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  • Name: Edward Snowden ( Edward Joseph Snowden )
  • Date of birth: 21 June 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Elizabeth city, North Carolina, USA
  • Activity: American technical specialist, a former CIA and national security Agency USA
  • Marital status: not married

    Edward Snowden: a biography

    Edward Snowden is an American technical assistant, known worldwide for the publication of a number of sensational revelations of US intelligence agencies in the mass surveillance of citizens. Since 2013, his name constantly appears on the front pages of the media, since information about the NSA violation of the rights and freedoms of millions of Europeans hit the public. Currently, Snowden lives in Russia where he was granted political asylum, because the US declared him an international arrest warrant in absentia were charged in the theft and disclosure of state secrets.

    Edward Snowden born June 21 1983 in Elizabeth city, in North Carolina. His parents, guard or coast guard Lonnie and lawyer Elizabeth Snowden, now divorced. In his family He is the youngest child, he has an older sister, Maria, who works as a lawyer at the Federal judicial center in Washington.

    Childhood and adolescence Snowden passed in his native town, where a future special agent of the CIA and the NSA received a secondary education. In 1999, the family of Snowden moved to Maryland. There Edward went to College, Ann Arundel, which was held preparatory courses for University entrance. However, for health reasons was not able to finish the course – he had to continue training remotely, which did not prevent Snowden in 2011 to obtain a master’s degree at the University of Liverpool.

    In 2004, Edward Snowden went to serve in the U.S. Armed forces reservist, where a few months after receiving serious injuries to both legs and was the reserve. Since then, the biography of Snowden were directly related to computer science, programming and IT-technologies in which the guy showed professionalism and talent despite the lack of formal proof of a specialist qualification.


    Climbing the career ladder from Edward Snowden was sure and swift. The first professional skills of the young specialist got the NSA working in the security structure of one of the secret facilities at the University of Maryland. Just a few years Snowden has been recruited by the CIA, in connection with which under diplomatic cover was sent to Geneva as U.S. representative to the UN. There his responsibilities included security of computer networks. In the words of Edward, it is the work in Switzerland has opened his eyes to the fact that it is a special link in the U.S. intelligence that brings people more harm than good.

    In 2009, the programmer resigned from the CIA and began working at the NSA cooperate with consulting companies Dell and Booz AllenHamilton acting as an external contractor. The work here is largely a disappointment to Snowden in the activities of the national security Agency of the USA, getting rid of illusions about legitimate government action in relation to the world. In this regard, in 2013, a special agent of the NSA decided to follow their hearts and to reveal to people important information secret, exposing American intelligence agencies mass surveillance of the people.

    Whistleblower and the young idealist Snowden notes that to declassify the illegal actions of the NSA and the CIA he wanted back in 2008, but hoped that with the coming to power of Barack Obama, the situation in the secret services of the USA will change. For the programmer soon became apparent that the new President of the United States continues the policy of their predecessors and do not intend to obstruct the work of «spies».

    The revelations of U.S. intelligence

    The work of Snowden’s disclosure of the crimes of American secret services started in 2013. Then a former CIA agent and NSA contacted the film producer Laura Poitras and American journalist Glenn Greenwald and journalist Barton Hellmana, which announced that it is ready to provide you with important secret information. Communication was by means of Snowden’s encrypted e-mail message through which the it guy gave reporters about 200 thousands of secret documents, the status of privacy that were much higher than previously published WikiLeaks material concerning the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iran.

    Edward Snowden’s revelations contained the facts about the comprehensive surveillance by US intelligence for over a billion people in 60 countries and 35 government departments throughout Europe. Also, the programmer disclosed information about the PRISM program, through which special agents conducted mass surveillance of conversations of Americans and foreigners via the Internet and phone. According to Edward, the PRISM program allowed the NSA to listen in on voice and video chats, view email and pictures, track sent files and to have all the information of users of social networks. This program was attended by many popular services, namely, Microsoft (Hotmail), Facebook, Google (Gmail), Skype, Yahoo! AOL, YouTube, Apple and Paltalk.

    Sensational revelations Snowden was a secret FISC court order, according to which the largest mobile operator Verizon is obliged daily to pass the NSA » metadata of all calls made within the United States. On the background of this decision the journalists have suggested that such commitments could be drawn other American mobile operators.

    In addition, thanks to Snowden it became known about the existence of the surveillance program Tempora, which leads the interception of Internet traffic and phone conversations to the maximum extent, and integrated the iPhone software allows you to monitor all user actions.

    One of the most controversial of Snowden’s revelations was the disclosure of the fact of interception by US intelligence telephone conversations of foreign politicians and officials participating in the summit Big twenty, which took place in 2009 in London. The number of victims from illegal actions of the NSA included many famous politicians from all over the world, in particular occupying at that time President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

    According to the Pentagon, Snowden has more than 1.7 million classified documents, most of which relate vital information about the operations of the American army and Navy, Marines and air force, which, according to journalists, will gradually open up to inflict maximum damage on the national interests of the United States and the NSA.

    Criminal prosecution

    After making the decision to disclose his identity, Edward Snowden, knowing that for his actions he will have to pay dearly ran off. First, the programmer hiding in Hong Kong, where he planned to seek political asylum. After the announcement of formal charges by the us authorities in the theft and disclosure of classified state secrets, what happened on the day of the 30th anniversary of Edward whistleblower for unknown cause-appeared in Moscow at the airport «Sheremetyevo», but not having a Russian visa, was forced to remain in the transit area of the airport. According to media reports, in Russia, the programmer met a car with diplomatic plates of Venezuela, who took Snowden in an unknown direction. Probably in Moscow Edward had intended to move to South America.

    However, 30 Jun 2013 he asked for political asylum in Russia and on the next day, Russian President Vladimir Putin has allowed the programmer to stay in the country provided that he will cease subversive activities of U.S. intelligence.

    While Edward Snowden has filed the U.S. authorities for clemency, on the grounds that his actions are not watching anything bad and illegal. The us authorities have a rather contradictory attitude to Snowden’s revelations, assuming that the programmer is obliged to appear before the court. American intelligence officers believe the act of a former CIA employee and NSA hard and illegal, has caused the intelligence service of the United States irreparable damage.


    «The most wanted man in the world» Edward Snowden, after the publication and promulgation of the classified information U.S. intelligence has become an attractive person for writers and filmmakers. Currently, he became the protagonist of the documentary «Citizen four», directed by Laura Poitras, based on interviews with former CIA and NSA. Film about Edward Snowden has won the prestigious award «Oscar» as the best documentary film with a bold plot, which from the first to the last seconds carries sensational information revelatory of character. In July 2015 the Russians will be able to see the documentary «Citizenfour: Snowden truth» in cinemas across the country.

    In 2015, the Russians saw a new politically oriented project Director Oliver stone called «Snowden», dedicated to the history hidden from the evil of the American government of a former it specialist security services, has published thousands of classified documents. Shooting a new film about Snowden, was launched in February 2015 in Munich, and at the end of 2015, the premiere of «Snowden» to a wide audience.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Edward Snowden after his high-profile revelations in the form of the measures taken has been a mystery to society. It is known that in 2009 he met dancer Lindsay mills, with whom he lived in a civil marriage on the Hawaiian island Waipahu. According to media reports, in 2013, after opened the world’s revelations about mass surveillance by the NSA on Americans the couple had to part, as the programmer, suddenly disappeared from the house in an unknown direction. Most likely, Edward stopped communicating with family and friends, fearing for their safety.

    According to the story the documentary film «Citizenfour» («Citizen four»), which won the Oscar at the 87th ceremony of awarding the prize, in 2014 in Russia, the couple managed to reunite Lindsay moved to Edward in Moscow, where to this day lives in his apartment.

    According to the journalists, who took Edward’s interview in Hong Kong, Snowden is a good-natured, modest and intelligent man, the nature of which can be traced notes of romance and idealism. The programmer is a quiet and healthy lifestyle, practicing Buddhism, spends a lot of time at the computer, he enjoys reading books on the history of Russia. The «whistleblower» of the NSA and the CIA is a vegetarian, doesn’t drink coffee or drink alcohol.


    Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow

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