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  • Name: Ekaterina Volkova ( Yekaterina Volkova )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1982
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married to Andrei Karpov

    Ekaterina Volkova: a biography

    Well-known actress of theatre and cinema Ekaterina V. Volkova was born in 1982 in Tallinn (Estonia). Father of actress – a serious businessman, mother is a housewife. Kate was shown versatile talents. In the barbershop where he worked by an aunt, the girl often sang, danced, recited poems. All visitors said that Katia will become an actress. But Volkov is thinking about an acting career just prior to graduation, then she decided to enroll in drama school.

    Parents were not against it, but not particularly approve of the choice his daughter. They wished Katie was a more reliable profession. A talented young woman immediately took to the famous school named after Schepkin, which she in 2003 graduated with honors.

    Note that the parents of the actress still insisted on a more serious education, so in 2006 Volkova receives the second higher education financier and economist.

    Ekaterina Volkova movies

    After graduating from theatre school Volkov is called to perform on stage at the State theatre of film actor. Since 2005, the actress begins to act in films. Give the artist a small role in the TV series «Kulagin and partners». Then Catherine invited in the series «Luba, children and factory», «Who’s the boss» and others.

    The present popularity of spectator recognition and demand for appeared only after the role of Vera in the series «

  • Voroniny». We can say that this sentence literally saved career Volkova, because this profession did not give the desired: neither money nor fame. In 2009, Ekaterina Volkova was included into a three of the best Russian Actresses. After a year, Volkov invited to star in the series «Reflections». Also in 2010 she took part in a photo shoot for a popular men’s magazine «Maxim».

    In recent years, Volkov managed to star in many films: «Love as love», «I remain,» «Crazy angel». Also the actress had many performances: «Exactly seven», «an Ideal husband», «Stupid», «Valentin and Valentina» and others.

    Ekaterina Volkova was able to build not only an acting career, but also opened his own business. A second degree was not in vain. Catherine opened several clothing stores, and together with her husband, the actress has organized a dancing school.

    Ekaterina Volkova: personal life

    Ekaterina Volkova started a family with a dancer

  • Andrey Karpov, he is known to the General public thanks to the famous TV show «dancing with the stars». The spouses met through a mutual friend and colleague, Daria Sagalova. As told by Catherine, at first they just talked with Andrew, but once he sent the email invitation on an individual dance lesson. This started their relationship which lasted several years, in 2010, the couple officially got married. Volkov and now Karpov has a daughter Alina.

    Catherine loves active rest and visit the Solarium, cosmetics she almost never uses it. In 2013, the actress recognized the most beautiful Russian brunette.

    Ekaterina Volkova filmography

    • Kulagin and partners
    • Who’s the boss?
    • Love is as love
    • I remain
    • The Agency «Alibi»
    • Montecristo
    • New ambush
    • The sentence
    • The man in black
    • Crazy angel
    • Tracker. Trail of the Golden knight
    • People Shpak
    • Be my wife!
    • Voronin
    • Glare

    Ekaterina Volkova photo

    Katerina Volkova

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