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  • Name: Vada Egor ( Egor Vadov )
  • Date of birth: 19 March 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Egor Vada: biography

    Egor of Vada – a promising young actor. He is the first child in the family, was born March 19, 1985. He has two younger sisters Ksenia and Taisia.

    With the birth of Egor lives in Moscow. He grew up in a close-knit family, and now there prevails cordial relations. Actor, Vada decided to become 11. Once in a glossy magazine he saw a luxurious house Leonardo DiCaprio and decided that the profession of an actor suits him. Egor admits that in adolescence it was more dreams of a beautiful life. Closer to the end of school he decided it would be a journalist.

    Received a certificate, Egor Vada entered the faculty of journalism MGIMO. After completing the first course, he decided in parallel to study in GITIS. In 2003, the youth became a student of the acting Department, but after studying there for less than two years. Yegor says that he took the documents because of the conflict with the teacher.

    For some time, the guy thought the acting wasn’t his way. Fortunately, uncertainty and frustration was only temporary. Soon he had read the poems of the admissions Committee of the Yaroslavl theatrical Institute. From 2004 to 2009 Egor Vada studied in Yaroslavl and still believes that the choice of University was the right one. In the Institute he learned a lot and entered adulthood.

    After graduating from the theatre Institute of Vada returned to Moscow, joined the Moscow art theatre. A. Chekhov. Then worked on the TV channel «Karusel» – led «Road ABC».


    In his television career, while so many Central and major role. He appeared in small roles in films and television series. Played prisoner in «Other» Alika «Trace», … … «Hello, kinder!», and others. For the first time the audience noticed a handsome actor in the project «Champion». The plot of the series talked about the life of Russian gymnasts, and Egor played the role of Eugene.

    And then there are more significant roles. The audience saw Yegor in the TV series «Junior». The image of the skater Eduard Zaytsev he managed.

    The largest work Vedova was the role of Nikita in the TV series «the Fifth guard». In 2016, the screens out for the third season of this project. In «the Fifth guard» actor was due to film Director Vasily Pichul, has successfully passed the trials and began acting. He says that the first was wrong, and I used to argue with the Director, but the more experience taught him to appreciate their profession.

    Personal life

    Egor Vada was married twice. In the first marriage he had a son Daniel, but the relationship with his wife did not work. Within two years after the child’s birth, they parted. Egor says that his wife just dumped him and began to arrange a personal life. Up to 4 years Dan lived with my dad, with my mom. And when the ex-wife Vedova settled personal life, she took her son and forbade Elisha to see him. The actor said that her behavior is typical of thousands of Russian women, but put up with it he is not going. The courts, visits to guardianship and other authorities seriously complicate his life. Social networks Egor Vada shares information about the conflict and actively advises parents who were in a similar situation.

    His second wife – actress. They met on the set of the first season of «Fifth guards». Irina Vinogradova played the role of Rita. The romance between the young people began later.

    Irina and Egor got married soon had a daughter. A girl named eve. Egor says that in his generation eve — the first girl: and he and the sisters before her birth had only sons.

    Ten years later Egor sees himself surrounded by son, daughter, wife, nephews, parents and sisters. He wants everyone to be healthy and happy, believe that everything will be so. Life without relatives does not make sense for an actor.


    • «The fifth guard»
    • «Invisible»
    • «Trace»
    • Khimik
    • «Other»
    • «Surprise me»
    • «Hello, kinder!»
    • «Under cover»
    • «Astra, I love you»
    • «Engagement ring»


    Egor Vada

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