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  • Name: Ekaterina Raikin ( Ekaterina Raykina )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1938
  • Age: 78 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Ekaterina Raikin: biography

    Yekaterina rajkina was born in April 1938 in Leningrad. Her parents, actors Ruth Markovna Ioffe and Arkady Isaakovich Raikin, adored daughter. But the time to constantly be near her, the artists were not.

    Ekaterina Raikin brother
    Brother Konstantin Raikin | korifei-vahtangova.narod.ru

    And when my daughter was 3 years old, the war broke out. But this fact has led to the fact that Kate was to see more parents: Raikin traveled around the country giving concerts across the front line. And a tiny daughter sent away from the siege of Leningrad, inland, in the hot Tashkent. Mom found a woman who agreed to take little Kate in your house. For this Ruth Markovna regularly sent him food and money.

    Ekaterina Raikin recalls that he almost died of starvation in the Tashkent «babysitters». As it turned out, the woman hid the house from the mobilization husband and two adult sons whom had to be fed. So Kati got only crumbs from the table.

    Ekaterina Raikin
    In his youth | Liveinternet.ru

    After the war the family finally reunited, but only briefly. A year later parents are still often on tour, leaving the daughter in the care of a beloved grandmother. Probably feeling guilty for being so little attention is paid to the younger Katie, my parents took her in Sochi, where I went to work in 1945. Again the girl bathed in love mom and dad for a year. But she had to go to school, and Catherine was sent to Leningrad, where she lived in a communal apartment with his grandmother and went to school.

    The most is three months in the year so the daughter saw the father and mother, whom the fate of the touring cast across the country. But every meeting was an incredible occasion.

    Ekaterina Raikin
    Ekaterina Raikin | Liveinternet.ru

    Biography Catherine Raikin started when she was 12 years old. The girl came on stage together with the famous actors of the Vakhtangov theatre. This «random debut» took place due to the illness of the actress who played Cosette in a production of «Les Miserables.» Director Nikolai Akimov, who was traveling with her troupe on tour in Leningrad, asked his companions of Ranenyh not be able to play them daughter Cosette.

    When parents upon arriving home, asked about her, she for a second came and went for the rehearsal. Since then, the theater firmly and permanently entered her life.


    After 2 years, Ruben Simonov, the then artistic Director of the Vakhtangov theatre has arrived on tour to Leningrad. Ironically, he brought «Les Miserables». And again, Ekaterina Raikin was lucky to get on stage in the role of Cosette. Her play so much of Simon that he encouraged the girl to study in Moscow, promising that, after graduation, will take the actress in the Vakhtangov theatre.

    Ekaterina Raikin in the theater
    In the theater | Cu.Gee

    Soon Raikin moved to Moscow. Catherine at that time was 17. She easily entered the Shchukin school, and after it really got into the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theater. At that time, Raikin has already taken place was an actress, after playing since the beginning of the 2nd course of «Pike». By the end of the training she already had two main roles in performances.

    Recognition came to Ekaterina Arkadyevna after appearing on the screen, even though she is a movie not really complain: always considered himself more a theatrical artist.

    Ekaterina Raikin in the film
    In the film «March of the Pious» | m.kino-teatr.ru

    For the first time the actress has appeared on screens in 1962, playing the episode in the film «the Trap». In the same year, she was involved in several films, too, in small roles. Notable film work came to her in 1967: Raikin played Jesu Gelfman in the film Leo Arnshtama «Sophia Perovskaya». Then there were wonderful paintings «Ladies and hussars», «Princess Turandot», «the Pious Martha», «Antony and Cleopatra» and «Club women».

    Ekaterina Raikin (from left) in the film
    In the movie «women’s Club» | Theater

    But the theater remained a priority in her work.

    The famous father never used his influence to help her daughter make a career. He was always shy about it. However, his patronage was not necessary Ekaterina Raikin. She copes herself. But after the death of his parents, who in the last years of his life very ill, her acting career began to go into decline. Roles were fewer. In the end, she left the stage.

    Ekaterina Raikin in the performance
    With the rain Proudyou in the play «forget-me-nots» | Itogi.ru

    Again to feel the taste of glory and admiration of the audience Ekaterina Arkadevna were able in a rather advanced age. She was invited to play in the play «Indian summer» in Montreal Russian theatre of a name of Leonid Warpachowski. Raikin moved to Canada, where they practiced, and then has toured throughout Canada and America, where there was a large Russian Diaspora. Visited the theatre in Russia and Ukraine, where the performance was a huge success.

    Personal life

    Love, as the theater occupied an important place in the life of Catherine Raikin. For the first time she got married quite early – at the age of 19. Her husband was handsome Mikhail Derzhavin. This incident happened in the 3rd year of theatre of the University. As it seemed to the girl, she fell madly in love with a senior for 2 years Mikhailik. Parents warmly welcomed the choice of his daughter and did not let him. The couple settled with the family of Derzhavins in a 2-room apartment.

    Ekaterina Raikin family
    With his parents, brother and husband Mikhail Derzhavin | ed.Gee

    But two years later, Raikin embraced the new feeling. In the theatre she is madly attracted to a colleague Yuri Yakovlev. The future star of «twist of fate», too. On the way to happiness was demolished all barriers: two previous marriage – the Raikin and Yakovlev were destroyed to create the new Union. Yuri for the sake of Catherine’s left his pregnant wife.

    Ekaterina Raikin and Yuri Yakovlev
    Ekaterina Raikin and Yuri Yakovlev | rinterest.com

    Unfortunately, married life, the two artists were short-lived. Approval Ekaterina Arkadyevna, the culprit turned out to be fatal passion Yakovlev to alcohol. Once he got behind the wheel drunk and fell asleep. To avoid the horrible end was only by a miracle. At that time, Raikin already had a son Alyosha. Fortunately, all survived. But to drink the person is not stopped even after almost tragedy. They divorced when son Alex was 3 years old.

    Ekaterina Raikin and Vladimir Koval
    With her third husband | muzh-zhena.ru

    Personal life Catherine Raikin went into a new phase after meeting with the actor Vladimir Koval. But two creative types, artists, were too closely in the same house. After several years, the couple separated but never officially divorced. Unlike the previous men, with Vladimir, the actress spoke for many years. They called up almost every day worrying about the health of each other.

    Not so long ago Vladimir Koval did not.

    Alexei Yakovlev with daughter Lisa
    Son Alex, and granddaughter Lisa | Liveinternet.ru

    But in the life of Catherine Raikin there was love. She has a son Alexei Yakovlev. In 2003, a granddaughter Lisa, whom my grandmother loves. And there’s brother Konstantin Raikin, insanely talented and famous, which is older than his 12 years old sister is very proud.


    • 1962 — «the Trap»
    • 1962 — «Wedding journey»
    • 1962 — «My white city»
    • 1962 — «Youth of the fathers»
    • 1967 — «Sophia Perovskaya»
    • 1974 — «Millionaire»
    • 1976 — «Ladies and hussars»
    • 1979 — «puss in boots»
    • 1980 — «Pious Martha»
    • 1987 — «women’s Club»


    Ekaterina Raikin brother and Bones

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