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  • Name: Egor Koreshkov ( Egor Napanotr )
  • Date of birth: 31 March 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Egor Koreshkov : biography

    Yegor A. Roots — a native Muscovite. He was born in a creative family. His parents are musicians. Egor also has a musical education.

    After graduating from secondary school Koreshkov entered the pedagogical College, but work on a specialty change your mind, immediately giving the documents to GITIS. In high school theater Yegor studied in the course of Oleg Kudryashov.

    While studying in GITIS Roots did not forget about his youthful fascination with the music: Yegor as a drummer for a long time was a member of the indie-rock band called «Sarah Jessica Parker».

    Egor Koreshkov: movies

    In the movie, Egor Koreshkov made his debut while still a student. His first role becomes a small episode in the film of Valery Todorovsky «dandies,» where the actor appears in the image of the Soviet mod. Also the small role he played in the melodrama «Two sisters 2» and «love.»

    Immediately after GITIS Koreshkov accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Theatre of Nations, where he combines work on the stage and the set. Even during his studies of the Roots played in performances of «Doctor B», «Recipe for challah» and «the Glass menagerie» at the theater Comedian». In the Theatre of Nations, he involved in the play «Shosha». As a guest artist plays in the performances of the theater named Mossovet, the name of Joseph Beuys, at the Center of Drama Roshchin and others. For his work in the play «Oedipus the king» Egor Koreshkov awarded the «Gold leaf».

    In the same period, Yegor tries his hand as a Director. He takes part in the festival novice filmmakers, which shows a short film.

    First popularity came to the artist after the release of the second season of the popular sitcom «the Eighties». Egor played a charming and wealthy minion of fortune – influential Komsomol official. This role immediately made him famous. But the real popularity came to him later.

    In 2010 Egor Koreshkov first met with the Director Zhora Gooseberry. The actor starred in his short film «Happy shopping». There he first met the actress Yulia Alexandrova, wife of the Director. Soon the familiarity with Gooseberry and Alexandrova results in a new project – the painting «the Kiss!». This comic strip, where Egor starred in the lead role along with the already well-known artists Sergei Svetlakova, Jan Tsapnik, Elena Valyushkina and others, helped the young actor to Wake up famous.

    After the Comedy Gooseberry offers from the Directors received regularly. In 2012 Egor starred in the melodrama «Anya.» He plays a young man that goes for his beloved in prison. Immediately behind this strip is followed by several high-profile projects in which the actor starred in the lead roles. The most successful film Ugarov «Brothers H». It was released in 2014. Egor Koreshkov plays of Anton Chekhov.

    Despite the tight schedule of filming, Whitney continues to play on the stage.

    Egor Koreshkov: personal life

    With the increasing popularity of interest to an actor is increasing. Personal life of Yegor Koreshkov – the center of attention of his fans. According to the artist, he in search of the second half, but the complete lack of free time does not allow him to think seriously on this subject.

    From time to time the artist appears at various events with pretty girls, but one constant companion as yet.

    Egor Koreshkov: filmography

    • Eighties
    • Kiss!
    • Kiss!-2
    • Metamorfosi
    • Brothers H
    • Anya
    • You will have a baby

    Egor Koreshkov: photo

    Egor Koreshkov

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