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  • Name: Ekaterina Ivanchikova ( Iowa )
  • Date of birth: 18 August 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Chausy, Mogilev region, Belarus
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, actress dubbing
  • Marital status: married

    Ekaterina ivanchikova: biography

    Today Ekaterina ivanchikova, more famous to his many fans as Iowa, occupies a prominent niche in the domestic show business. In a very talented and expressive singer each song is like a story of his personal life. It’s like she skipped through the heart and warmed the experienced emotions of the girl. That is understandable, because Kate herself writes poetry to all his compositions.

    Ekaterina Ivanchikova
    Photos of the singer | allWomens

    Ekaterina ivanchikova was born in the Belarusian town of Chausy in August 1987. She grew up in a simple working-class family: dad worked as a mechanic, my mother raised kids in kindergarten. Parents were busy at their work the whole day. Gathered under the roof of the house in the evening. So Kate most of the time was by herself. She was doing what she loved. Loneliness never suffered. In her home often gathered friends and girlfriends. And she often brought home stray and sick animals. A kitten or puppy, picked up on the way home from school, always found shelter in a kind of Katie.

    Ability to music from Catherine Ivanchikova was before. So the girl took him to music school at the local House of culture. Here Kate not only learned to play the piano, but also sang.

    Ekaterina ivanchikova in childhood
    Early photo | Usnisa

    In high school ivanchikova was fond of heavy rock. She began to sing in the manner of rockers and Groninger. Catherine dreamed of the stage. She dreamed crowded halls and stadiums, lights, and applause. But to receive special education did not work: the Conservatory and Mogilev College of culture took students with academic vocal.

    So Catherine ivanchikova went to Minsk and entered the pedagogical University. 4 years later she had higher education and the profession: Philology and journalism. However, neither one of them is not needed.

    Biography Catherine Ivanchikova began in his student years. A girl came to the casting of the TV show «the Star stagecoach». An analogue of the Russian «factory of stars». First Ivanchikova not taken in the final stage, but when one of the participants of past ill, Catherine was invited to take her place.

    Haircut Catherine Ivanchikova
    The soloist of the group «IOWA» | www.dalnegorsk.ru

    In addition, the singer participated in the musical Ilya Oleynikov «Prophet» and also voiced a number of animated films.


    In 2009 Ekaterina ivanchikova remembered a youthful dream to build your own musical group. Together with guitarist Leonid Tereshchenko and drummer Vasily Bulanov, she founded the rock band «IOWA». As the name the guys chose the nickname Katie – a Iowa, so the girl called a rock party in honor of her favorite album of the metal band «Slipknot».

    The group ivanchikova not only sang, but played on the bass guitar. She decided to focus on vocals. The lyrics of all songs of the band creates Catherine. The poems she began writing in high school. Talent opened her, when the girl first fell in love. All the poems, she is sensual, «missing» through itself, is always based on personal experiences. Songs and manner of performance «IOWA» fans call expressive, energetic and energizing.

    Ekaterina ivanchikova on stage
    On stage | RIA Novosti

    During the year, a young rock band has toured in major cities of Belarus. Creativity «IOWA» as the lead singer of the band, like a younger audience. Concerts crowds who wanted to hear expressive singing Catherine Ivanchikova. And then the guys realized that we must go forward, to grow. To do this, she moved to St. Petersburg, where everything is «breathing» creativity and where the focus of rock musicians chosen «IOWA» directly. The few concerts that gave the group in the city on the Neva, Petersburgers were received very well.

    Soon the existence of Catherine Ivanchikova and her team learned a lot of the inhabitants of great Russia. Musicians, the huge Russian fan group. «IOWA» was developed and was regularly pleased fans with new songs.

    Some hits were on TV, and they were taken vivid videos. One of the first hits was the song «Mama» has entered the top twenty songs in 2012-th year. In the spring of that year, the video for favorite song gathered on the Internet a million hits.

    Smash hit performed by Catherine Ivanchikova «Looking for a husband» was first performed in the transmission Larisa Guzeeva «let’s get married», «Simple song» sung in the TV series «the Teacher», and «same» and «Smile» have become hits after they became the soundtracks for the series «Kitchen».

    In 2014, Katya ivanchikova and the group «IOWA» released their second Studio album, «Export». He had considerable success with the public and music critics.

    It is noteworthy that the team initially consisted of only three people. Today there are six. The producer of the band was Oleg Baranov.

    In January 2015 fans of the group saw a clip on the hit «same thing». The Director was Vladimir Besedin. In the same year, «IOWA» got the prize «For the promotion of Belarusian music abroad.» It gave the guys on the national musical prize «Lira» in Minsk.

    Overall, 2015 was a very generous and rich for Catherine Ivanchikova and her team. In March they were nominated for «Best group» Award RU.TV . In the same month was nominated for the Award Muz-TV awards in two nominations: «Breakthrough of the year» and «Best song». The last nomination is for the song «Bus».

    Ekaterina ivanchikova and the group
    The group «IOWA» | 2DO2GO

    In April, the group gave a big solo concert in Moscow Crocus City Hall. And in the early summer, the solo program «IOWA» saw fans of the team in Minsk.

    In September 2015, the team Catherine Ivanchikova nominated for an MTV EMA. «IOWA» was in the category «Best Russian artist».

    And in October hit «Minibus» open contest «New wave». There, they presented a new song «Hit bit», which instantly became a hit.

    Ended the year well. In November, the group «IOWA» performed the song «Smile» on the 20th ceremony of the musical award «Golden gramophone 2015». Here the guys got his first award.

    2016 also brought Catherine Ivanchikova and her colleagues a lot of nice gifts. With the song «Minibus» they made January 1 «new year’s eve on the First channel». And in February, the premiere of the video for the song «Three days cold.»

    To April «IOWA» was presented in the category «Best pop group» on Muz-TV.

    Ekaterina ivanchikova with
    With «IOWA» on the stage | Hey, Sochi

    And in September the team for the second time visited the «New wave». The guys opened the contest with a new song «140». In the same month began shooting a new video for the single «My poetry, your guitar.»

    In December 2016 Ekaterina ivanchikova together with Mikhail Sitovym and Sardor Milano sang his song, «Hit bits» on the 5th season of «the Voice.»

    Personal life

    First love caught up with Catherine Ivanchikova when she was a senior. Her choice turned out to be older girls for a few years. This is the first pure feeling was the impetus to the fact that the singer began to write poetry which was later the starting point for texts for future hits.

    Catherine ivanchikova, Leonid Tereshchenko and
    Leonid Tereshchenko | Star hit

    In 2008, the personal life of Catherine Ivanchikova lit up with a new romantic light. The girl met guitarist Leonid Tereshchenko. They immediately liked each other. The affair lasted ten years. This relationship has grown not only popular in Belarus and Russia, the group «IOWA», but loving family. Fans of Katie say that in the actual marriage the couple lived for 7 years. But to legitimize the relationship, they decided in 2015.

    Their wedding took place in Karelia and lasted two days. It had a lot of fun with all of the relatives and friends of the newlyweds. Today the young family lives in St. Petersburg, which has become native to this pair.

    The Figure Of Catherine Ivanchikova
    The singer has model looks

    The appearance of Catherine Ivanchikova, its model parameters, shape, height and weight became the reason why photos of beauties appeared in the magazine «Maxim» and «Playboy». The husband on this occasion did not suit his wife of jealousy. Katya and Maxim a wonderful trusting relationship. Each of them understands that for a famous artist to be in the public eye is extremely important. And some things has to be tolerated.


    • 2012 – «Never Saw It Coming»
    • 2014 – «Export»
    • 2016 – «Import»
    • 2016 – «Remixes»


    Ekaterina Ivanchikova

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