diligent students in her class.

    Elena Armin van Buuren in childhood and now
    Actress childhood and now | Hello Russia

    In the Shchukin school of the future star entered the first time, during entrance exams, many teachers noticed her talent and began to invite to their groups. Like the actress was the course Alexander Shirvindt, who became her mentor and teacher of life. After the educational institutions of the road star and the meter is not separated, they together worked in one of the Moscow theatres. For the first time on the stage of the theatre Elena Armin van Buuren was released in 2001, immediately after graduation.

    Movies and theatre

    In the Theater of satire Elena Armin van Buuren has performed many roles in productions of «Talents and admirers» — the role of Nagini, «the funds from the inheritance» — the role of Isabella, «Too married taxi driver» — the role of Barbara Smith and many others. The most famous of these was the production of «Homo Erectus» in which the actress played a prostitute Ksi, the Director of the movie was made by Yuri Polyakov. The girl even got a prize of one of Moscow magazines for best actress.

    Actress in the play «the funds from the inheritance» | Opera

    Along with the theatrical roles she began to accept invitations to the shooting in the film. For the first time, Elena appeared on the screen in 2002 in the musical Comedy «the Joker». The maid in the film «Failure Poirot» brought rising star real popularity. Both super successful movie can not be called, but its contribution to the creative biography of Elena Armin van Buuren they have made.

    From 2004 to 2008, the actress appeared in many cult TV series «Adjutants of love», «Protection against», «Petrovka, 38. Team Semenov,» «I’ll be back», «the Royal Ambassador».

    Elena Armin Van Buuren
    Photo | star / Star.Gee

    From cinematic works of the actress can highlight a film «Andersen. Life without love,» a melodrama, «a Few simple desires.» Photo Elena Armin van Buuren appeared on the posters of the Comedy «Night sisters», then they work on the same set with Aleksei Makarov in the title role.

    Until 2008, the actress starred in films that hardly bestsellers. When she was invited into a more serious strip, the Directors offered only a cameo role. So, Fedor Bondarchuk suggested Elena Armin van Buuren to take part in his movie «the Inhabited island» in a role of Secretary, and in the Comedy «what men talk About» and «what else do men» actress starred as the wife of one of the main characters.

    Elena Armin van Buuren in the film
    In the film «what men talk About» | «Vkontakte»

    But in movies with a lower rating of the heroine still got main roles: Masha in the film «away from war», Elena in «I’ll remember», in the television series «return ticket» and «Only love».

    We can confidently say that if not for the acclaimed series «Kitchen», the identity of the artist would be still known only in narrow circles. The actress was invited to the shooting in 2012, the popularity to the star came in this period. She has become a recognizable journalists and passers-by on the streets.

    Elena Armin van Buuren and mark Bogatyrev in the series
    Marc by Bogatyryov in the TV series «Kitchen» | XXL.ua

    Now photo Elena Armin van Buuren featured on the covers of both women’s and men’s magazines. In 2013, the star of «Kitchen» has accepted the invitation to pose Nude for men’s magazines «Maxim». Fans of gloss and well-known photographers really appreciated the quality of the pictures. So in the ranks of fans of the actress has arrived and now it not only addicted to Amateur Comedy «the Kitchen», and most men of all ages.

    In 2014, fans watched two movie stars are «Craftsmen» and «Destiny named Farman». In the first picture she had to work on one platform with Sergey Makovetsky.

    Also in may 2014 the premiere of the feature film «Kitchen in Paris», the picture is a continuation of the third season of the television series «Kitchen».

    In October 2016, the actress has performed in solo performance of «Careless actress.»

    And in November of the same year, on the First channel started showing the new film «Teach me to live.» In it our heroine starred as Katie.

    Elena Armin van Buuren in television

    Elena took part in the TV show «Ice age 5». Her partner on the ice was the famous figure skater Peter Chernyshev. Since the first release, the pair became the darlings not only of the audience but also the jury.

    Choreographic gift of Peter and the incredible performance of the actress was amazed with the first release of «Ice age». Many people associate Lena with the image of Vicki from «Kitchen», the judges even admitted that they did not expect to see in a girl Mature dramatic actress.

    Elena Armin van Buuren and Peter Chernyshev in
    Paired with Peter Chernyshev in «Ice age» | Komsomolskaya Pravda

    Note that the pair is among the strongest pairs of the project. In the final «Ice age» Armin van Buuren and Chernyshev has prepared the most unusual room, which struck the audience and judges. Elena came in Pointe shoes and all dance never touched the ice. As noted in the social networks fans, rather it was a dance of protest, because after mass compliments sometimes were not the highest scores, which prevented the skaters to win.

    In the project «dancing with the stars» a couple of Armin van Buuren and Andrew Karpov won.

    Elena Armin van Buuren and Andrew Karpov
    «Dancing with the stars» | Wokrout

    The star took part in the filming of many television broadcasts: «Good morning», «Tonight», «Taste», «Cinema in the details», «Evening Urgant», «Moscow nights» etc.

    Personal life Elena Armin van Buuren

    About my personal life Elena Armin van Buuren likes to keep the conversation with journalists. It is known that the first husband of Armin van Buuren businessman Alexander Place. They had been married for over 8 years, has a daughter Pauline. In 2015, the couple divorced.

    Daughter Pauline | «VKontakte»

    Now the actress wants to meet his happiness and having another baby.


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    Elena Armin Van Buuren

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