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  • Name: Ekaterina Andreeva ( Ekaterina Andreeva )
  • Date of birth: 27 November 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actress, journalist, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Ekaterina Andreeva biography

    Ekaterina Andreeva is one of the most famous faces of the «First channel», for nearly 20 years been leading the news program «Time».

    Ekaterina Andreeva
    Photo presenter | Woman advice.ru

    Biography of Ekaterina Andreeva originates in the family, serious person – her father worked all his life as the Deputy Chairman of the state Committee of the Soviet Union. The mother was a housewife and raised two daughters, the TV presenter has the youngest sister of the Light.

    In childhood the girl was slim, she played basketball and a period of time spent in school of the Olympic reserve. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that pregnancy Ekaterina Andreeva no effect on her figure.

    Ekaterina Andreeva in his youth
    Early photo

    In her youth Catherine had issues with the physical form: a fifth year of College, a girl was writing a thesis and almost did not move, but a lot of eating. She has recovered up to 80 kg, this weight was excessive, because the growth of Ekaterina Andreeva is only 176 cm. To lose weight, she began to actively play sports, gym and sat on a strict diet. Then she managed to lose about 20 lbs. Now Catherine recalls with a sense of humor about it, but still thinks of exercise and sport one of the most important parts of his life, though not as important as family and work.

    Ekaterina Andreeva
    On television since 1991 | 7days.Gee

    Went large options more broadcasters did not return. Today, the star look is beyond praise in her life always has a fitness diet, and it ceased to be a force on himself. When journalists are asked to share the secret of his figures, Ekaterina Andreeva says that it is enough to consider all that goes into the stomach. Do not overeat, and the artist says that a foodie does not consider himself, and innovations in food, not playing for him a special role.

    TV presenter and historian

    The life of Ekaterina Andreeva was to be otherwise, because the girl wanted to become a historian, lawyer or actress. However, Kate eventually chose the way of the TV. In high school the future star of «the First channel» first entered the law faculty, but in her sophomore year realized that such a profession not to her liking and transferred to the history Department. She has always been an interesting historical event, because she assumed it was her calling. But in this area, not destined to devote his life.

    Ekaterina Andreeva
    Famous TV presenter

    On TV, Ekaterina Andreeva came by accident. She learned that in Moscow there are courses for workers of radio and television. The girl was not very confident, cause for doubt was the opinion of all her teachers. They believed that on the screen, Kate looks too cold. Later, it was simply not available, and appearance became the hallmark of the presenter. This image is perfect for news broadcasts, where it was necessary to tell not only about the holidays, but also the tragedies.

    Ekaterina Andreeva is still beginning to learn from Igor Kirillov, who at that time was very well known in the circles of television. The future star was the last of the TV crews who were unlucky enough to get in announcer school.

    Ekaterina Andreeva and Igor Kirillov
    With a mentor Igor Kirillov | WomanHit

    For the first time on the screens of the presenter Ekaterina Andreeva appeared in 1991. At first she worked in TV company «Ostankino», then lifted the mood of the citizens in the morning in the program «Good morning». Since 1995, the face of the presenter appeared on the ORT channel. She became the leading «News» and editor of information programmes, edited, including automobile program «the Great race». On the screens of Catherine was to appear in the summer, but refused to go on the first broadcast with tragic information about hostages in Budennovsk. In the end, the debut Andreeva in the news program was delayed, but when she still appeared on the screen, then immediately won the love of the public.

    As she says Ekaterina Andreeva, before the first broadcast she was pounding heart, and she was barely breathing, but he knew that nothing would take it out of balance and interfere with work. As for fatigue, the method of dealing with it is quite simple – the TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva falls on the nearest sofa and is asleep within twenty minutes.

    Ekaterina Andreeva on the First channel
    Leading the program «Time» on the First channel

    Since 1998 and until today Ekaterina Andreeva is one of the most beloved and permanent leading the «First channel» the program «Time». At that time in the hands of leading degree was a history Department. She had written a dissertation on the Nuremberg trials.

    Photo of Ekaterina Andreeva can be seen not only on the screen of the news, but on the movie posters. Only on account of its several works in the film industry. The first movie with her participation was released in 1990 and was called «the Unknown pages of life scout.» A year later, the star was invited to appear in the film «the Devil incarnate», and in 1999 she was lucky enough to play one of the leading roles in the movie «the mirror of Venus».

    Ekaterina Andreeva in the program
    Outside of work, prefers sports style | First channel

    In 2015, there were rumors that Ekaterina Andreeva fired from the «First channel». Viewers reacted to this in different ways. Many have experienced and felt nostalgic, others were convinced that at the age of leading, it is time to give way to the young. But the information is not confirmed. In the same year Catherine gave an interview in which no mention about the possible dismissal. No official information on this issue is not reported and «channel». Loyal fans began to remember that such rumours about the presenter appear regularly every few years. Is Catherine to go on holiday, how her fans immediately begin to worry that she’s not coming back.

    Personal life

    Personal life Ekaterina Andreeva is an example for many women. The presenter manages to simultaneously be a business person, a mother and a wonderful wife. The woman admits that the second time she married a very successful and happy marriage.

    Ekaterina Andreeva with her daughter
    With daughter Natalia

    About her first husband she never talks remains unknown, his name and date of their wedding, following the marriage of leading left a daughter Natalia. In 1989, fate brought accept the «First channel» with her second husband, Dusan, who by nationality is Montenegrin. In the same year, Ekaterina Andreeva and Dusan Perovic got married, the marriage at presenter no children. The couple has only daughter Ekaterina Andreeva from the first husband Natasha Andreyeva.

    The artist says that for the first time Dusan saw her face on TV and found connections through a friend of journalists. He courted a woman for three years and during this period actively studied Russian language. While Dating Ekaterina Andreeva with Dusan Petrovichem, he barely knew 10 words in Russian. Once the presenter realized that met their fate that waited so long.

    Ekaterina Andreeva and Dusan Perovic
    With her husband Dusan Petrovichem

    Daughter Ekaterina Andreeva received his law degree from MGIMO, and is not going to go on TV.

    About his life leading openly and honestly told in the program «Alone with all», where there was not the usual formal suit, and a bright red jacket with sequins, and told many interesting facts about me: and about Smoking, about the talent in driving. Catherine knows how to fix equipment, is engaged in martial arts and is interested in Soviet history. So viewers were surprised to learn that cold and unapproachable presenter really fun and interesting woman.

    Viewers are accustomed to seeing on the screen the perfect woman — TV presenter Andreeva has excellent body proportions. Ekaterina Andreeva admitted that he has two bad habits – a love of sweets and cigarettes. If no chocolate is the leading to do you can, you periodically «quit» she was tired. The cold beauty really smokes a lot and does not hide it. It is known that Catherine prefers ultralight «Muratti» and orders them from Israel.

    Ekaterina Andreeva
    TV presenter in good physical shape

    Many people are surprised by the fact that Catherine on the screen for many years, but her appearance does not change. Regular viewers of the «First channel» is often tormented by the question of how old is Ekaterina Andreeva, and she was the icy beauty for 55 years, and on TV it works more than 20, many just don’t believe it.

    Leading not only looks young, but not far behind youth trends. Ekaterina Andreeva has his own Instagram. But despite the General popularity of Catherine, from her account just 12 thousand subscribers, which is quite a bit for media persons. Leading daily publishes photo, which incidentally is often included celebrities and hotshots, and writing tips.


    Filmography of Ekaterina Andreeva is small, but fans of TV presenter happy her presence, because the major part of their life prima still dedicated to television:

    • «Personal number»
    • «In the mirror of Venus»
    • «Fiend»
    • «Unknown pages of life scout»
    • «The first fast»


    Ekaterina Andreeva

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