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photo Ekaterina Reshetnikova

  • Name: Reshetnikova Ekaterina ( Katya Reshetnikova )
  • Date of birth: 1 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: choreographer
  • Marital status: Married to Maxim Nesterovich

    Ekaterina Reshetnikova : biography

    The future choreographer Yekaterina Reshetnikova was born in Novosibirsk in 1982. Since childhood, she was very mobile and plastic as a child, so the parents took the daughter in the urban dance school, where she enjoyed attending the classes for sports aerobics. Pretty soon the girl received the first adult category and 13 years of age began to participate in various competitions and contests, winning prizes. Soon Ekaterina Reshetnikova becomes a party to the international competitions on fitness.

    About the future of the profession the girl almost thought she knew exactly what her future is closely connected with sport and dances. After graduating from high school Reshetnikova becomes a student of the faculty of physical education of the pedagogical University of Novosibirsk.


    In 2003 Ekaterina Reshetnikova graduated from University and went to conquer the capital. In the second year of his stay in Moscow, Katia participates in the MTV «Star dancing». It brings a young dancer’s first success. With the first large-scale dance show in the country starts her career, Ekaterina Reshetnikova. Then, from 3,5 thousand participants were selected 80 of the most talented, who were to fight for the prize and title of best dancer of the country. This number was Novosibirsk dancer. Kate was awarded presenter of the project «Star dancing» Sergey Mandrik, as one of the most promising and brightest members, and invited for an internship in his band called «Street Jazz». Just a few months Reshetnikov became the soloist of show-ballet. She also invited to teach at the school dance.

    The year 2006 was for Katya Reshetnikova extremely generous on pleasant events. Catherine invited to work as a teacher-coach on the show «Factory of stars-6». In addition, in the same year, the choreographer is busy in the project «other life». 12 participants of the project during the month was getting the opportunity to work in the industry, which has never worked. To help settle into their new profession they were helped by experienced mentors. One of the mentors-professionals was Catherine.

    In the spring of that 2006 Kate invited to work as choreographer of the group «Tutsi», consisting of the graduates of «factory of stars-3» and singer Tatyana Ovsienko. And yet the choreographer has worked on the projects «song of the year», «Golden gramophone», «Old and New songs about the main thing», «star» and others.

    Catherine Reshetnikov can be seen in many videos. In the record of the dancer’s work on a video for the song Bianca and Irakli «White beach» Christmas Tree «Drop», Timur Rodriguez «Out in space», group «Serebro» Song #1″ and many others.

    Career of Catherine is not only a dance. In 2012, she worked as the Director of the concert program and choreographer of the group «Silver». The same role played for singers in the Trees and Bianchi. In the same year, Kate was assistant Director and choreographer for well-known projects «Universal Artist» (the First channel), «Bolshaya Peremena» (NTV), the new year’s show «Red Nick» at the Olympic.

    The following year, Catherine accepts an invitation from the leaders of the project «one to One». On this show, the participants tried on the images of famous musicians and played their hits. The coach here dancing Dolly worked with Director Miguel Shaw.

    In our time, Catherine works as a team, «Loony Band», which exists since 2010. Reshetnikov also works in the dance school «Dance Studio 54». The work of the Novosibirsk teacher viewers watched on channel TNT in mega project «Dancing».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Catherine Reshetnikova has long been hidden from prying eyes.

    In an episode of the show «Dancing», it became known that Katya Reshetnikova Dating one of the participants of the project — Maxim Nesterovich. During the finale of the second season of Maximus, who won the draft, proposed to his girlfriend.

    7 APR 2016 Nesterovich and Dolly were married.


    Ekaterina Reshetnikova

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