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  • Name: Eldar Lebedev ( Lebedev Eldar )
  • Date of birth: 30 November 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Eldar Lebedev: biography

    Eldar Lebedev is a Russian theater and film actor, most memorable for viewers of serial film «Last confession», «Chef» and «Practice». He was born and spent his childhood in Kazakhstan, in the mining city of Karaganda. Both parents Eldar was engaged in private business, but the boy is still in kindergarten «Ember» began to show their artistry. To support the desire of a son, parents to 6-year-old sent him to the ballroom dance Studio where Lebedev was done for about 10 years and became the winner of the competition.

    By the way, the Eldar also went not in the ordinary and in specialized theatrical class at the school of arts Valentin L. Buchina. In the morning he studied General education classes, and after lunch learned the basics of acting. But these loads active kid wasn’t enough. Additionally, he sang in the boys ‘ choir took part in all city competitions and was a presenter at many concerts.

    In 15 years, Lebedev externally finishes art school, moved to Russia, where in the Bashkir town of Uchaly gets a Ged and goes to conquer Moscow theatre universities. As it is usual many students apply to all institutions and schools, and since the announcement, selects the Higher theatre school named after M. S. Schepkin, as there are enrolment Yuri Solomin.

    School Eldar Lebedev graduated with honors and immediately began his career in the movies. He later began to appear on the stage, and also participated in television projects. For example, in 2013, played satirical sketches on current issues in the musical-Comedy program «Saturday. Evening. Show.» There the actor helped Evelina Bledans, Alexander Golovin, Vyacheslav Grishechkin and other artists. A year later he became one of the mentors in acting in the second season of the popular reality show «one to One». His charges were Vadim Kazachenko, Yulia Nachalova, Heraclius Pirzola.


    First time Eldar Lebedev was invited to the movies to participate in a small scene in a spy novel, «Alexander garden». However, there his name was not even stated in the credits, but the first experience was. Then followed work in the war drama, «field of Dead» and the Thriller «Emergency call».

    In the film «Last confession», created on motives of the book by Alexander Fadeev «Young guard», the actor played Sergei tyulenin and received the first popularity among movie lovers. He later took part in the family Saga «House of exemplary content» and a series of romantic projects – «Diagnosis: Love», «Seraphim beautiful», «Putejtsy-2», «engagement ring».

    In 2011 Lebedev played an operative in the crime drama «Honor», and then immediately received an invitation to a large-scale project «Chef», which also plays a policeman. This detective film has withstood a few seasons, which enjoy the same success.

    Of the last works of the talented actor stands out detective «Spa mist» , the melodrama «the Photo on documents», criminal drama «Turkish transit» and very warmly received by fans of the medical series «the Practice».

    Personal life

    Many years Eldar Lebedev lived in a de facto marriage with a professional photographer Valeria Kabanova. They had a son Daniel. And in 2016, young people played a formal wedding, a beautiful ceremony which was held in Prague.

    The actor prefers an active rest. He loves to travel through the most beautiful corners of the planet, and in winter is chosen to ski resorts, as it believes that life is movement.

    In 2011, the young man opened his own company, which at that time had no analogues in Russia. He created a professional Studio, which specializiruetsya filming from the air. From famous movies, which were attended by Eldar Lebedev Studio, you can select the sports Comedy «Freaks» with Konstantin Khabensky and Mila Jovovich in the lead roles.


    • 2006 — the Last confession
    • 2007 — Emergency call
    • 2009 — Diagnosed With Love
    • 2010 — House of exemplary content
    • 2010 — beautiful Seraphim
    • 2011 — Honor
    • 2012-2015 — Chief
    • 2012 — Apple orchard
    • 2012 — the Spa mist
    • 2014 – Practice


    Eldar Lebedev

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