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  • Name: Ekaterina Morgunova ( Catherine Utmelidze )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Pyatigorsk
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: comedian, cheerful and resourceful, leading
  • Marital status: married Leonid Morgunov

    Ekaterina Morgunova: biography

    Ekaterina Morgunova, nee, Utmelidze, was born in Pyatigorsk. Her father Guram Nixon was a surveyor, a topographer, and currently works as a foreman for a construction company. Mother Larissa Arkadevna — fashion designer. The family also brought the youngest daughter Victoria.

    Since childhood Katya was an active girl with diverse interests. She dabbled in ballet, sports and gymnastics, more than 6 years engaged in ballroom dancing. She graduated with honors from high school, then received a diploma in dressmaking College.

    Higher education Catherine Utmelidze went to buy in Pyatigorsk state technological University, where he received a specialty Manager of personnel management. Five years of excellent study allowed the girl to pass the postgraduate study at the Department «Social philosophy», but to finish it, Catherine does not become, as more and more attention in her life began to take a drink.


    Catherine never intended to become an artist, and an Amateur team of his school, she came rather accidentally just agreed to the entreaties of friends to keep them company. But on stage, the bright girl looked impressive, so was invited to the University team «Chlamys», which played in the Central League in Krasnodar region.

    In 2009, the best players «Chlamys» joined with the elected members of the Pyatigorsk team «bad habits» and «Vinitsky Homeless» from the Stavropol region. The combined team was declared the main city team and was named «the City of Pyatigorsk.»

    In a year the national team of Pyatigorsk waiting for a big triumph: they won the First League and immediately after the end of the Sochi festival entered the final of the Higher League of KVN, where he took 3rd place. For a start-up team is a really great achievement, especially that in 2012, they improved the result, becoming Vice-Champions and in 2013 won the main event of the funny and inventive.

    Several times Ekaterina Morgunova-Utmelidze became the winner of the honorary «Big Kivin».


    In 2014, Catherine started acting in Comedy show «Once in Russia», which is a funny drama that consists of many comic scenes on ostrosotsialnye topic. Basically she has to play unbalanced and bitchy ladies, and Morgunova said that a sane person to play her quite interesting as a comedian to make fun of some negative traits. The actress believes that her most of all be able to just images of the girls is hysterical.

    In September 2015 on channel STS Ekaterina Morgunova started entertaining and educational program about travel «Russo turisto». Her partner was another former kvnschik Leonid Morgunov. The essence of the project is to show the audience the famous city, but with a completely unknown side. The guys go into a popular city among tourists and find a little-known sights, small cozy cafes, quiet promenades… in addition to practical advice for avid travelers, Ekaterina and Leonid Morgunov give the audience a lot of positive emotions, as are the program in their usual humorous manner.

    Personal life

    Catherine Utmelidze in 2014 she married her colleague at the KVN team player «Parapaparam» Leonid Morgunov. It is interesting that Leonid made proposal to his future wife on the stage of the festival «wailing kivin» in Jurmala, presenting an engagement ring during one of the performances. After the wedding Catherine took her husband’s name and is now known as Ekaterina Morgunova.

    Catherine loves the old Soviet comedies, especially the paintings of George Danelia and Eldar Ryazanov.


    Katerina Morgunova

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