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  • Name: Shumilova Ekaterina ( Ekaterina Shumilova )
  • Date of birth: 25 October 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Solikamsk
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian biathlete, Honored master of sports
  • Marital status: not married

    Ekaterina Shumilova : biography

    Biathlete Ekaterina Shumilova E. the Permian. She was born in Solikamsk in October 1986. In sports Kate since childhood. On skis it was first put dad Evgeny. He became the first coach’s daughter.

    Although initially plans to make Kathy the athlete was not. The girl was often sick, and skiing along with fresh frosty air had to strengthen her health. But gradually Catherine was fond of skiing, and everything else faded into the background. Races and ski jumps were given to the girl easily. She swiftly avoided the rivals on the turns, and each time sincerely rejoiced to victories.

    In biathlon Domracheva Darya came rather late. In 2004, when she was 18 years old, the father’s friend Kate offered to try yourself in this exciting sport. To combine the usual ski race with shooting the girl seemed interesting. But after trying, she realized that this extreme was not enough of the usual racing on skis.

    The first success and brilliant results in biathlon Ekaterina Shumilova achieved very quickly.


    Already 2 years after the start of classes Shumilova was included in the Junior national team. In 2006 the same year she represented Russia at the Junior championship at the world Cup. Then the athlete managed to win the bronze for aspiring biathletes was a great result.

    In 2007, Ekaterina Shumilova become double champion of Europe, that it was a complete surprise to many of its rivals abroad and in Russia. 21-year-old Kate was invited to the main team of the country.

    Excellent and rapid start in the biathlon, I guess, more relaxed athlete. This can explain the fact that she failed to gain a foothold in the team and could not compete with more experienced colleagues. The failure forced Ekaterina Shumilova to mobilize and make a leap forward. In the next Olympic cycle, Katia regained the lost ground and was firmly established in the team.

    To prove his worth, the athlete was able in the 2013/2014 world Cup in Hochfilzen, finishing in 6th position in the pursuit. At that time it was the best result of Catherine. The athlete became part of the Russian national team and took part in the Sochi Olympics. In the women’s relay, she, together with colleagues won the silver medal.

    In March 2015 the world Cup in Finnish Kontiolahti Shumilova were able to improve their former positions, having risen on 4-e a place in the pursuit race.

    As it became known at the end of February 2016, Ekaterina Shumilova included in the women’s national team and will participate in the world Championships, which will be held in March this year in the Norwegian city of Holmenkollen.

    Personal life

    It is difficult to imagine that such a purposeful and strong-willed girl like Katya Shumilova, has a very «unsportsmanlike» Hobbies: from a young age she wrote poetry. While their work keeps Catherine from her mother and only shows to close friends. But who knows, maybe soon she will not be afraid to submit his lyrics to the court of their sports fans.

    Kate knows how to surprise. Because in addition to unexpected fascination with the poetry she loves and still fishing. Unfortunately, the competition is now hard preparing for the next games taking almost all my free time. Apparently, they also interfere with the athlete to focus on the personal. As it became known, the personal life of Catherine Shumilova remains in the background. She’s not married. Kate is not shared with anyone, if she has a choice.

    Have Shumilova, like many of her colleagues, is «unsportsmanlike» education. Catherine graduated from the pedagogical University. She is fluent in French and communicates well in English.


    Katerina Shumilova

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