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  • Name: Edith Piaf ( Edith Giovanna Gassion )
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1915
  • Age: 47 years
  • Date of death: 10 Oct 1963
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Height: 147
  • Activities: French singer and actress
  • Marital status: was married

    Edith Piaf: biography

    In December of 2015 marks 100 years since the birth of the French star by the name of Edith Piaf. But it seems no matter how many centuries had passed, the name of this brilliant singer will be as well known, but her work is as revered as it is today.

    Edith Piaf
    Legend Of France | Spletnik.ru

    The life of Edith Piaf is a series of UPS and deepest downs. Apparently, the test measured the life of this small of a woman five feet, measured out the heavens as much as would be enough for ten people. The death of an only child, the two (according to other sources four car accident, seven heavy operations, dependence on drugs and alcohol, bouts of madness and delirium tremens, attempted suicide, three coma due to hepatitis, two world wars and the loss of a loved one – this is just the tip of the iceberg. Biography Edith Piaf is a series of tragedies that allow us to call this woman a Martyr and sinner equally.

    Edith Piaf
    The Martyr and the sinner | Nose.ia

    Piaf was born in December 1915. Her parents – took place actress Anita Maillard and acrobat Louis Gassion – earned a living as best they could. The girl was born in the midst of the First world war. Father went to the front, and the mother sent the child to the grandmother. The woman abused alcohol and granddaughter became a real burden. So the bottle of milk her was mixed into the wine, so she always fell asleep.

    Edith Piaf
    Difficult childhood | Spletnik.ru

    Gassion, who returned from the front, found the daughter in a terrible state. Exhausted, it seems, never washed, with purulent eyes, the girl melted the heart of a soldier. Louis took the girl in Normandy to his elderly mother. Here 3-year-old Edith Giovanna Gassion, so it sounds real name Piaf has finally learned that such care and attention. Grandma was horrified to notice that the granddaughter is blind. As it turned out, developed keratitis ex-forever drunk «nanny» just couldn’t see.

    There is a legend that to cure the blind Edith Giovanna managed to Teresa in Lisieux every year attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the country. According to other sources, the girl was treated at the hospital, but the grandmother constantly prayed for her the insights of St. Teresa. Whatever it was, but the vision came back to Edith. Since then, the painting, the Saint was constantly with her until the end of life.


    And all anything, if not the place in which he had to live a little Edith Piaf along with good grandmother. It was a public house. According to one source, the woman worked here as a maid. On the other – kept the house. In school on that little girl so abused that she had to leave school. Grandmother sent her 9-year-old granddaughter to her father in Paris.

    Louis Gassion he barely survived. His dependents had 8 children, half-brothers and sisters Edith. Everything that could help my older daughters dad is to take the child with you to work. He performed acrobatics in the streets and squares. It turned out that the daughter can sing. When the man spoke, a tiny girl did some simple song. Compassionate passers-by, looking at the singing of the child in squalid rags, donated more money.

    Edith Piaf
    The young singer | Spletnik.ru

    So, on the street, and began a biography of Edith Piaf. When she was 14, she began to live an independent life, earning his room singing in different wrong places. Skinny, ugly, vulgar stained lips and eyes, in bright, not experienced wash rags, she looked terrible. But the voice was wonderful.

    A street singer was noticed by the owner of the cabaret «Juan-Les-Pins». Awkward when this girl came out to sing on stage, froze everything. Surprisingly, in these moments she seemed extraordinarily beautiful. A singer of the cabaret fell in love with the shop owner Louie DuPont. They began to live together. 17 Piaf became a mother. But to nurse his little Marcel round the clock she couldn’t. The scene has long been to Edith’s place, without which she could not imagine life.

    Edith Piaf
    In the beginning | Spletnik.ru

    To make the «negligent mother» to stay at home, DuPont moved the girl to his home. He expected, so his wife would return to him. But Marcel got sick raged in Paris meningitis, the doctors at the time really did not know how to treat. Edith Piaf came to the girl in the hospital and have it, too. She managed to recover, but Marcel did not. More the singer never had children. From Louis she still went.

    In 1935, the 20-year-old singer has come to the attention of the owner of the cabaret «Mind», which was located on the Champs Elysees. Louis Lepla compared this priceless find raw diamond. He invented her stage name Piaf (Sparrow). «Cut» was hard. Future star taught: work with accompanist, tastefully dressed, to behave on stage, to monitor the facial expressions, gesture.

    Edith Piaf
    Angel and demon | Faut.ru

    Some biographers write that Today is not a special ceremony with the «acquisition.» He could easily give the artist a slap. But the desired result it reached. Soon a new star shone on the stage of a Suit. At first the posters, her name sounded like «Baby Piaf». Success went unexpectedly loud.

    And the debut performance on the radio allowed her to become famous all over the country. Listeners bombarded the editors with letters demanding «Baby Piaf».

    Edith Piaf
    Diamond turned into a diamond | Raut.ru

    The rapid rise followed by a fall. Finally, they found shot to death. In the circle of suspects was hit and the Piaf, because it is in his will, Louis remembered. The bullying started in the Newspapers. The audience staged fights during performances of the singer.

    New take-off occurred after a meeting with the famous poet Raymond asso. He taught the rising star of all that is not time-Dimensional. Asso credited with creating the «TV». A songwriter wrote specially «under it» the song «Paris — Mediterranean», «She lived on the street Pigalle», «Vympel for the Legion» and «My Legionnaire».

    Soon this tandem was joined by the composer second, cooperation with which they were born E song»Little Marie», «Devil beside me» and «Hymn of love».

    Asso has achieved performances of Edith Piaf on the stage of the Paris music hall «ABC». Performance at this stage was equivalent to the descent of the ship on big water. After the first performance all the Paris Newspapers wrote about the birth of the great French singer Edith Piaf.

    During the Second world war, the star left the Association and began working with Jean Cocteau, a famous French Director. He took the singer in his film «Indifferent handsome». A year later, in 1941, the actress reappeared on screen in the film of Georges Lacombe’s «Montmartre in the manger.»

    It is known that the French legend has contributed to the victory. She performed in front of the French prisoners and took pictures with them after the concert. From these images then made a photo for documents, which the prisoners could escape from the camp.

    The singer’s popularity in the postwar period was great. In 1955 Piaf made at the Olympia, the legendary concert hall. After the speech immediately went to the months-long tour across America. Even then, the star was very ill. Her health, undermined by serious illnesses, alcohol and drugs, which she drowned out the pain of acute arthritis, this trip was undermined. The singer was at the hospital for several months.

    In 1961 she was diagnosed with liver cancer. And in September 1962 the French «Sparrow» was heard all over Paris. Edith Piaf from the height of the Eiffel tower compatriots sang their best songs, «no, I have no regrets», «Milord» and «Right to love».

    Last time she came out to fans March 31, 1963. This was the stage of the Opera house in Lille.

    Personal life

    Her novels tell stories. Surprisingly, this little, by and large ugly and even to some extent a caricature woman had an incredible power over men. While their lovers has always cast first, barely came to her understanding that feelings have cooled.

    Yves Montand and Edith Piaf
    A brief affair with Yves Montand | Liveinternet.ru

    For example, after 2 years of marriage she went with 23-year-old Yves Montand, who paved the road to the scene and learned everything.

    Talking about her affair with the Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich. Supposedly, these two legendary women were bound not only friendship.

    Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf
    More than friendship | Livejournal.com

    During a tour of America star met the famous compatriot – the boxer Marcel Cerdanya. He was the main man in the life of Edith Piaf. At the time of contact, Cardano had a wife and three sons. But to resist this little woman big he couldn’t until the end of life torn between family and Piaf. Wherever he was, but raced hard, if his name was Edith.

    This is what happened on that terrible October day in 1949. She called Marseille in new York, which then toured. Serdan dropped everything and took off. His plane crashed in the Azores. The remains of Marseille was identified by the watch presented to him of Piaf.

    Edith Piaf and Marcel Serdan
    With Empty | kulturologia.ru

    From deep depression star was saved by morphine, alcohol and work.

    Personal life Edith Piaf had a chance to change when the singer turned 36. She married singer Jacques Pils, but soon the marriage broke up. She never learned to twist the family nest and create comfort. Her room was a revolving door with the piano in half the room, poor furniture and traces of desolation.

    At the end of the life of Edith Piaf in this housing wandered the son of Greek immigrants, Theophanes did Lambakis. He was a long-time fan. This was the last passion of the singer. The 20-year age difference, like all other conventions, are not interested in a woman. At that time she already knew this was a terrible diagnosis – cancer.

    FS Sagar and Edith Piaf
    Last love Teo Sarap | missiya.info

    Edith married young Turks. She invented his stage name Teo Sarap and even tried out the last fading forces – to bring him on the scene. The attempt failed. Newspapers choked with angry articles about gigolo and his old patron. However, they were happy.


    Sarap with adoration looked at this emaciated by disease, almost bald woman and until the last days of touching and cared for her. He led her out and fed. So continued all their joint family life, which lasted 11 months. But Theo did not long survive Edith. He was killed in a car crash 7 years after her death.

    10 Oct 1963 legend was no more. Church refused to bury him and perform funeral ceremony, explaining that all his life Edith Piaf was a mass of sin.

    The Grave Of Edith Piaf
    The last refuge | Zedtravel.ru

    But fans of the singer did not. In the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise cemetery, where are buried the star, gathered more than 40 thousand people. They brought so many flowers that they had a thick layer covered the whole alley to the grave.


    Edith Piaf

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