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  • Name: Ekaterina Skulkina ( Yekaterina Skulkina )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Yoshkar-Ola
  • Activities: actress, comedian, member of KVN
  • Marital status: married to Denis Vasiliev

    Ekaterina Skulkina: biography

    Russian TV presenter, team captain of KVN «Four Tatars», resident of «Comedy Woman» and kinoaktrisa Ekaterina Skulkina A. was born in city Yoshkar-Ola of Republic Mari El on 3 June 1976. Father of actress was a military man, mother taught Russian language and literature, trained to be a scholar.

    In the school years Catherine was actively involved in public life, was leading to concerts and festivals. After high school, the future actress arrives at the local medical school on specialty «Medical business». Since 1996 he has worked for some time as a scrub nurse, but has decided to continue the training and submits documents to Kazan state medical University, the faculty of dentistry.

    It was during his studies Catherine starts to play KVN for the University team. In 2002 Skulkin ends of KSMU and continues studying at internship in Department of therapeutic stomatology. In addition, the girl for two years improved their skills in residency, but the result Skulkin chose the creative path, forgetting about the medicine.

    Ekaterina Skulkina: KVN

    To perform on the professional stage Catherine starts since 2003. She not only gets updated in the team «

  • Four Tatar», and becomes a captain. After that, the team wins in the First League of KVN and wins Big Kivin in Gold in Jurmala. In 2004, «Four Tatars» make it to the bigs and become semi-finalists. A year later, the team again played in the major leagues and ranks second, after losing the Moscow «Metropolis» and «Sledges from Abkhazia».

    Also on account of the team «Big kivin in dark», which they won in 2011 at the summer festival «wailing kivin». This year Catherine was invited to play for the national Team of the XX century».

    Ekaterina Skulkina: «Comedy Woman»

    In 2006, Catherine is invited to work in the comic project «Made in Woman», better known to TV viewers as «Comedy Woman». This name occurred in 2008, after the transition of the program on TNT. It was a new opportunity for Skulking, as an actress of Comedy.

    Catherine not only performs on stage, but she’s been writing jokes. Just after the «Comedy Woman» actress becomes popular and in demand. She is often a guest star in various projects as a judge: «Comedy battle», «Thank God you came!» That «most intelligent cheerful and resourceful», etc.

    In 2013, Catherine was invited to become a co-host of the «best husband», it works together with Dmitry Kharatyan.

    Ekaterina Skulkina: theater and movies

    A talented person is really talented in everything. In addition to KVN and television Skulkin plays in the theatre. The debut took place in 2010, the actress starred in the Comedy production of «Happy number». Catherine played on the same stage with Christina Asmus, Natalia Medvedeva and Gabriel Gordeev. Note that since 2011, the show got more extravagant name – «Looking for a wife. Cheap!».

    Two years later Skulkina invited to a small cameo role in the Comedy film «What men are doing». Also, the actress starred in «Alice knows what to do» and the TV series «Friendship of peoples».

    Ekaterina Skulkina: personal life

    With his current spouse actress met at University.

  • Denis
  • Vasiliev was younger than Catherine on two courses, they married before graduating. Wedding couples were democratic, the student, the celebration was attended by only closest friends and relatives. Unlike Kathy Dennis went into business and now works as a medical representative.

    When Skulking asked to become a member of «Comedy Woman», she agreed and moved to Moscow. Because of the busy schedule time for man to do, but the family had not broken up, the lovers managed to overcome the difficulties. In 2008 they had a son Oleg. Now the boy spends more time with her grandmother and father. Mom rarely sees, but they often talk on Skype. As said the actress in an interview, she is a virtual mother.

    Ekaterina Skulkina: filmography

    • What men are doing
    • Alisa knows what to do
    • Friendship of peoples

    Ekaterina Skulkina: photo

    Katerina Skulkin

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