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  • Name: Eduard Matsaberidze ( Eduard Matsaberidze )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Gagra, Abkhazia
  • Activity: TV presenter, actor, entertainer
  • Marital status: married

    Eduard Matsaberidze: biography

    Ukrainian TV presenter, entertainer, comedian and actor Eduard Matsaberidze G. (in professional circles, better known as Bully ed) was born in may 1982 in Gagra (Abkhazia). After the son’s birth the family moved to Kiev. In childhood, the boy was interested in rock music and football — in fact, the fascination with football Eduard has retained to the present day.

    The future actor studied at Khmelnytskyi national University, specialty-Manager of the food industry. After graduation Matsaberidze some time worked as a salesman in the market, selling men’s suits. To work in this field, our hero failed, and in 2000 he started to play KVN.


    The first artist came on the scene in 2000 in the University team «Tm-tv». As Edward says in one interview, he began to speak thanks to my friends who were invited to participate in the University team. It was a legal way not to take classes approved by the Dean. Since this all started.

    The talented boy was noticed and invited in the Ukrainian team «Three fat men» of the city Khmelnitsky. The team has twice won the Ukrainian higher League of KVN. In 2006, Edward invited to «Comedy club Kiev style».

    Matsaberidze participated in such popular comic titles such as «Lethal League» «Laughter without rules» (sixth season), «Bunker news», «Point u». In «Laughter without rules» the artist went through to his second comrade Igor Kovalenko, who contributed to the move Edward to Moscow. Matsaberidze tries his hand at the Metropolitan stage acting in the show «Comedy tonight» and «Stand-up project». In the Ukrainian «the Comedy club», Matsaberidze played until 2010.

    In 2015 on the TV channel «Friday!» started a new travel project «Food, I love you!». In the framework of the cooking show, Eduard Matsaberidze, Vladimir Dantes and Nikolay Kamka traveling the world, familiarizing the audience with the restaurant, home and street food of a particular cuisine. Ratings of the project speak for themselves.

    Movies and TV shows

    In 2012, the actor invited the main role in the detective series by Vladimir Yankovsky «Department of the USSR.» Edward plays senior Lieutenant of militia, Suren Sargsyan, who is known as the local womanizer, bachelor and fair guards. It was a new experience for showman Matsaberidze, for which he is grateful for his actor-colleagues. After this was another role — taxi driver Prikhodko on the TV series «Classmates», which tells the story of people from the same school. Years later, the former classmates meet and boast about what you have accomplished in life.

    National recognition and popularity came to the entertainer after participating in the controversial and mega-popular series «the Sweet life». The project talks about love and how difficult the current young generation nowadays, where a lot of betrayal, lies, intrigue. Edward played a plastic surgeon Tigran.

    «Sweet life» — most discussed show on social networks. The first season received high ratings, so the Directors decided to continue the project, and in may of 2016 kicked off the third season of the series.

    The plans of the showman to achieve in the future even greater success in the professional field, he is now actively working on a new TV project and TV series.

    Personal life

    About my personal life host, entertainer and actor known not so much. 33-year-old Matsaberidze happily married to Julia Ivashchuk. 9, 2015, the couple had a daughter.

    As for Hobbies showman, in his spare time Matsaberidze play heavy music and as a TV presenter says in an interview, communicating with those who play similar music. In General all the free time he devotes to his young wife and new professional ideas.


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    The Eduard Matsaberidze

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