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  • Name: Elena Aleksandrova ( Elena Aleksandrova )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: expert player of «What? Where? When?»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Aleksandrova: biography

    Elena Aleksandrova is a pretty well-known on the expanses of Russia, the scholar, the intellectual game «What? Where? When?». In the elite club, she acts since 2003, and had to sit at the table together with many stars of the programme, as was a member of three different teams of experts.

    She was born in 1975. According to one, the hometown Helena is Moscow, the other in Saint Petersburg. Together with Elena’s parents raised her own sister, who later emigrated to the United States of America, where he now lives in San Francisco.

    Elena after graduation entered the prestigious University of the country — Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, where he earned a specialty «Sociology of mass communications». Aleksandrova has worked in large firms, doing public relations, but in recent years it develops its own projects remotely experience in journalism and media information.


    In the TV intellectual game «What? Where? When?» Elena Alexandrova debuted in 2003, the team of Maxim Potasheva. The following year, she entered in a purely female team under the command of Valentina Golubeva, but this project was short, so she went back under the leadership of Potasheva.

    But the most vivid their performances Elena Alexandrova has played one of the best captains elite club — Andrey Kozlov. Along with it behind one table sat such famous masters quiz, as Michael moon, Alexey Kapustin, Elena Orlova, Igor Kondratyuk and many others. In the new season spring games in 2016 Elena again made the team a favorite of the captain, and all fans of intellectual games will enjoy playing this strong and cohesive team.

    In addition to participating in «What? Where? When?» Alexandrov was the promoter of this game. She conducted official quiz among students and even subscribers of the newspaper «Science and life». These Amateur game, designed to raise interest among ordinary citizens to smart entertainment and to revive the culture of knowledge acquisition, held under the title «mistakes».

    Personal life

    In the beginning of the 21st century Elena Aleksandrova married a fellow scholar, and subsequently three-time winner of the prize «crystal owl» Maxim Potasheva. In 2005, the couple had twins, Andrew and Roman. Maxim and Elena was what you call, don’t spill the water, they were considered not only a strong couple, but also for many years played for the same team of Andrei Kozlov. Moreover, as Potashev said in interviews that they knew everything about each other – from the passions and habits to the tastes and interests, even have time to anticipate the desires of a partner before he or she announced.

    However, even such a friendly family relationship did not save the Union from collapse. Maxim Potashev met another woman, also a scholar and namesake of the first wife – Helen Chuhraeva. The unpleasant fact that Elena is not just left alone with her two sons in her arms, and was at that time quite late month of pregnancy. My ex-husband Aleksandrov categorically severed all relations, and when the birth of her daughter Vasilisa, Maxim Potashev was not even written in documents as the father.


    Olena Aleksandrova

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