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  • Name: Ekaterina Vasilyeva ( Ekaterina Vasileva )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1945.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ekaterina Vasilyeva : biography

    Vasilyeva Ekaterina was born 15 August 1945 in the family of Moscow intellectuals. Dad Sergey Vasilyev is a famous Russian poet-songwriter, who was among the ten most published in the Soviet Union. Mom Olympics Makarenko – the niece of a teacher and writer Anton Semenovich Makarenko. Their children the founder of the colonies for homeless was not, and the Olympics after the disappearance of the father of the white guard officer was brought up the famous uncle. Catherine’s parents met at the end of the war. In addition to Kati in the family grew up the youngest son Anton, who later became a writer, Director and environmentalist.

    When Kate was 12 years old, dad and mother decided to leave. The father helped the family, and Catherine had to work to support the mother. The day the girl was delivering mail, and in the evening ran in the drama Studio. Time for lessons lacked, and Katya wasn’t the best student.

    In 1962, Vasil’eva becomes a student at the famous VGIK.

    Ekaterina Vasilyeva: theatre

    In acting school, Catherine got into the Studio Belokurova. Here she immediately becomes one of the brightest and most talented on the course. Sergei Soloviev, studied together with Vasilyeva, recalled her as absolutely unique and uninhibited girl. While Kate, to put it mildly, was not beautiful. All the same, tall, with bright red hair and a cigarette in his mouth, not considered shameful to use strong strong language, Vasiliev is always in the center. And the beauty of the course revolve somewhere around her.

    Immediately after graduating from the VGIK Vasiliev take to the theater Yermolova. In 1970, the actress goes into «Contemporary». For three years she played many great roles, but in 1973 left the theater for service in the famous Moscow art theatre. Catherine herself Vassiliev later recalled those years as the best in his creative biography. The composition of the Moscow art Theater was truly stellar. Theater-goers with the experience remember the wonderful game Actresses in performances of «Collapse», «Trailer», «Toastmasters», and many others. Beautiful was performed by Ekaterina Clytemnestra in the play of Stein’s «Orestes». In many productions of plays Vasiliev in the lead roles.

    But in 1987, the artist surprised many of his fans. She left the theatre and cinema for the Church at the height of fame. Oleg Yefremov heard asked Ekaterina to let her go, refused to sign a letter of resignation. And yet, Vasiliev went, and before leaving the theatre in a big and long tour in Japan. I must say, many do not understand. At that time, foreign tour was a good way to improve the family budget. To be among the performers was considered very honorable. But the actress refused.

    Ekaterina Vasilyeva: movies

    A cinematic biography of Ekaterina Vasilyeva began quite early, when she was still a student. In 1965 she played in the movie «tomorrow street».

    The period when the artist found a real and loud acclaim, became 70-80 years. At this twentieth anniversary of the brilliant Ekaterina Vasilyeva played their best role in the legendary films «Bumbarash», «You is Taimyr» and «Straw hat». And equally talented, she played in all roles – comedic and dramatic. Even the episodes with Vasilyeva be a memorable and vivid.

    Naturally, she «fits» as modern heroines. It is clear from the films «don’t have a headache from woodpecker», «Late goodbye», «the Key is not transferable», «Magicians». But no less naturally does the artist in the image of Emilia in «Ordinary miracle». By the way, this work is considered one of the best career Vasilyeva.

    Very good critics believe the main role of Ekaterina Vasilyeva tragicomic picture Kozakov «the visit of the ladies,» Mikhail Kozakov. Here it appears to be a millionaire, returned to his hometown to help a loved one who once betrayed her.

    The news that beloved actress left the cinema and went to the monastery, very upset fans of Ekaterina Vasilyeva. It became known that in 1993 she went on to serve as Treasurer in the temple of Sophia the wisdom of God in Secondary Gardener. The way the priest chose the son Vasilyeva, graduated from VGIK.

    But fortunately and to the great joy of fans of the talent of the actress in 1997, she returned to the stage. However, now it takes only a few sentences, asking them for a blessing from his spiritual mentor. So, before filming in the picture «Come look at me» Oleg Yankovsky Vasiliev, in consultation with the priest, agrees. After all, the film tells the story of a family recreation, and that for Russia a good deed. Thus, the screens out a wonderful Christmas story, which was warmly received by the audience.

    Appeared actress and wonderful and loud the TV series «the Countess de Monsoreau» and «Queen Margot». A year later, she starred in a beautiful painting by Valery Priemyhova «Who if not us». Around the same period Vasileva accepted the proposal of Oleg Menshikov played in the film «the Grief from mind».

    In 2007 Ekaterina appeared in the drama «Anna Karenina» in the role of the mother of Vronsky. And she played in many melodramas. The artist herself claims that to act again she was allowed a priest because she needs to help my family financially.

    Ekaterina Vasilyeva: personal life

    Personal life Ekaterina Vasilyeva was stormy. Her first husband was famous Director Sergei Solovyov. For a long time, the pair wandered in rented apartments and, as Soloviev says, almost begging. Their marriage lasted very long, but the couple parted friends. The ex-wife of Sergey is very respected and speaks of her with enthusiasm.

    The second official Vasilyeva husband was the famous playwright and writer Mikhail Roshchin. In fact, Catherine took him from his wife, and on the first day of Dating. Future spouses met at the restaurant, where they were invited by Oleg Yefremov and his wife Alla Pokrovskaya. To this marriage was born the only son of Ekaterina Vasilyeva Dmitry. Roshchin and Vasiliev had their own angle and for a long time in rented accommodation. But when fame and success these two people have become undeniable, there and money, and apartment. But that feeling ended. The couple broke up for good. Vasilyeva has been preserved friendly relations with all ex-husbands and men who held in his life a prominent place.

    Now Ekaterina Vasileva works as the Treasurer of the Church of the Church of St. Antipas. Abbot of the temple is Archpriest Dimitry is the son of the actress. The path that you chose only son, Vasilyeva considers it a great honor to. Ekaterina Alekseeva has seven grandchildren: Paraskeva, Theodore, Agatha, Serafim, Dmitry, Athanasius and John. To support a considerable family, she decided to return to the set.

    Ekaterina Vasilyeva filmography

    • Adam and Heva
    • Bumbarash
    • Straw hat
    • Don’t have a headache from woodpecker
    • A step forward
    • The crew
    • Magicians
    • The visit of the ladies
    • The Countess de Monsoreau
    • Queen Margot
    • The woman in the window
    • Come see me
    • Plot
    • Vasilievsky island
    • Anna Karenina
    • Herman
    • The fern flower

    Ekaterina Vasilyeva: photo

    Ekaterina Vasilyeva

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