Ekaterina Guseva

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  • Name: Ekaterina Guseva ( Ekaterina Guseva )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Ekaterina Guseva: biography

    Muscovite Ekaterina Konstantinovna Guseva was born in the family of a civil servant and a free kick. Tamara Mikhailovna worked as chief inspector and in addition Catherine brought another daughter – Anastasia. The girls all adored and pampered, the family lived together happily.

    Ekaterina Guseva
    Ekaterina Guseva | SunDayNews

    Biography of Ekaterina Guseva was accompanied by a «suitcase» lifestyle. Own apartment family has got not at once, and before that, traveled with huge trunks from one grandmother to another. The girls left the warmest memories from such «Gypsy coceani». Indeed, wherever they turned, everywhere they sister were surrounded by care and love.

    In childhood the father of Catherine was a hockey player and played the violin. This violin many years later was accompanied by Katina heroine as props of the acclaimed cult series «Brigada». Gusev, in his 4 year started to visit the section of rhythmic gymnastics. Managed to participate in competitions, then became interested in figure skating and swimming.

    In high school Ekaterina Guseva started to visit the dance club of the Georgian national ensemble. Among the ensemble «Kolkheti» was performed at the Bolshoi theatre and went to the far touring. Catherine was the epitome of a model Schoolgirls – massive long braid, neat appearance and good grades. Exact Sciences did not wanted to settle in memory, which allowed fans to somehow get close and make friends with studious student: they helped her to solve clever puzzles, and explained the equation.

    By the end of the school Ekaterina Guseva was determined with the future profession and decided to study in biotechnology the Institute has managed to pass a one-year preparatory courses. However, one of the school plays, her life changed dramatically. Between changing to a new episode Gusev was on the eve of a new extravaganza. At the end of the evening to Catherine approached the helper E. G. Simonova, and invited the talented girl to try to enroll in theater school. Schukin.

    Ekaterina Guseva in the play
    Ekaterina Guseva in the play «Roman Comedy» | 2DO2GO Moscow

    A few days Catherine had learned a few pieces (stories, monologues and poems) and on the day I appeared before the electoral Commission. The selection went wide open the door, entered. News about the sudden admission in the acting school has led parents into confusion, the mother cried. But after a while Tamara Mikhailovna was fond of his beloved daughter from the auditorium.


    Career of Ekaterina Guseva unfolded in 1997, when she graduated from the acting course, graduated, and with it his first film role. Filmography Guseva started the main role in the Thriller «the snake source», after which she received a proposal to Supplement the troupe of the theater «Nikitsky gate.» In 2002, she starred in blasts across the country and the near abroad «Brigade».

    In the theater Mark Rozovsky has successfully performed about 4 years and managed to take part in such performances: «Romances with Oblomov», «Poor Liza» and Dr Ekaterina Gusev appreciated and asked to temporarily move to the North pole and participate in the legendary musical «Nord-OST», live in the role of Katya Tatarinova. Who would refuse such an offer early in his career? Refused and Gusev. In preparation for the musical took lessons of music and professional vocals.

    North pole met Gusev temperature of 40-45 degrees. On arrival she was dressed in special heat-resistant clothing, and warned not to come to the edges of the ice – when the temperature rises even a few degrees they begin to melt, and the edges became brittle. Catherine quickly acclimatised and soon joins the other actors sang in the 40-degree cold. This fact was honored in his native country and made the appropriate entry in the Guinness Book of records Russia.

    Then in the «Nord-OST» she played almost every day. In 2002, narrowly escaped a terrible terrorist attack on Dubrovka, was absent on the occasion of the deserved output. Weekly, in addition to the standard output Monday, each participant had the right to take another day off. Wednesday, October 23, Gusev took advantage of this right that was incredible luck.

    In may of 2003. impressions of the musical is over, and Kate was among the theater troupe of Moscow city Council, where is until today. Followed by a series of remarkable performances, where Gusev was reincarnated in the character Florala in the production of «the dancing Master», Stella «In the space tn U.», etc. In 2006, Catherine remembered the old days and got used to the role of a skilled skater in a pair with Roman Kostomarov for the project «Stars on ice».

    In 2004, she took part in a candid photoshoot, photos of Ekaterina Guseva graced the pages of men’s magazine format «Maxim» .

    In October 2012 singing actress becomes Catherine II in the very popular musical «Graf Orlov». After performing in the operetta Theatre filmography Guseva has been actively replenished and soon counted more than 40 films.

    In 2009, the actress and singer was awarded the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    Personal life Ekaterina Guseva was formed in 1996 when she became the wife of a famous businessman Vladimir Abashkin. The man was about involved in the activities of the actress, his firm «Base-Beauty» is engaged in creation of diverse scenery.

    At the end of 1999 Kate bore her husband a son, who was named Alexei. After 11 years, a daughter, Anna. It is interesting that the son inherited the father’s name, but the daughter got a star name of mother.

    Ekaterina Guseva with the family
    Ekaterina Guseva with the family Around the TV

    Today Ekaterina Guseva and Vladimir Abashkin live in a stable and established relationship, however, the man does not cease to joke that his adventurous wife — «the reason for his gray hair.»


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    Ekaterina Guseva

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