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  • Name: Glazyrina Ekaterina ( Ekaterina Glazyrina )
  • Date of birth: 22 April 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Tchaikovsky, Perm
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: biathlete, Master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Ekaterina Glazyrina: biography

    Glazyrina Ekaterina — Russian biathlete, who has achieved the title of Master of sports of Russia. For many years it is considered to be an important link in the national team of Russia on biathlon. Of its achievements it is worth noting the four-time championship title in the domestic competition and silver in the pursuit race at the world Cup in Hochfilzen.

    Ekaterina Glazyrina in childhood
    Ekaterina Glazyrina (left) and twin sister of Mary | VK Group

    Biography of Ekaterina Glazyrina with childhood is associated not just with sports, namely skiing. She was born and grew up in Perm region, in the town of Tchaikovsky. Interestingly, Catherine has a twin sister Mary, who became the accountant. When the girls were in school, Katya, along with other classmates were invited to the local ski section, because Permyakov ability to ride well is not considered a natural skill.

    Ekaterina Glazyrina in his youth
    Photo of Ekaterina Glazyrina | Group VK

    And exactly skis, first as a hobby, and then as an occupation, without which Glazyrina did not represent his life, introduced her into the world of big-time sports. Later, Catherine took up a gun and became a biathlete. At the age of 17, she moved to Yekaterinburg, as there she could develop more serious under the supervision of professional trainers. By the way, in the capital of the Urals she received higher education, graduating from the faculty of tourism and sports of the Ural state University of physical culture.


    First in professional sports biathlete Ekaterina Glazyrina was taken up at the expense of excellent speed, but she later focused on precision shooting, so I developed this skill to an appropriate level. In the national team of Russia the athlete came in 2010 after the Russian championship in Uvat won a bronze medal. Best personal achievements Glazyrina in professional sport there is silver in the pursuit race at the world Cup in Hochfilzen and bronze in Ostersund, Sweden, when a girl has not made any mistake.

    Ekaterina Glazyrina
    She returned to the sport | Group VK

    In 2014, at the home of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Ekaterina was one of the hopes of the country. But because of the incorrect statements in the address of the coach, the athlete was expelled from the team and participation in the Olympic Games was not involved. In connection with the pregnancy and she missed the next season. But in the race of the season 2016/2017 years Glazyrina was back in the team the best Russian biathletes. And as the first step in Beitostolen, she managed to win bronze in the women’s sprint race at the 7.5 kilometers.

    Personal life

    Young biathlete has time on all fronts. It is not only building worthy of respect career, but also about the personal life of Ekaterina Glazyrina does not forget. A few years ago a young woman was officially married to her lover, Anton Serbinova, whom he had met many years before. Husband of Catherine Gazeway also is directly related to biathlon: he is the coach of the national team of Sverdlovsk region.

    Ekaterina Glazyrina and her husband
    The wedding of Ekaterina and her husband Anton Sorbinova | VK

    And at the end of 2015, Ekaterina became a mother. She and her husband had a son, who they decided to name in honor of his father Anton, as between a man and a boy Glazyrina seen very strong external similarity. Interestingly, shortly after birth, Catherine started training and the next season he returned to the highest level of sports. And the boy during the camp mom is, or dad, or grandparents.

    Ekaterina Glazyrina son
    The athlete with his son Anton | VK

    Like any professional athlete, Glazyrina have Hobbies that help her psychologically to relax and relieve the load from grueling workouts. For Catherine are knitting, music, shopping and surfing on the expanses of the Internet. Also, she loves to visit restaurants of Italian cuisine, but with the sport mode can afford a vacation much less often than she would like.


    Ekaterina Glazyrina

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