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  • Name: Ekaterina Starshova ( Ekaterina Starshova )
  • Date of birth: October 28, 2001
  • Age: 15 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, figure skater
  • Marital status:

    Ekaterina Starshova: biography

    Anyone who has watched at least one episode from the series «father’s daughter», drew attention to little Kate, the youngest and most spirited sister. Yes, Katya Starshova, who plays this character, produces the impression of a confident and motivated child. But many viewers will be surprised that the first girl was the complete opposite of his on-screen heroine.

    Katia was born in Moscow, into a family of professional figure skaters Igor Starshova and Elena Mikhaylovskaya. The first years of life Katja was very quiet and unassuming child, others looked askance, incredulously. To emancipate daughter, her parents sent her to the center of aesthetics and beauty «Katyusha». There Starshova opened up and learnt to communicate with strangers.

    And when she first came to recite Pushkin’s poem «Lukomorie», all noted the innate artistry and the ability to feel the emotional side of the story. Teachers of the creative center began to recommend show girl on one of the television casting, although no one imagined what a sensation she will make in the near future.

    However, Catherine’s parents still don’t believe that the actor’s path is the right path for their daughter. They convince her that the main thing is to get a good education. And indeed, Katia is not currently in love with acting enough to give him all the time. In addition to the school main occupation Starkovoy for several years is figure skating. She is engaged in this sport in the Junior ballet on ice «Aleko», and even traveled to Paris to participate in the international festival, where it took second place.


    6 years Ekaterina Starshova auditioned and got into the cast of the family sitcom «Daddy’s girls». Her character Pauline Vasnetsov – the youngest in the family, that’s all the Buttons. But the character and attitude this little boy is the envy of any adult.

    After the release of this sitcom little Kate, what is called, woke up famous and immediately became the most successful domestic child star. Sometimes she could not walk to school, not to distribute on the road a few autographs.

    In the series the Buttons has a favorite toy – a huge Teddy bear, which she calls a Bagel. Interestingly, that little actress was so attached to this inanimate character of the film, the crew decided to give her a complete copy of Teddy friend.

    In «Daddy’s daughter» Katya Starshova was filmed about 6 years. In between seasons of the series, she appeared in the melodrama «the mermaid» and superhero blockbuster «the Black Lightning».


    Also, she worked as a model for children’s advertising. It can be seen in commercials vitamins «Pikovit», cosmetics «Princess», hypermarket of toys «Begemot» and chocolate «Kinder surprise». Most Directors in this exploit is the way of the Buttons.

    Katya Starshova long wanted to try yourself in some talent show for celebrities. Back in the time of the filming of «Daddy’s daughter» when her colleague on the court Elizaveta Arzamasova came to the project «Ice age,» Kate was upset that there do not take small children, because she is a very good skater.

    And in 2016, her dream came true: 14-year-old Catherine Starshova invited in the show «dancing with the stars» where she will once again be the youngest participant. Her partner was a young Vladislav Kozhevnikov, who, despite his age, is already a professional ballroom dancer and managed to win several dance festivals. In his first speech, the guys offered the audience a gentle waltz, which was prepared for a long time.

    Personal life

    Katie Starkovoy today 14 years. Despite the star status, according to the girl’s mother, she wasn’t exposed to as a star and remains a kind and sincere person.

    All her spare time she devotes to figure skating, which for her, perhaps even more than just a hobby. Kate also loves reading, especially poetry. The most liked poems she is trying to memorize. A favorite poet Catherine Starkovoy is Boris Pasternak.


    • 2007-2013 — Daddy’s girls
    • 2007 — mermaid episode
    • 2009 — Black lightning


    Ekaterina Starshova

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