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  • Name: Eldiyar Kenensariev ( Eldiyar Kenensarov )
  • Date of birth: 2 April 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Bishkek
  • Activities: actor, comedian kvnschik
  • Marital status: married

    Eldiyar Kenensariev: biography

    Eldiyar Kenensariev was born in Bishkek in April 1984. He has a younger brother Ermek. In the family Kantserova were not artists, and actors. But the sons grew up artistic boys with a good ear for music and a great sense of humor.

    From a young age Eldiyar loved the WHC. Like many of his peers, he loved to watch her game on TV. As he claims, enthusiastically observe the issues of the program began in 1995. Performances of the «Makhachkala tramps», «hussar», or «Khai» caused the boy a great desire to be among them on stage. Eldiyar Kenensariev even organized a school KVN team, and the children played in the evenings, fun teachers and peers.

    At the end of the school Eldiyar Kenensariev entered the University, where, on the recommendation of parents have chosen the faculty of financial analysts. But in high school Eldiyar not abandoned their favorite game. However, there was not formed at once. First Kantserova took varsity. But the guy did not give up and continued to write his jokes for the players.

    KVN and television

    Soon Eldiyar Kenensariev becomes a player of University team of KVN. From then on he not only wrote the script, but also performing on stage. According to the artist, the humor was extremely vital to him. With its help he was able to overcome their complexes and to remove internal stress.

    At the end of the University of Kantserov together with friends and colleagues on KVN Vasily Kutsenko and May by Kerimbaeva took part in the «YBW show.» It’s a Comedy show, which is broadcast on one of the channels of Almaty. The performance was so successful that the children were invited to Moscow. Offer to take part in the project «League of Nations» humor has received from its creators from the TV channel «CTC».

    3 months Eldiyar Kenensariev together with my friends were studying the humorous cuisine capital of Russia, wrote jokes, and I meet a lot of television stars. It is noteworthy that when the guys won the project. But if Kutsenko and Kerimbaev remained in Moscow, Kantserov returned home to Kyrgyzstan. Eldiyar claims that Bishkek for him — the most comfortable place on earth.

    House of Kantserov continued to play KVN. You can safely say that thanks to him this game in Kyrgyzstan have risen to a qualitatively new level. Eldiyar headed the Republican team «Asia MIX». Soon after, the team became the winner in the nomination «face of the country» and regularly participates in international festivals.

    The image of Eldiyar Kenensariev in which he appears before the audience in the KVN is nasal Mr. Bakyt. This collective hero was invented by the brother of Eldiyar Ermek. Bakyt — an impudent Dodger with a unique approach to life and Asian flavor. He immediately liked and remembered by the audience. Although in the life of an artist is very different. He’s a serious, thoughtful and deep person. Perfectly captures relevant topics and problems of society, «melting» them into great jokes.

    In the summer of 2013 «Asia MIX» received a special invitation to the «wailing kivin» in Jurmala. Moreover, Alexander Maslyakov turned on the team among the 10 strongest teams of the club. For the first time in its 50 year history, players from Kyrgyzstan got in the big leagues. Under the patronage of AMIK in the Republic has an official regional League «Ala-Too». Before this event, Kantserov and his team went hard for 2 years.

    For several years Eldiyar combines the duties of the President and editor of «Ala-Too». Besides, he is well versed in the field of mass communication, familiar with the principles of the promotion of the brand. These abilities have helped Kantserova not only keep the ideological core of the «Asia MIX», but also to develop new projects. He is a writer and producer of the series «Dorm» and also actor and Manager of the project «Great people».

    Personal life

    With his future wife, Camille Abdul Eldiyar met when he lived in Moscow. At that time, Kamila has worked in America, so a meeting took place in social networks. Met a girl in real life, the actor was struck by not only her beauty, but also a bold character and intelligence. Now the couple are co-authors of the television project «Dorm» and «Great people».

    The private life of Eldiyar Kenensariev in our days is the wife Kamila and her little daughter that grows is as dynamic and creative as her parents.


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