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  • Name: Ekaterina Volkova ( Volkova Ekateryna )
  • Date of birth: 16 March 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Tomsk
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: actress, singer, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Ekaterina Volkova: a biography

    Actress Ekaterina Volkova accustomed to the fact that her name is often mentioned in the news in connection with her professional activities, and busy personal lives. Novels artist is really very bright, attracting the attention of the public, but also the work of Catherine deserve no less attention and interest.

    The future artist was born in mid-March 1974 in the city of Tomsk. When the girl was young, her family moved to Tolyatti. For five years Catherine has chosen idol, who wanted to be like in the future. They became the legendary singer Alla Pugacheva, whose concerts on TV young Volkova never missed. Hearing a favorite star, the girl instantly appeared at the screen and ordered the families to be silent, to be able to fully enjoy the singing of the prima Donna. She became Catherine the benchmark of artistry and gave a purpose in life. The girl is seriously interested in music and learned to play the piano while developing and singing. Later, she enrolled in music school, where he mastered the profession of choral conductor.

    When the time came to choose a University, Catherine confused. She dreamed of glory and fame, but to continue his musical training point is not seen. Then Volkova decided to try myself as an actress. She filed documents in the Yaroslavl theatrical Institute, easily passed the audition and began training in the Studio Shalimov. Literally from the first year she played the role of Anastasia in the play «the Village Stepanchikovo» based on the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky. However, the provincial theatre was not the level he dreamed of Catherine. It attracted large opportunities and prospects that were available only in the capital. After the second year, the girl stopped my studies and went to conquer Moscow.

    The arrival of Volkov applied to all institutions of the city, but only in GITIS, she was given the opportunity to start learning from the third year. Choreography classes were held on the territory of the theatre «Lenkom», where the future star met with the famous actor Alexander Abdulov. Between them struck up a real friendship, in spite of the massive age difference.

    GITIS gave the artist not only a good friend but also her first role at the Metropolitan theatre. Her classmate Sergey Alduin was directing «the Master and Margarita», which was supposed to pass us the stage of the academic Youth theatre. Volkova dreamed about the role of Marguerite, but have firmly been busy with another actress, so Catherine could do nothing more but to watch the rehearsals. In order to have fun, she embroidered hat of the Wizard and imagined how would have played a particular scene in the role of Marguerite. Aldon appreciated the persistence and commitment of the actress, and decided to give Volkova the main role.

    After GITIS, in 1999, Volkov began to cooperate with theatres.At theatre of a name of Stanislavsky, she played in the supply of «Orpheus and Eurydice», with a theatrical troupe «Practice» raised «Alceste» and in the theater of the Moscow art theatre took part in the acclaimed production of «My blue friend».

    Catherine is also actively engaged in the fashion business, where not only acts as a model for fashion designers, but also has its own brand of clothing that combines sophistication and style.

    Ekaterina Volkova movies

    Debut picture Catherine became a mystical Thriller «the Collector», directed by Yuri Grymov in 2001. By the time the girl was already fairly well-known actress and easily able to pass the casting on a simple role of Masha. After a good start in the movie, the actress for several years starred in the television series «Next 2» and the Thriller «the Instructor.»

    In 2004, Ekaterina was invited to melodramatic picture «About love». The role of Nity advised her Alexander Abdulov, who played the title role in this picture. The girl is incredibly liked shooting that contributed to the growth of its popularity among the audience and the filmmakers, as the film has received several prestigious awards: two prizes at the festival «Cinema without barriers» and two at «Kinotavr» in Sochi.

    The success of the films with the participation of Catherine gave her the opportunity to get the lead in the historical series about the Soviet times. In the film «KGB in a tuxedo» actress played the role of a journalist, who against their will were forced to help the intelligence Agency and travel the world, performing dangerous tasks.

    Through this project, the artist finally realized that she likes to have more small scale projects and therefore for a long time refused to participate in the series, preferring full meter. In 2008, Catherine took part in the filming of the continuation of the popular film «AssA,» where he played along with the infamous singer Sergey Shnurov.

    However, soon to his beliefs, she had to refuse. After another divorce Catherine realized that she was simply nothing to feed the children. Then she began to agree to participate in any project, even to participate in filming the TV series in the style of «soap Opera». Due to this, the actress came into the picture «This ordinary life». Was also involved in the filming of the Russian adaptation of the popular American TV series «drop dead diva».

    Ekaterina Volkova: personal life

    Catherine was married three times, and has been in a civil marriage. With her first husband

  • Alex she met in their hometown of Togliatti. The couple have a daughter Valeria, but the relationship didn’t work out and the couple broke up. The second choice Volkova became a theatre Director Eduard Boyakov, despite long and serious relationship officially, they were not painted. After this novel, Catherine began Dating and later married producer
  • Sergei Clientele, which too soon broke up. The last and most famous husband, the actress became a writer and political activist
  • Eduard Limonov, who is older than his wife by 30 years. Their marriage was short-lived, they stayed together for only three years, living in different apartments. Catherine herself one of the causes of divorce Limonov calls the unwillingness of children in the marriage they had a son Bogdan and daughter Alexandra.

    Ekaterina Volkova filmography

    • Collector
    • Next 2
    • Instructor
    • KGB in a tuxedo
    • 2-AssA-2
    • Retribution
    • A short course of a happy life
    • Drop dead diva
    • Goodbye, boys
    • Fartsa

    Ekaterina Volkova photo

    Katerina Volkova

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