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  • Name: Ekaterina Gradova ( Ekaterina Gradova )
  • Date of birth: 6 October 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Ekaterina Gradova: biography

    Yekaterina Gradova was born and raised in Moscow. Her father was an architect and Professor Georgy Gradov, who tragically died while climbing the mountain of Pamir. Mother Raisa Gradova – theater actress. Despite the fact that Kate since childhood, been behind the scenes of the theatres where my mother stood, unwavering desire to continue the dynasty she had. After high school she entered the Moscow Institute of foreign languages, but studied there for only one course. It is on the faculty of foreign languages, she realized she would like to perform on stage.

    Girl submits documents to the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and becomes a student at the Studio of Vasily Petrovich Markov. Already on the 4th course the budding actress received recognition from the public. In the Mayakovsky theater, she played the main character of the play «Talents and admirers» and confident game drew the attention of the audience and the specialists.

    After the release Gradova joined the troupe of Satire, and came out on the stage until 1987. But in the late ‘ 80s acting profession had become a burden Catherine and she left the theater and from the movies. It is symbolic that the final point in the career of the artist staged a performance called «the Last».

    In the early 90-ies the woman thought more about faith in God, about religion. She created a charitable Foundation and began to help orphans and lonely elderly people. Moreover, she graduated from St. Tikhon’s theological Institute and became in gymnasiums and schools to teach the subject «Living word» who came up with myself. Her lessons are based on gospel and classical Russian literature. Also a former actress at the national children’s Orthodox movement «Messengers» holds classes in the club, deals with the history of his native land and continued to study art.


    If you look at the filmography of Catherine Hail, you might think that she has done for cinema, not so much. A total of 11 paintings, seven of which are dramas. She made her debut in the tragic drama «Autumn wedding» in his student years and after graduation, indeed, was more involved in theater.

    But at least an incredibly soulful performance as a radio operator kat in the legendary TV series «Seventeen moments of spring» actress worthy to enter the annals of Russian cinema.

    Equally valuable is its role charming swindler Svetlana Petrovna Molokotina in the Soviet blockbuster «the meeting Place cannot be changed».

    The last film of Catherine Hail was the Comedy «Nest of grouse.» During his short film career, the actress has managed to work on set with such stars as Anatoly Papanov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yevgeny Yevstigneyev, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and many others.

    Personal life

    With her first husband, a famous actor Andrey Mironov Ekaterina Gradova met when he was a student of the school-Studio MXAT. Andrew came to watch the award show and seeing the young actress, started her to look beautiful. They married in 1971, two years later they had a daughter, Maria Mironova, which has now become a very famous actress. But the Union with the legendary actor in the Hail did not happen. She was tired to tolerate infidelity and she left her husband.

    Despite the fact that Catherine divorced her husband, she continued to love him and refused all admirers Dating. Only after the death of Andrei Mironov, she allowed herself to begin to communicate with other men. In his pilgrimage to Optina Pustyn, the actress met one physicist Igor Timofeyev and in 1991 became his wife. After a year the couple adopted a boy Alexei Sukhoverkhov, who was in the orphanage.


    • 1967 — Autumn wedding
    • 1971 — The Hound Of The Baskervilles
    • 1971 — convent
    • 1973 — Seventeen moments of spring
    • 1974 — Small comedies of a big house
    • 1976 — Birth
    • 1978 — Ciao!
    • 1978 — Tablet under the tongue
    • 1979 — the meeting Place cannot be changed
    • 1987 — grouse Nest


    Katerina Gradova

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