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  • Name: Ekaterina Savinova ( Ekaterina Savinova )
  • Date of birth: 26 December 1926
  • Age: 43 years
  • Date of death: 25 APR 1970
  • Place of birth: El’tsovka, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: was married

    Ekaterina Savinova: biography

    For many viewers, she remained Frosya Burlakova from the film «Come tomorrow». Acting fate Catherine Savinova could have been different if not for the curse of Director Ivan pyreva.

    Catherine was born on 26 December 1926 in the village Eltsovka, in the Altai region. The harsh climate tempered girl character. She grew up in an ordinary peasant family, from childhood was accustomed to hard physical labor, and wanted to be in a movie.

    After school Savinova went to Moscow to enroll in VGIK. But instead enrolled in the land surveying Institute. Six months spent there, I realized that it was not her calling, and went. Then there were acting classes at Vasily Vanina, however, Savinov of them expelled. Vanin said that Catherine is a theater actress, for the movie it is hopeless.

    Another would be broke and returned home, but not Katya. She succeeded and was admitted to VGIK, once among the 40 lucky winners of the 3 million applicants. Six months later, and on the course there were only 20 people. Among them Ekaterina Savinova. She studied with Nonna Mordyukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov. In 1950, Savinova graduated.


    Her first experience in cinema was the role of Katya in the film «Pages of life». In the credits the actress has not indicated why the debut is still considered Lyuba, which she played in «the Kuban Cossacks». The film was released in 1949 when 23-year-old Ekaterina Savinova was still a student at VGIK. It was a real success, because to get into the movie at that time was almost impossible — he only made 8 films a year.

    Unfortunately, this picture has become a curse for the actress. Ivan pyrev was not only a famous Director but also a connoisseur of young Actresses. When Kate responded to his claims of failure and slap in the face, she closed the doors of all the studios.

    She auditioned for the main roles, it is claimed, and then called back and politely refused. The period of neglect lasted 13 years. In the 50’s she starred in many films, but the role was passable and discreet. However, there were two main roles: waitress Claudia in the film «Shadow pier» and girl-directed by Catherine Voropai in the movie «one day». Both films the audience saw in 1955.

    She starred in Grigori Chukhrai «Ballad of a soldier», in the short film «Chuk and GEK», «steppe», «Revenge» and others. Catherine happily took on any role and giving 150 percent. But she dreamed about the role of a lifetime. Such a role for Catherine Savinova was Frosya Burlakova in the film «Come tomorrow». Romantic Comedy was released in 1963. Provincial immediacy of the heroine conquered the audience. Simple and clear script, the songs performed by Catherine Savinova, brought her recognition and love of millions. This role was named the best female role of the year.

    Filmed «Come back tomorrow» Yevgeny Tashkov, husband of savinovo. He also wrote the screenplay – largely biographical. However, the film crew had to shoot in Moscow and Odessa film Studio, because the Pyr curse was still in effect. The shooting came to the Commission, accused the actress in mediocrity, insisted on stopping the filming. The film was released, but more Catherine Savinova big roles were not offered. She sometimes acted, but the success of «Come back tomorrow» no the film is not repeated.

    The last role of the actress – Anushka in the film «Payback». Viewers saw it in 1970.

    Personal life

    Ekaterina Savinova lived all his life with Eugene Laskovym. They met back in College, both studied on the same course of Cinematography. Met, and married 8 months after they receive their diplomas.

    In 1957 the family was born a son Andrew. He followed in the footsteps of parents and became an actor. However, she Yekaterina Savinova did not see and could not enjoy his success.


    Health problems began at another actress on the set of «Come back tomorrow». Had to interrupt for a year. Soon doctors diagnosed actress brucellosis. The reason was the fresh milk, which she loved.

    Almost a year the doctors could not diagnose, because the incubation period of the disease is 8 months. All this time Savinova worked for wear. But when the disease is diagnosed and treatment began, it was found that brucellosis was struck by the nervous system. The actress developed schizophrenia. For a long time, Ekaterina Savinova lived between home and the hospitals. For four months a year she spent in the hospital. Surprisingly, the actress has kept a clear mind.

    70-year Savinova announced to the family that goes to visit her sister in Novosibirsk. And on 25 April of that year she threw herself under a train.

    Actress buried in the cemetery in Novosibirsk.


    • «Payback»
    • «Road to the sea»
    • «Balzaminov’s Marriage»
    • «Lullaby»
    • «Man from Earth»
    • «One day»
    • «Chuk and GEK»
    • «Kuban Cossacks»
    • «Come back tomorrow»
    • «To me, Mukhtar!»


    Ekaterina Savinova

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