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  • Name: Yegor Konchalovsky ( Georgy Mihalkov )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1966
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Russian film actor, film Director, screenwriter and producer
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Lyubov Tolkalina

    Yegor Konchalovsky : biography

    Famous Russian producer, Director and actor Yegor Konchalovsky was born in January 1966 in the capital. He belongs to the famous dynasty Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky.

    In the veins of Yegor A. Konchalovsky flows Russian and Kazakh blood. His mother was Kazakh actress Natalia Arinbasarova, and his father – famous Hollywood and Russian film Director Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky. Egor was the favorite grandson of Sergei Mikhalkov, poet and author of the anthems of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

    Parents divorced when Greg was 3 years old. It is noteworthy that his real name is Georgy Mihalkov. Father changed my name to forget, when he left the Soviet Union to France, married a Frenchwoman. At the same time changed the name of his son. And the name Egor caught on and became a mother, replacing George.

    My mother married a second time for a production designer Nicholas Dvigubskaya. Father Yegor Konchalovsky saw no more than a few days a year when he came to the country. Most vivid childhood memory was the time spent at Nikolina Gora, where Yegor grew up with a cousin of Stepan Mikhalkov, his coeval. In my grandfather’s house often gathered the family Mikhalkov.

    When Yegor Konchalovsky was 10 years old, his father first took his son with him. A trip to his father’s car in Europe was an unforgettable experience.

    As soon as Egor received a high school diploma, he was immediately drafted into the army: the family had decided to buy the sons from the service. He served in a cavalry regiment at Mosfilm studios. When he returned home, his father took him abroad. He paid the tuition and stay for 21-year-old son in England.

    First, Yegor improved their English in Oxford, and then during the year she studied at Kensington College of business in London. And higher education he acquired at Cambridge, receiving a master’s degree and profession of the critic.

    The father dreamt that the son will live with him in USA and will eventually become a Hollywood producer. But Yegor Konchalovsky went on his own way: after 8 years spent in England, he returned to Russia.


    The interest in film came from Yegor Konchalovsky in America, when he during the holidays they came to my father. He saw him as he shoots his films «Homer and Eddie», «tango and cash» and «inner circle». Egor even managed to work with his father as assistant Director.

    The idea is to try most anything to relieve appeared in Moscow. First, aspiring filmmaker «practiced» in the commercials. When their number exceeded a hundred, Yegor Konchalovsky started to run an advertising Agency «Prospect Advertising». It was the beginning of the 1990s. And the biography of Yegor Konchalovsky as a Director of feature films began in 1994. For 10 years he directed several talented paintings, the most striking of which «Antikiller», «Hermit», «Krakatuk», «Escape», «Canned goods» and «Roses for Elzy».

    2010 is memorable to movie fans with the release of the unusual project of Yegor Konchalovsky, called «Moscow, I love you!». This is a picture consisting of several different genres of short stories United by common content and title. Each story lasts no more than 5 minutes and filmed by different Directors. The most famous of them Alla Surikov, Ivan Okhlobystin and Vera Storozheva.

    In 2010, Yegor Konchalovsky made a movie tentatively titled «the Real Colonel». The film was released in 2011 and was called «Return». The shooting took place in Kazakhstan, which the Director considers as his second home. This war drama dedicated to the Afghan theme. Konchalovsky is involved in the filming as the actors of the Kazakh and Russian, such as Denis Nikiforov, Gosha Kutsenko, Ivan Zhidkov Andrey Shibarshin.

    In 2011 Egor Andreevich again paid tribute to his adopted home, having taken off the project called «my Heart — Astana». This film is in its structure resembles a picture «Moscow, I love you!». It is also made up of disparate short stories. This is the third project of Yegor Konchalovsky as a producer. Two first documentary «I was a Soviet writer» and «Mustang».

    Personal life

    Famous film Director admits that he had inherited from his father the traits that not everyone might like and do stay with him is not very comfortable. Egor Andreevich does not like to listen to the opinions of others, only receives what he thinks is right and does not like to enter into someone else’s position. He hates compromise, and in family life follows the Asian model of relations. So close people often have to put up with his character.

    Personal life of Yegor Konchalovsky long associated with actress Love Tolkalina. About their relationship, a lot of rumors and gossip. Not just in the tabloids and yellow media repeated the same news about the alleged final separation of the couple. But passed very little time and a few were again seen together, and Yegor, and Love radiated happiness.

    The couple lives in a civil marriage and a daughter Mary, who was born in 2001.

    Filmography (Director)

    • «I was a Soviet writer»
    • «Recluse»
    • «Antikiller»
    • «Antikiller 2: Antiterror»
    • «Escape»
    • «Canned»
    • «May 9. Personal attitude»
    • «Roses for Elzy»
    • «Our Masha and a magic nut»
    • «Return to «A»»

    Filmography (producer)

    • «I was a Soviet writer»
    • «Mustang»
    • «My heart — Astana»


    Egor Konchalovsky

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