Ekaterina Danilova

(biography, photos, videos) Catherine Shukshin

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  • Name: Ekaterina Danilova ( Catherine Shukshin )
  • Date of birth: 5 January 1989.
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Ekaterina Danilova biography

    Ekaterina Danilova (nee Shukshin) was born in January 1989 in Moscow. In her family there is no one who would be associated with the world of theatre and cinema.

    Katie from childhood manifested musical and acting talents. So after high school she enrolled in GITIS, where she studied at the faculty of music.


    A cinematic biography of Ekaterina Danilova begins with the film «Detectives». Here Katya has played the assistant to a private investigator. The film is notable for the fact that he is almost a documentary. Here the main characters are not actors, but professional investigators who work in a private detective Agency. The role of the second plan in this tape did not bring Danilova popularity, but was a good start in the world of cinema.

    Following Ekaterina Danilova in the Comedy-romantic film «the Adult daughter, or Test…» Mher Mkrtchyan, which was released in 2010, proved to be too small. But the band added young actress of skill.

    In the same 2010, the screens out the action-adventure movie «Jarhead,» based on real events. It tells about a young Lieutenant, a future graduate of the Sevastopol naval school Victor Tabachnikov and his friends. This is a movie about the elite of the Russian army – the marine corps. About valor and honor, love, true friendship and generosity. Ekaterina Danilova appeared here in the role of the bride of one of the Marines.

    Among the most notable works of Ekaterina Danilova in the films released in recent years is the series «Veronica. The fugitive» and «Interns.» In the first serial of the tape Katya played together with such stars of Russian cinema, Sergei Zhigunov and Lyalya (Olga) Pearl. In the «Intern» Katya appeared in the role of a cute nurse whose favor the dispute was conquered by the heroes of the Bulls, Capitman, Lobanov and Romanenko.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Catherine Danilova has developed happily. In March 2015, the actress got married. About her lover, Alexander is known only that he does not belong to the world of theatre and cinema.

    The wedding Kathy had many of her friends, famous actors, musicians and entertainers. The wedding was memorable for the fact that Daniel made a wonderful gift to the man: instead of the usual «Yes» she sang her own song called «Yes I agree», which scored many hits on the YouTube channel.

    Present at the ceremony the soloist of group «Hands up!» Sergei Zhukov was so charmed by the performance of Catherine, encouraged her to pursue a career in music.


    • In the name of love
    • Veronica. Runaway
    • Emergency (Emergency situation)
    • Save the boss
    • Cornflowers for Vasilisa
    • Marines
    • COP wars-5
    • Interns


    Katerina Danilova

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