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  • Name: Ekaterina Yudina ( Ekaterina Yudina )
  • Date of birth: 30 December 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ekaterina Yudina : biography

    Not every girl so lucky as her, because his first role Katya Yudina played, when she was 9 years old.

    Catherine was born in Moscow on New year’s eve, 30 December 1977. She grew up in an ordinary Soviet family, went to school, studied hard, enjoyed watching movie. Sitting in front of the screen, the girl imagined yourself in the place of the Actresses.

    The parents did not discourage the daughter from the acting profession, on the contrary, supported and accompanied to the auditions and screen tests. Luck smiled on the girl in 1986 when Peter Todorovsky was going to shoot «Military-the field novel». Talent Catherine so impressed the Director that he added a finished script a few scenes — they were written specifically for the small debutante. Yudina played the daughter of the main character sprightly Love. The role of her mother, brilliantly played by Natalya Andreychenko. Kate gained invaluable experience and a strong belief that cinema is her.

    She finished high school and applied to schepkinskoe school. Did the first time and plunged into study. After school some time Ekaterina Yudin worked in the theatre, her career was successful, but the actress wanted more.


    To a large cinema Ekaterina Yudina stepped into the new Millennium. In 2000, she starred in several small roles that went unnoticed for the audience. Some time passed, and the first to offer cute actress more three-dimensional role. She played in the film «Driver for Vera», «Dark horse» and others.

    In 2005 Catherine was offered a permanent role in the rating series «Soldiers». She was the nurse three consecutive seasons. After the filming of «Soldiers,» the actress Ekaterina Yudin was known and loved by the audience. And yet the role of the nurse was not stellar. Starring Yudina have started to offer towards the end of the 2000s. She starred with Marina Golub, Andrey Panin and other famous artists.

    In the TV series «Thirty something» Catherine played the wife of the main character. The character of Margarita Baranova was clear the actress, so there are no difficulties with the role arose. Cocky, smart superlady was something close to the actress.

    Then there was not less successful work in the «Cinderella of 4×4» and «the Lodger». In Cinderella, the actress appeared in the role of flighty Anne – girl peculiar and narrow-minded, also envious. Once again, the game Katya Yudina was convincing. In «the Lodger», she played together with Sergey Gorobchenko. This time, viewers saw the actress in the image of benevolent and even a bit simple-minded Ludmila. These projects brought the actress a long-awaited popularity. She had fans, filmmakers peppered her sentences.

    She played in the TV series «Furtseva» and «Once in Rostov». In 2009-2012 Yudina was filmed very active – there was not a single year without a new project.

    One of the most successful works of the actress critics call the project «Without time limitation» in which she plays the main role. Just her filmography includes about 30 paintings, but Ekaterina Yudina thinks that the best deals are still ahead.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Catherine Yudina things are not going so well, like many of her heroines. The actress says that appreciates honesty in people and she always tries to be honest with others and with yourself. Perhaps this trait and interferes with her relationships with men. In real life she differs from the characters straightforwardness, simple, incapacity for intrigue and double lives.

    Ekaterina Yudina says that he is not going to get married for show, because age is running out. She’s sure to find love at any age. Children, the actress yet. But she believes she will meet a decent man who will love with all my heart and with whom it will be a happy wife and as a woman. But now her heart belongs to art and work.


    • «Soldiers»
    • «A driver for Vera
    • «Without time limitation»
    • «Bones»
    • «Furtseva»
    • «The main version»
    • «The only man»
    • «The photographer»
    • «You go out to look for»
    • «Everything was in confusion in the house…»


    Ekaterina Yudina in the film

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