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  • Name: Catherine Arkharov ( Ekaterina Kopnina )
  • Date of birth: 6 April 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Catherine arkharova: biography

    Catherine Arkharov Italian and Russian actress, who became popular after starring in the Italian drama «the Accidental mother».

    She was born in Moscow. Parents in creative professions had nothing to do. Father Vladimir Kopnin was rector of the parish, the mother was engaged in the study of precious stones. When she was very young, his parents divorced and his mother married a businessman Seeds Goldenberg, who raised Kate as his own daughter. Simon – cousin brother of the famous Soviet actor Emmanuel Vitorgan, so the family was often visited by famous artists. Looking at them, Catherine, and she wanted to be creative, but in early childhood she was more attracted to visual arts. The girl went to an art Studio, where he learned the skills of drawing. She also went to music school and played the piano.

    When Kate was 14 years old, the family immigrated to Italy. A new country, culture, language – all of this is pushing the girl to grow creatively. She perfectly learned the Italian language and graduated from the Roman classical Lyceum diploma of which allow graduates to select any faculty of the National University.

    Parents, hoping to see the daughter of a lawyer, sent her into the path of the law, but Catherine chose his path and entered the acting Department of the National school of Italian cinema, from which he graduated in 1997. In film school she worked in the Studio of the famous actor Vittorio Gassman.


    When Catherine Arkharov was still in high school, she made her debut on the big screen in the film Jerry Cala «Night youth». The film touched on the most pressing issues of Italian adolescents — pointless existence by parents, addicted to alcohol and drugs, the lack of clear principles of life, prostitution, gambling and so on. The actress played the role of the Russian student Irina, who came to Italy to study at the University, but in order to survive, forced to earn money dancing in Nightclubs.

    In 1997 he released a new film with the participation of Catherine ancharovoj, which brought the actress popular. Drama «the Accidental mother told me about the Albanian girl, Bess, came to Italy to work and got into sexual slavery. Interestingly, the first Catherine on the role of Bess did not take. Director Sergio Martino rejected her as a girl from a wealthy family did not synonymous with a victim of human traffickers. Besides Arkharov behaved on the samples is quite awkward, as she was asked to demonstrate their ability to pair with a star like Raffaella Carr. But the young actress was able to achieve re-listening, dressed and disguised beyond recognition and got the role. The popularity of the movie in Italy was such that subsequently a picture was cut into small pieces and appeared on TV as a mini-series.

    After a wave of success Catherine Arkharov was shot in Italy in a large number of paintings, and its partners on the set became Ornella Muti, Raul Bova, Terence hill, Keanu Reeves and other famous stars. If the first two films, she played under the name Katyusha Kopnina, then over time began to appear in the credits under the name of Catherine Ancharovoj, taking his mother’s maiden name.

    In 2004, she met with the singer Dmitry Malikov, who came to Italy on vacation. Dmitry Arkharova was invited to Moscow to participate in the filming of his video for the song «Blackbird and white stork». The actress liked it so much transformed that it immediately enters into a contract with the city acting Agency and starts the Russian stage film career.

    Debut at the Russian Studio came in the detective series «Private eye» in which Catherine Arkharov played Volkova Tatiana, independently conducting an investigation in a provincial town Tarasov. Very warm the actress says working on the action-Packed film «the Maltese cross», which was released in late 2008. First of all, she liked to play with such masters of Russian cinema, Alexander Inshakov, Yuri Solomin and Alevtina Evdokimova.

    It is noteworthy that Catherine Arkharov own stunts in films, and since 2008 member of Association of stuntmen of Russia.

    Personal life

    In 2014 Arkharov met TV presenter and actor Marat Basharov, which was released in last day of may of the same year. But the pair haven’t been together a long time – in the fall they broke up after Marat severely beat her, causing severe head injury. Scandal between husband and wife was widely covered in the domestic press. The divorce process officially ended in March 2015.

    After breaking up with Basharov Arkharova seen several times with her previous boyfriend Alexei Vorobiev, in particular, at the premiere of his film «get Up and fight», but then the actress began a serious affair with a French businessman Asif, who about 3 years waiting for her location to him.


    • 1995 — Night youth
    • 1997 — the Accidental Mama
    • 2002 — American uncle
    • 2004 — The Temptation Of Titanic
    • 2005 — the Last one closes the door
    • 2005 — Private detective
    • 2007 — the Maltese cross
    • 2008 — Try again, prof!
    • 2011 — Blood ties
    • 2015 Hotel


    Katerina Arkharova

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