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  • Name: Yegor Kreed ( Egor Bulatkin )
  • Date of birth: 25 June 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Penza
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: singer, rapper
  • Marital status: not married

    Egor creed: a biography

    Egor Bulatkin, better known as Egor creed was born on 25 June 1994 in the city of Penza. The boy grew up in a fairly wealthy family, where he in no way denied. His father Nikolay Bulatkin was a well-known businessman, he owned the largest in Russia factory on processing of nuts. The rest of his family were somehow connected with music: his mother sang in his youth, the older sister Pauline Michaels was a singer and actress, and even a serious father-the businessman played in the band. Himself Egor as a child trying to learn to play the guitar and sing the song «combat» group «lube».

    Parents gave the boy to a specialized English school. At the age of eight Yegor began to visit the section on chess, where the guy studied for four years and participated in Junior tournaments. One time creed was very fond of sports, played basketball, football, tennis and even played Billiards. Future actor took part in the competitions organized by the International Federation of sports, aerobics and fitness, where together with his team, took fifth place.

    As a schoolboy, Yegor became interested in the then-popular genre of rap music. His inspired compositions of the American artist Curtis Jackson-known as 50 Cent, in particular, his track «Candy Shop». Creed began to write his first texts already in eleven years and record them on tape.

    After high school, Egor moved to Moscow, where he enrolled in the Academy of music Gnesin on specialty «producer». In connection with the development of the music career in 2015, the musician took a sabbatical at the Institute.

    Egor Krid music

    The musical career of Egor creed started on the Internet. As a teenager, he invented and recorded the song «the Word «love» has lost its meaning», which added to his page in the social network «Vkontakte». The song was popular among listeners, and creed got the idea to shoot her video clip. He gathered his friends, he found a cameraman with decent equipment, and in ten hours they recorded their first video. To further intrigue the audience, Hayley has changed the name of the song in the clip «

  • Love online». In just a week, the song received over a million views on Youtube, making creed the Internet celebrity. He continued to shoot videos for their songs and share them with the world wide web. In 2012, the rising rap star was a winner in the contest «Star Vkontakte» in the nomination «Best hip-hop project». He managed to beat thousands of other contestants and win the prize. The musician was invited to perform on the stage of «October» in St.-Petersburg with the song «Inspiration». In the same year Egor Krid recorded a video for the cover version of the song «
  • Don’t go crazy,» popular Russian artist Timati. To everyone’s surprise, his version of the song was a great success. When the boy was 17, he was noticed by the producers of the Russian label «Black Star Inc.», founded by musician Timothy. Egor made a proposal, and three months after the beginning of the negotiations, the guy arrived in Moscow to sign a contract with the Studio.

    In the spring on the television released the video for the song «Actress», filmed under the auspices of the Studio «Black Star Inc.». Egor Krid became a permanent participant of music festivals and events. In the summer he held a party for their fans where they shared their plans for the future.

    In April 2015, the world saw the first solo album by «the Bachelor.» His composition «

  • The most» was recognized the best song of the year as part of music awards on TV channel «RU TV».

    Egor Krid: personal life

    About my personal life Yegor creed, a lot of rumors, he is credited novels with popular Russian Actresses, singers and models. In 2012 the media wrote about his affair with a famous model

  • Diane Malison. The affair between the young people became known thanks to the photos that the couple posted on their pages in social networks. Diana starred with Greg in a photo shoot for collection. In 2013, they broke up. According to the model, the main reason for the termination of the relationship was the jealousy of Yegor: the girl was regularly photographed for the collections of lingerie, which is incredibly annoying hip-hop artist. The musician has devoted to model two of their songs -«Fly away» and «don’t stop». Later he attributed novels with
  • Anna Zavorotnyuk, the daughter of a famous actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, singers Victoria Deineka and Nyusha. He said that at the moment his heart is free. A busy schedule of touring and recording does not allow Egor to fully devote himself to the relations. However, the actor has no plans to completely abandon the idea of creating a family and hopes in the near future to meet a decent girl who would become his wife.

    Egor Krid songs

    • Herself
    • The bride
    • Bachelor
    • It is important
    • Flew
    • Do not stop
    • Daddy’s girl
    • Silence

    Egor Krid: photo

    Egor Krid

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