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(biography, photo, video) Eduard Khil

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  • Name: Edward Hill ( Eduard Khil )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1934
  • Age: 77 years
  • Date of death: June 4, 2012
  • Place of birth: Smolensk, Russia
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: singer, teacher
  • Marital status: married

    Edward Gil: biography

    Edward A. Gil, a famous Russian singer, the flowering of creativity which took place in the Soviet period. The artist was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland» IV degree, is the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR. Singer is known in Russia and abroad due to the individual manner of performance and great vocal talent.

    The Childhood Of Edward Gil

    Edward hill was born in Smolensk in a simple working family. The mother of the future singer worked as an accountant and dad was a mechanic. Father left the family when Edward was a child, then the war started, and the boy was in an orphanage in a village near Ufa. While the children starved, and the boy was in difficult conditions.

    Edward Gil in childhood
    Edward Gil in childhood

    Gil claimed that he was born in 1933, but during his evacuation from Smolensk documents are lost, and for a new birth certificate, he became younger by a year. In 1943, the mother was able to find Edward, and again they began to live together in Smolensk. Six years after returning to his native city the young man again left home. This time Gil went to Leningrad.

    Education and early career

    Gil was a talented teenager, he had an aptitude for music and drawing. In 1949, a young man came to Leningrad, where he stayed with his uncle. After some deliberation, the young man went to printing College, graduated and got a job on their specialty, so as not to burden a relative. Working on offset factory, Edward attended evening school music education, and also took lessons in Opera singing.

    Edward hill in his youth
    Edward hill in his youth

    Acquired knowledge enough Gil to go to the Leningrad Conservatory, graduating from that, he became a soloist of the Philharmonic «Department of energy». In 1962, Edward began to try himself as a pop songs. Such experiences prompted the young singer’s fascination with creativity and Claudia Shulzhenko, Leonid Utesov. The artist also took a few acting lessons to feel confident on stage.

    Edward hill in his youth
    Edward hill in his youth

    In 1963 came the record that contained the first song of Eduard Khil. In 1965 the young artist participated in a Festival of Soviet songs that brought together the best and most popular artists, including classics of the genre. Gil made so well that soon went to represent his country at foreign music competitions.

    Flourishing music career

    In 1965 Edward hill brought home the second prize in the international festival, which was held in Poland, and a diploma for the fourth place of the Brazilian contest «Golden Rooster». Career was successful, and 1968 brought him the title of honored artist of the RSFSR. In the early seventies in the repertoire of pop artist has a song «U Lesa na opushke» (Winter), which became one of his most famous compositions.

    In 1973, Edward hill visited at the international festival in Germany, and also participated in a television Revue in Sweden. The singer was one of the few Soviet artists who are touring by the largest countries of the world. In 1974 he became a people’s artist of the RSFSR.

    In the eighties Edward A. had her own TV show «by the fireside», he told her stories about the classics of Russian romance. Gil skillfully combined teaching and concert performances. The artist often invited to the jury of major competitions. In Soviet times, the singer has recorded their best songs, which are popular and known so far.

    Edward hill toured European countries and the USA. His performances were abroad popular with the children of Russian immigrants who fled their homeland in the early twentieth century. In the times after perestroika, the artist lived for some time in Europe. The Gil concert on the stage of the Parisian cabaret «Rasputin» was a great success. Public attention has led to the emergence in Paris of the first CD of the singer under the name «Le Temps de l’amour» («Time of love»).


    Youth audience Edward hill, known as the performer of the song «Trololo», which is a Vocalise by Alexander Ostrovsky’s «I’m very happy because I’m finally returning back home». In 2010, the video for the song appeared on the Internet and became one of the most popular viral videos in social networks. Edward hill was again on the wave of popularity. Badges, mugs and t-shirts with his image and the inscription «Trololo» appeared in Internet shops around the world.

    While the number of video parodies of the singer has increased exponentially. The video, which caused such interest in the Internet, is an excerpt from a recording of a concert of Gil in Sweden in 1976. The song «Trololo» were trending in Europe and America, and the singer proposed to make international vocalize the song with several verses in different languages.

    Personal life

    In his youth Edward hill married the ballerina Zoe Pravdina. With her, the singer has lived his entire life. The couple in June 1963, a son was born. Dmitry Gil followed in the footsteps of his father and connected the life with music. In 1997 Eduard Anatolyevich came the grandson, who was named in his honor.

    Edward hill with the family
    Edward hill with family | Baba-Deda

    In 2014, wife of the artist Zoe Gil starred in the television show «live» and spoke about the details of his family life, people’s artist of the RSFSR. Grandson Gil admitted in an interview that the seriously considering its accession to the Conservatory in the vocal Department.

    Last years and death

    After the unexpected success of the old live recordings Gil on the Internet, he began to spend more time on the people and gave several concerts. The singer spoke before 2012, yet was not seriously ill. In may of the specified year the artist was in intensive care one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg.

    Edward Hill
    Edward Hill | Dmsongsrf

    Doctors diagnosed Eduard Anatolyevich stem stroke. Singer died on June 4, 2012. The artist was buried three days later at the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg. To the eightieth anniversary of the singer on his grave appeared a two-meter monument with the bust of Edward Anatolevicha in full size.


    In honor of Eduard Khil named a square near the house where he lived artist, Ivanovo orphanage for gifted children, the building of the school № 27 in Smolensk. In 2012 in St. Petersburg hosted a concert in memory of the singer with the participation of Russian pop stars. On the website youtube.com the official channel of the artist, where anyone can listen to the best songs of Eduard Khil.


    Edward hill in youth

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