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  • Name: Egor Beroev ( Egor Beroev )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married Ksenia Alferova

    Egor Beroev: biography

    When it comes to Yegor Beroev, the critics in one voice say about him as a serious and talented actor, whose name has become a real event for the Russian cinema. Egor Beroev has a brother Dmitri, who has also chosen the path of an actor in life, Mama Elena has devoted herself to the theater, where he played grandpa and grandma of the boy. It is worth noting that the grandfather of the actor at the time, played the famous «major Whirlwind».

    Himself Egor Vadimovich Beroev says that parents have always been against such a choice, the greater preference they gave to art. By the way, the artist manages very well with a brush on canvas, and teacher in this case became a famous choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev. In the house of Egor Beroev appreciate the creativity of his grandfather, and those who knew him personally, saying that the actor himself is very similar to it both in appearance and character.

    Egor Beroev
    Egor Beroev | Metro

    For the first time on the theater stage Egor Beroev came at the age of seven years, the actor himself says that he is very shy. Since childhood, grew up a shy and modest boy.

    The parents were very surprised when the guy took the documents to the Schepkin drama school. Egor Beroev tells that went there to avoid taking to pull. In GITIS at that time everybody knew him, the same situation was with other well-known institutions. Before the Commission he is very quiet read, but is still enrolled on the course, Veremenko. He received a diploma in 1998 and immediately got into the troupe of the Moscow art Theater.

    The first role of Egor Beroev – Fedor Goodov in the play «Boris Godunov». Today the artist continues to work in the theater. On account of Egor Beroev many bright and memorable roles, including «Ordinary story», «Juliet and her Romeo» and so on.


    Photos of Egor Beroev on numerous posters and billboards become recognizable fairly quickly, and his first role was in the popular television series. And the actor himself admits that he had to constantly reincarnate, because the Directors have proposed a completely different character. For example, in the TV series «family secrets» Egor Beroev played a wealthy nightclub owner, who died a stupid death. And in «the Fifth corner» it was waiting for a happy story with the wedding and the birth of a child from the on-screen wife Masha Golubkina.

    Egor Beroev in the television series
    Egor Beroev in the television series «the citizen the chief» | full MOVIE.RU

    Later, Yegor Beroev invited 15 detective serial «the citizen the chief», where he played a major role, which the actor has become very important in the film career. Indisputable talent Yegor Beroev noticed on the set of the painting «the Game of modern»: in scenes where stunt performers do not have the strength to perform a trick, went the artist himself, which all succeeded.

    Not to mention the best film in his career, the popularity of which is still high – the blockbuster movie «Turkish gambit». Shooting was spent a lot of money even by today’s standards, and the filmmakers knew that the main role they need someone who will cope with the task. Then decided to propose the candidacy of Yegor Beroev, who at that time had not yet become familiar to the audience at TV screens. Thanks to the star of the film premiere was held with stunning success.

    Egor Beroev in the film
    Egor Beroev in «Turkish gambit» | Pikabu

    Today Egor Beroev is one of the most successful actors of the Russian cinema. He received the prize for best actor in 2003, as well as the title «man of the year». The actor is working in several projects, offers from Directors to act with an enviable constancy.

    «Ice age»

    Together with Ekaterina Gordeeva Egor Beroev proved to be excellent on the show «Ice age 2» in 2008. Katya and Egor became the absolute Champions of the project, judges from the very beginning noticed the unprecedented performance of the artist.

    After the triumph at the ice rink actor was invited to take part in the new season of «Ice age» in 2014. He had to test himself paired with award-winning Tatiana Navka. It is worth mentioning that a couple Beroev-the Pastor had already taken place on the show. The partner may then skater was seriously injured and could not play on the ice, had to be replaced.

    The pair tried to transfer all my energy and sense, it is successfully managed. In that season Navka and Beroev became popular with the public.

    Personal life

    Like most creative people, the personal life of Yegor Beroev was thorny. He lived in a civil marriage with a girl never tells. In this relationship, the actor’s daughter Eudoxia.

    In 2001, at a press conference of the First channel Egor Beroev met with Ksenia Alferova, the daughter of the most famous konstantsiya Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov. At that time Ksenia has just graduated from law school and was going to work in the representation of England in Moscow.

    Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova once played on the same set in the movie «Moscow Windows». As told by the actor himself, with his wife it is easy and comfortable to play their roles.

    Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova
    Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova |

    In April 2007 Beroev and Alferov became parents, she gave her husband a daughter Evdokia.


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    Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova

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