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  • Name: Ekaterina Rednikova ( Yekaterina Rednikova )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Ekaterina Rednikova biography

    Yekaterina Rednikova is one of the few Russian Actresses whose dramaticheski talent is appreciated both in Russia and far beyond: she starred in several American and British films, also starred in the Lithuanian and Turkish cinema. Critics acknowledge that such talent is too close to the stars «second magnitude», but yet Catherine had not had the opportunity to develop their full potential.

    Ekaterina Rednikova was born in mid-may 1973, in an ordinary Moscow family: father worked as a senior researcher, and my mom was an economist. At the time of birth of Katie in the family grew up the son. The girl loved communicating with people and singing in public, but grew very shy and modest child. To give daughter and to help her overcome unnecessary shyness, my mother started to take her to the audition. Also since the sixth grade, the girl became engaged in a theatrical Studio. His first film role, Kate has got only ten years later, at sixteen, however, the efforts bore fruit: the girl became more relaxed and began to be calmer to a large number of viewers.


    After school, the girl entered GITIS to the masters of Chomsky, Terekhova and Lazarus. And after graduation in 1995, immediately went to the theatre «Et Cetera», where she was entrusted to one of the main roles in the popular play «Over the horizon». A few years Ekaterina has already been involved in three plays, two of which actress played the main role. After three successful roles came a period of lull, the actress has focused on a career in the field of cinema.

    Also, already in 2000-ies, Ekaterina Rednikova collaborated with the theatre «Empire of Stars», having played only one play. In 2008, around the organization erupted serious scandal, and eventually the theater was closed.

    Today, Catherine is not involved in theatrical productions.


    The actress made her film debut in incomplete seventeen years, playing in the Comedy «the ladies man» and drama «Lessons in late spring.» Two years later, in 1993, she was entrusted to the minor but distinctive role in the Thriller «the Abyss, the seventh circle». Over the next four years Rednikova played in several films, including one American — these roles did not bring her popularity, but added experience and contributed to future success.

    In 1995, Catherine starred in the film «mistress into maid», performing the role of servant Nastia. This project was very successful, the film won several prestigious awards and soon became known to the General public.

    First major role played Catherine in the Russian-French film «Thief.» The actress notes that it’s one of three films that she is proud of. Since the filming of this movie Katya is on friendly terms with the actor Vladimir Mashkov. For the role Rednikova has shown remarkable strength of will, beating many contenders. She managed so to impress the Director, despite all the competition, Pavel Chukhrai gave preference to her.

    The film received numerous awards, was nominated for the award «

  • Oscar» as «Best foreign language film» and won the special prize at the Venice film festival. Catherine Rednikova received the award «Golden Aries» and «Nika» . It was time to consolidate the success, but then came the default, the cost of the culture reduced, and in Russian cinema there was a lull. A year after these events, the actress called from America, proposing to star in the lead role in the movie «Visa to death». After filming, Kate went to America — to live, to look around and to try his luck in the film world.

    Only a few years the actress managed to obtain at least a few minor roles. This is not surprising: Hollywood does not like foreigners. However, Catherine did not lose time in vain, being able to meet and build friendships with Mila Jovovich and al Pacino.

    One of the notable projects that have completed the period with no roles, there is action the series is Russian-American production «Russian in City of Angels», where the actress played with Eric Roberts. After a few years with him, she will play in the film with the ten-million budget, «Border Blues».

    In the future, Ekaterina Rednikova periodically continued to star in foreign movie. In 2005 the actress received a proposal to play a major role in the three-part film from the BBC «Archangel». Her partner on the set was Daniel Craig.

    Over the past ten years, Ekaterina Rednikova starred in many movies and TV series, playing as the main and minor roles. All these works are very diverse, from thrillers to melodramas, but the actress is out from only three of the project, stuck with her the most: the drama «the Gift to Stalin», criminal drama «House» and series «Indian,» which, according to the actress, «was a pleasant exception among uninteresting scripts.»

    Of last date of work I want to mention detective series «Family maniac Belyaev». The project was shown to the public in early 2015, and has garnered a lot of positive feedback. The audience noted how good the acting of the main characters, and fascinating story.

    Personal life

    In 2005, the film «Captivity» Catherine met the American producer Sergey Konov. They communicated two years before the relationship became romantic (despite the almost twenty year difference in age), and in 2008 the couple got married. As recognized herself an actress, her husband conquered the mind, fell in love with it after I read the book Konov «interpreters», and to make the relationship officially lovers decided after direct recommendations of al Pacino, with whom together had dinner.

    Shortly before the wedding in an interview Rednikova said that the decision about marriage was a surprise to both partners, but they are very happy. In 2012 tridtsatipjatiletnego actress and producer pyatidesyatishestiletny became parents. His son they called Laurus.

    At the moment there are rumors that the couple is fighting. Indirect causes of these assumptions is that Ekaterina and Sergey has ceased to appear together in public, and at the Moscow film festival 2015 beauty was accompanied by a graph, the Argentinean Alejandro Zichy-Thyssen.


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    Yekaterina Rednikova and Sergei Konov

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