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  • Name: Ekaterina Kovalenko ( Kovalenko Ekaterina )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Born in Starodub, Bryansk oblast
  • Activity: model, finalist of «miss Moscow-2015», contestant on «the Bachelor»
  • Marital status: not married

    Ekaterina Kovalenko: biography

    Ekaterina Kovalenko — member of the TV show «the Bachelor season 4», recently also became the Vice-miss Moscow. She was born and raised in the Bryansk region, in the village with a fabulous name Starodub. She has a good full family. Mother Lyudmila worked in the city administration and in one of the city’s housing offices, and father Vladimir, a military officer in the reserve, after leaving the army he continued his activity in the protection of the colony. Katie has a sister Olga, who under her for 3 years.

    Catherine – the fidget. In childhood she attended a huge number of teams and clubs, occupying every second of his time. Dreams of a future profession are also regularly replaced one another, although for the longest time she was going to become a dentist. However, after high school she went to conquer the capital’s main University and became a student of the faculty of soil science Moscow state University. After 5 years of training Kovalenko entered the postgraduate course at the philosophy Department at the same University.

    At the undergraduate Ekaterina started working as a fashion model, she also found a job in one of the most famous Moscow fitness centers «St. Loder». She likes to stay in shape and look good, so there are no problems with rather complex professions model and fitness coach at girls arise.

    In recent years, Ekaterina Kovalenko participated several times in various beauty pageants and talent shows, and in 2015, despite fierce competition and even won 3rd place in the contest «Miss Moscow» with the title of Vice-miss.

    TV show

    In the fourth season of the popular show «the Bachelor,» the main character was a singer, musician, actor and just a talented person Alexey Vorobyov, and among the 25 contenders for his heart was and Ekaterina Kovalenko. In the interview, the girl said that loves to fight and compete, but in a romantic relationship of this experience she is still not there, so she decided to try to come to the project.

    She thinks the perfect man should be tall, self-sufficient and be sure to have a great sense of humor. Only for such a person Kate would feel like a stone wall.

    In the first meeting with Alexey, Ekaterina Kovalenko said he was looking for his ideal and hopes that the bachelor will be just the Prince, which girl wants some privacy. Katia also gave him a book of philosophical orientation, to show a young person their interests and priorities in life.

    It is unknown whether captivated the bachelor a special gift, or glamorous, or interesting thoughts girls, and maybe he liked the frankness of Katie, because she believes that Alex she’s interested and she wants to stay in the show, in order to understand it better, but rose Ekaterina Kovalenko received. However, as another 15 contenders for the attention of the enviable groom. By the way, among them actress Yana Anosova, model Natalia Martynova, member of another well-known show «Top model in Russian» Daria Kornienko and even androgen Tatiana Shmeleva.

    One of the girls ahead of all rivals and will be in the finals, the audience finds out very soon.

    Personal life

    About past romantic adventures, Kate Kovalenko does not apply, although in General she’s a pretty open girl and easy to communicate with fans on the pages of their social networks. Catherine, as already mentioned, a very active person. She is involved in several sports — volleyball, kite-surfing, and recently became interested in women’s football. Also, she attends lessons with a professional vocal teacher and develops an ear for music.

    Katia is well read and educated. She can easily recommend a good book, depending on the literary preferences of the interlocutor. She herself distinguishes «the Little Prince» by Antoine de Saint-exupéry’s «Trilogy of desire» by Theodore Dreiser. In addition, Ekaterina Kovalenko – a patriot of his people and she believes that every citizen needs to master, and competently use the language of their country, to know and to love its culture and history, and, of course, proud of their homeland.


    Katerina Kovalenko

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