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  • Name: Ekaterina Malikova ( Ekaterina Malikova )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kolomna
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Ekaterina Malikova: biography

    The fifth day of the spring of 1982 gave the world a beautiful woman, talented actress of cinema and theatre, model Ekaterina Malikova. Catherine was born in the small town of Kolomna near Moscow. Her family was far from the art world: the father – the philologist, mother – an engineer. The girl grew up without her father because a few years after her birth, the parents divorced, mother remarried.

    Little Kate since childhood actively engaged in learning. In addition to school of foreign languages, she attended classes in swimming, fencing and riding. From a young age, Catherine loved to sing and dance. Malikov has always been independent and strong person. At the age of 16, after a quarrel with her stepfather, she was not afraid to leave home and start living independently.

    Ekaterina Malikova: modelling career

    After graduating high school in 1999, Katya begins learning the modeling business in the «Moscow house of fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev», which very successfully launched the career of future actress.

    A year after joining the fashion House Ekaterina takes part in the competition on an international scale «New Model Today» and goes to the finals. After that she started working in the world’s leading fashion centers of Paris, Milan and Tokyo, working in parallel with Russian model agencies.

    Ekaterina Malikova theater

    The acting world opened up to Malikova in 2003 when she was offered to play the role in the popular TV series «Poor Nastya», but after listening to the producers advised Kate to go through a small training of actors. The role Malikova never made it, but pushed the actress to the world of cinema. In the same year she entered the theater and began studying acting.

    After two years, Catherine takes part in the production of «Scenes from a marriage», during which the actress was noticed by representatives talent Agency. In 2007, she produced and received an invitation to work in the famous theater «Satyricon», where he spent 5 years. The theatrical repertoire of the actress is not as great as it later became cinematic.

    In 2008, the talented girl playing in the performance «Blue monster» Konstantin Raikin. The role of the Queen demanded the implementation of the circus on a rope, which the actress performed without insurance. 2010 also brought the actress a role in a fairy tale «Money». But in 2012, Catherine takes on the role of lady Capulet in the play «to Die of love» in Shakespeare.

    Ekaterina Malikova: movies

    In the movies Catherine began much earlier. While still a student, she received a cameo role in the cult blockbuster «Night watch». But her next role was much greater. In 2005, Malikova has played Olga in the Comedy «From 180 and above».

    A recognizable actress Catherine began in 2007 after the release of the legendary film «shadow Fight 2», where she played the role of the second plan. Before Malikova opened not only the Russian cinema, as the young and beautiful actress drew the attention of filmmakers in many countries.

    In 2009 Ekaterina Malikova acted in Italy with the famous comedian Carlo verdone. The film «the Italian» gets positive reviews. This year brings Caterina interesting role in the Thriller «the One who is near.» In the picture in the style of art-house actress plays the role of a girl who falls in love with a serial killer who’s stalking her.

    This Arthouse experience Malikova has not ended. In 2011, she starred in the drama-fantasy called «Gone and never came back.» The year also brought her amazing experience of working with famous Hollywood actors Mischa Barton and Anton by Elkinym. Picture of Russian-American production led by British Director was called «You and me».

    In 2012 Malikov sent to Turkey for the shooting of the next art-house film «farewell, Katia!». In this picture she gets a difficult role of a woman that left a daughter in infancy. The following year, the actress starred in the movie based on real events, called «22 minutes.» After a large number of thrillers and dramas was a nice release of the Comedy with the participation Malikova «Sex, coffee, cigarettes» in 2013.

    Not less time the actress is shooting and in television projects. In 2007, Kate plays the role of the killer in the movie «Ice passion», which she does really makes a notable figure in the world teleproduction. Two years later, Malikova plays the role of the polka in the film «Zastava Zhilina», which specifically puts a Polish accent. The film earned her a bit of a controversial fame, as in one scene the actress is totally naked.

    A little later, Catherine plays in the cult TV series «Karpov». Also notable was the role in the popular romantic Comedy «Love-carrots 3».

    Ekaterina Malikova: personal life

    Despite the fact that the actress has a bright appearance and, as he admits that he would like to marry, while the hand and heart Malikova free. The family circle of the actress is her mother and grandmother, who lovingly collect all mention of Kate in the press.

    Ekaterina Malikova: filmography

    • Love-carrot 3
    • Family 3D
    • Sex, coffee, cigarettes
    • You and I
    • Zastava Zilina
    • Someone who is near
    • The Italians
    • Shadow fight-2
    • From 180 and higher
    • Night watch

    Catherine Malikov: photos

    Ekaterina Malikova

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