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  • Name: Ekaterina Gorina ( Ekaterina Gorina )
  • Date of birth: 24 June 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ekaterina Gorina: biography

    Ekaterina Gorina is a young Russian actress, who became famous in childhood due to the role of little Dina in the criminal TV series «Sisters».

    She was born and raised in Saint Petersburg in an intellectual family. None of her family to the world of cinema did not belong, but in the family was his uncle, the philosopher and the grandmother is a television editor. The whole family Gorynych were avid fans. By the way, the grandmother took 9-year-old Kate at first in her life casting.

    But at the Studio «Lenfilm» the girl somehow called a fictitious name and address, and also gave the wrong phone number. And when Director Sergei Bodrov has approved it, the film crew had to work hard to find hiding from the producers and assistant Director of the young actress, who did not want to be in a movie.

    But even if it had a lot of experience on set, Catherine Gorin had a great desire to become a professional actress. She continued to repeat all that wants to become a handler and work in the nursery, since she loves dogs. However, after school the girl chose a different path. Since Kate graduated from the specialized class with the profound studying of German language and even spent a whole year in Germany on an exchange program students, and the University she chose languages.

    In 2011 he entered the St. Petersburg Institute of Jewish studies on the faculty of Hebrew and Arabic Philology. In parallel, she worked as a waitress in a café, then in the student newspaper «Gaudeamus», published his article about music and art on the Internet portal.


    As mentioned above, in the movies Ekaterina Gorina debuted a child. And I must say that her performance as Dina’s psychological crime drama «Sisters», which was filmed Sergei Bodrov, was above all praise. Kate along with her partner Oksana Akinshina received the award For «best acting Duo» at the Sochi film festival.

    As a child she had again to appear in the series «Journalist» of the famous television series «Gangster Petersburg», where he played a small role in girl on the train. Also on the account of Catherine’s participation in the famous novel «Law and order» and action-Thriller «Echo from the past».

    Last picture Gorina is currently tragicomedy «Severe». Interestingly, in this film, the onscreen parents of the actress became Tatyana Kolganova and Roman Ageev, that is, the same performers who played her father and mother in his debut film «Sisters».

    A small number of films undoubtedly gifted actress is primarily due to her lifestyle: Catherine ready to participate in the creation of the movie, but she calls and come to the auditions doesn’t want to. It was interesting for her when he immediately invites to the role.

    Personal life

    A glance shows that Yekaterina Gorina – creative personality. And its much more interested in the deep philosophical and psychological art, not just something beautiful, albeit talented.

    The main hobby of the girls is writing. Just a child she read the story of Jack London «White Fang», which prompted her to write his first work: a story about a girl who got in a wolf pack.

    She now regularly writes short stories and novels, of course, more adult themes. In addition Gorin was interested in dancing in the style of modern jazz. But on her romantic relationship the fans and journalists is practically unknown.


    • 2001 — Sisters
    • 2003 — Gangster Petersburg. Film 6. Journalist
    • 2008 — echoes from the past
    • 2008 — Law & order: operative investigations unit
    • 2013 — a bad case


    Ekaterina Gorina

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