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  • Name: Ekaterina Nikitina ( Nikitina Yekaterina )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ekaterina Nikitina: a biography

    Ekaterina Nikitina was born 18 July 1977 in Moscow. Her family was closely connected with the cinema: father Anatoly Nikitin was a famous Soviet Director, and her mother Tatyana Tamluk was an actress. In the house Nikitin was constantly visited by many famous figures of Soviet cinema, their family was friendly with the couple Barshchevskaya and family Zharikova-Gvozdikovoy. When little Catherine is vacationing in Yalta, her parents became acquainted with the writer Vasily Aksenov.

    The girl is engaged in music and dancing. In eleven years Catherine first came to the set, where her father was filming the movie «the world». Anatoly gave her daughter a small role for which she was preparing with the utmost seriousness, despite his young age. However, about the career of actress Kate began to reflect much later, and at that time dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But to begin to do ballet it was too late, because there took the girls eight to nine years. In thirteen years, Catherine together with his family went to Leningrad, where their friend was making a film about the famous Soviet ballerina Alla Osipenko. Ballerina appreciated the grace girls, and, unfortunately, stated that her parents were not able to consider her talent. Osipenko agreed to follow up with Catherine, but her parents refused to leave the girl alone in an unfamiliar city.

    At school with profound studying of English language of the future actress studied well, but the exact Sciences were hard for her. Until the tenth grade Nikitina decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and try yourself as an actress, what supported her family.

    In Russian state University of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimova Ekaterina made, while still a schoolgirl, becoming a free listener acting course. There she got on the recommendation of a friend’s mother Natalia Gvozdikovoy, which at that time gained the course to the teacher and the actor Anatoly Romashin. The girl had on the exams, but Romashin has agreed to listen to her. It is not surprising that acting ability Nikitina more than satisfied with the teacher and he took her to his own. On your date with Catherine was young and studied very diligently.

    In 1997 the artist graduated from VGIK. Together with his classmate and friend, Anna Mikhalkova, she decided to continue her education, enrolling in Moscow state Institute of international relations. Since it was a second degree, the actress had to pass English and pass an interview. Training cost money, and the girl with the payment helps parents.

    The actress also took part in the theatrical performance «the Grief from mind». The girl played in the international project «Moscow-Berlin» on the same stage with the actor

  • Yuri Lyubimov, who played Andrew, and many other actors. The drama was shown on the stage of a theatre in Berlin.

    Ekaterina Nikitina movies

    Movie Ekaterina Nikitina started acting at an early age. At eleven years old she played in the film of his father «the world». Then in his student years participated in the filming of the short film «an Ordinary story».

    But the real debut of the actress in the movie can safely be called the multi-tape «

  • Secrets of Palace revolutions», where she played a historical character Elizabeth. The picture started shooting in 1995, when Catherine was studying in the second year of the Institute. The girl and several of her classmates were selected for the sample, but in the end the role of the daughter of Peter the great approved it Catherine. It turned out that Director Svetlana Druzhinina had noticed the talented girl and was planning to invite to the role. The film was shot long and hard, budget was tight and the actors worked, literally, on pure enthusiasm. The actress worked on a film set with such renowned artists as Nikolai Karachentsov, Sergey Shakurov, Natalya Yegorova, who plays the role of the great Empress Catherine the First. Rental the first film of the series came out in 2000, followed by Nikitina gained popularity and fame. It began to learn on the streets, journalists took the girl’s interview. She was invited to shooting the four episodes of the film «Why do you need an alibi?», where she played with the gaining popularity of the sisters Olga and Tatyana Arntgolts. The tape was shown on television in 2004.

    During the presentation of the award «Nika», a talented actress Barshchevskaya noticed the couple that were friends of her family. Barshchevsky invited Nikitin to audition for his new series «

  • Moscow Saga» based on the works of the writer Vasily Aksenov. In this historical picture the actress had to transform into the image of Veronica Hail, wife of the son of the main character. The shooting took place not only in Russia, some scenes were filmed also in Berlin. On the screens the film was shown in 2004. The audience highly appreciated the work of Catherine Nikitina in this tape, which brought her more popularity in Russia. The actress went on to star in TV series and feature films, but no one brought him such popularity, as in 2000 and 2004. In 2012, she participated in the filming of crime series «Once in Rostov», where she played sister Kopyltsova Natasha. In the film, played over a hundred and fifty actors, among them many famous names of Russian artists, and Ukrainian. The series was first shown on the Ukrainian TV channel «inter», the premiere on Russian television took place only after three years.

    Ekaterina Nikitina: personal life

    First love the famous actress Ekaterina Nikitina happened in fourteen years. The feeling was mutual, but the lovers had to part, after which the artist haven’t seen my first love for seven years.

    The name of her first husband, as the wedding date, the actress did not disclose. It is known that they were introduced by a mutual friend, Anna Mikhalkova. The guy did business and cared for the beautiful actress. They married during the filming of Catherine in the TV series «Secrets of Palace revolutions». In 1999 they had a son Nikita, and a year later the couple divorced. Nikitina moved to parents ‘ apartment, where he began to live with her son and mother.

    Ekaterina Nikitina: filmography

    • Secrets of Palace revolutions
    • Why do you need an alibi?
    • Women in game without rules
    • Moscow Saga
    • Urban romance
    • Backup instinct
    • Retribution for sins
    • The stamp of loneliness
    • Spellbound love
    • Dealers
    • Margot
    • Once in Rostov
    • The law concrete jungle

    Ekaterina Nikitina: photo

    Ekaterina Nikitina

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