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  • Name: Edward Truhmenev ( Eduard Truhmenev )
  • Date of birth: 24 June 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Belarusian and Russian actor of theatre and cinema
  • Marital status: not married

    Edward Truhmenev : biography

    Edward A. Truhmenev was born in June 1972 in Minsk. He and his younger sister Olesya was raised by his mother Ludmila Nikolaevna. So my mom is taking the brunt of the education of two children on their shoulders, always remained the unquestioned authority for Edward and his sisters. All my life the woman worked in catering. Edward Truhmenev argues that better pancakes than his mother, does not prepare one in this world.

    Edward Truhmenev differed little from their peers. Anyway, he was the same: football, Bicycle racing, accurate shot from a slingshot at a moving target. Home and all the servants of the guys, Edward is returned late, for which no time was subjected to strict disciplinary action from the mother. Normal childhood Minsk boy. With the exception of an unusual dream: to become an artist.

    But at the end of the school Truhmenev did at drama school, and in College of light industry. The profession seemed a great guy, but an unattainable pie in the sky. And yet to touch the dream Edward allowed himself: he enrolled in drama school. Here for the first time Truhmenev felt neither the incomparable taste of the acting profession.

    After College Edward went to work in the specialty. The work of technologist in the shop wash equipment for a profit, but not moral satisfaction. So Truhmenev finally decided to act, demanded by his soul, he entered the Belarusian Academy of arts. Exams passed first time, good experience of acting got in the theater Studio.

    Most Edward Truhmenev feared the reaction of my mother, who learned about his «exploits» after the fact: at the time of receipt of the son of Lyudmila were absent in Minsk. But mom learned that her Edward would become an artist, was very happy and approved his son’s choice.

    In 1995 Edward Truhmenev received a diploma. For several years he learned the secrets of acting on the course Lydia Manakova and now was ready to climb the career ladder.


    After high school theater Edward Truhmenev was immediately accepted into the troupe of the National academic theatre of Yanka Kupala. Debut the role of the Prince in a production of «the Scarlet flower» was the first step aspiring artist in high art world. Then the role was varied role 3 years in a row. Gone notorious trembling at the knees, there was confidence in their own abilities and first fans. Truhmenev soon began to trust the main role in the performances.

    Convinced their forces, the Belarusian actor left his native Minsk and went to conquer Moscow. In 1998, he was accepted into the troupe of theatre of Roman Viktyuk. In this scene Edward Truhmenev came out 6 years. The audience saw him as Azazello in «Master and Margarita», the Writer in the play «a Clockwork orange», the Ogre in the production of «puss in boots». But the Belarusian actor suddenly began to feel that he had grown from the suggested roles. And serious never gave him.

    So in 2004 Truhmenev changed Viktyuk theatre at the Moscow theatre for young people. Here he also served for 6 years. Edward finally got the role he had dreamed of. He played Stanley in the play «a Streetcar named Desire. This work was awarded the first award – the award «the Seagull». In the next play and psychological play, «Roberto Tucci», Truhmenev was given the main role. The production received the Grand Prix at the festival «rainbow», which was held in Saint-Petersburg.

    But this page actor turned in 2010, when Spectators and draws his hand at working in film.


    In 1996, in the period of work in the Minsk theater, began a cinematic biography of Edward Truhmenev. The first films in which the actor appeared were filmed at Belarusfilm: «Birds without nests», «peekaboo», «Two histories of one hussar» – in these pictures the audience first saw Edward.

    After moving to Moscow, Belarusian actor continued to act in films. First it was the episodes in the film «hide and seek», «24», «Turkish March» and «Stiletto». But although the role that was offered to Edward, was small, but he met the real masters of the national cinema. Nina Ruslanova, Alexander Domogarov, Vladimir Ilyin, Boris Nevzorov — by-play of these stars Truhmenev watched with delight, trying to learn from the invaluable experience and get the best.

    The first starring role went to Edward in 2006. He was asked to play Victor Maltsev in the film «the Bodyguard». For a more realistic image of the actor some time to observe the work of employees of the group «alpha». He learned hand-to-hand combat, shoot accurately and professionally to avoid danger. Perhaps that is why the hero Truhmenev looks so convincingly and vividly. Of the artist requires not only skills, but also endurance. In the 3rd season of the show Edward had a few takes to lie on the snow in 35-degree cold. And it’s on the tarmac, through the windswept.

    After the release of «Bodyguard» Edward Truhmenev woke up famous. He was involved in all seasons of the project.

    In the small breaks between seasons of the series the artist has time to appear in other films. «Cuties», «Winner», «Ivan the terrible», «ermolovy» in these vivid and memorable to the audience films played Truhmenev.

    At the peak of his popularity, Edward Truhmenev appeared after the release of the series «Margot.» The actor was offered the role of heartthrob goshi Rebrov without trial. With the Director of the project Sergey Arlanov Edward studied at the Belarusian Academy of arts. Personal acquaintance and the available creative experience turned out of place. In this series Truhmenev had to transform into the woman that he did brilliantly. As the film’s release, even the writers rewrote the role for Edward, whose character has enjoyed increasing popularity. The actor starred in all the seasons of «Margot».

    In 2012, Edward Truhmenev went on to star in the TV series «Bodyguard». It was already the 4th season of the project. And in 2013, the screens out the picture». A. V.» where fans saw a favorite artist in the image of captain Valentine Suslov.

    Belarusian actor continues to act, delighting their fans and especially fans of new projects. Each year 2-3 new films with his participation.

    Personal life

    Edward Truhmenev claims that he did not become a Muscovite. Even the acquisition of own housing has turned it into a Metropolitan resident. Only in Minsk, he feels truly at home. Real comfort and peace of mind appear when the actor comes to a mom who cooks him a favourite pancakes.

    Personal life Edward Truhmenev – «sick» theme not so much for him as for his mom. «When you get married?» one of the most common that are heard from Lyudmila Nikolaevna. She waited two grandchildren from his daughter and dreams of the same gift from my son. But Edward says that it is one with which I would like not only to sleep but also to Wake up, is not met.


    • «The guard»
    • «Cuties»
    • «Winner»
    • «Ivan The Terrible»
    • «Ermolovy»
    • «Margot»
    • «Solar Eclipse»
    • «. A.»
    • «In the crosshairs»
    • «A surprise for a loved one»


    The Eduard Trukhmenev

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