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photo Edita

  • Name: Edita ( Edith-Marie Piecha )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1937
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: NOAEL-sous-lens, France
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: singer, actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Edita: biography

    Edita was born in France, in a small industrial town NOAEL-sous-lens, in a Polish family. Mother of Royal Felicia was a housewife. Father Stanislav Peha was a miner. This profession has ruined him. When Edite was only 4 years old, my father had discovered the complication of the lungs due to coal dust, which caused his death. In his father’s footsteps, unfortunately, in all senses, left elder brother of the girl — Paul Collins. At the age of 14, he replaced Stanislaus on mine, but 3 years later died of tuberculosis.

    Mother re-married, Jan Golab, they had a child Joseph. After the war the family left France and returned to his native Poland. Here, little Edith began to walk to school, played sports, was fond of choral singing. After high school, deciding to become a teacher, she entered pedagogical College in Wałbrzych and graduated with honors. As a senior, participates in the competition for students prize which is the direction of any University in the Soviet Union, at the choice of the winner. Edita said that I won that contest, because between rounds constantly sang and drew the extra attention. Receiving first place in the competition, the girl goes to study at the Leningrad state University named after Zhdanov, Department of psychology, faculty of philosophy.

    Living away from loved ones, Edita homesick even though I was in love with Leningrad at first sight. So she joined the choir of the Polish society, which probably was the starting point in his musical career. Noticing a girl with a good voice for the choir practice, the Director of the ensemble students of the Conservatory Alexander Bronevitsky invited her to your team.

    The first performance Edita Piekha became the present triumph. Several times the young singer was encored, and the next day it was already interpreted the whole Leningrad. EHA began to speak regularly, which is very disturbing study. She goes to Moscow and achieves personally the Minister of education for permission to transfer to the correspondence Department of the University.


    Professional creative way for Edita Piekha began in 1956, when it was organized by the ensemble «Friendship» where she became a singer and a business card. The band was popular not only in the Soviet Union. Musicians toured in Poland, Czechoslovakia, the FRG, Finland, GDR, Hungary, Austria, Cuba, Honduras, Bolivia, Mongolia, USA, Afghanistan. In 1957, the members of the ensemble «Druzhba» became laureates of prestigious world festival of youth and students, won the gold medal.

    After 2 years, the team has started to have problems with the authorities. They began to blame the propaganda, prohibited style of music – jazz to criticize the way they dress up «like hipsters», and the very Edita a fairly noticeable accent. The ensemble was disbanded, but quickly Alexander Bronevitsky together a new lineup and the band has continued to perform. The ensemble Druzhba and Edita were inseparable for 20 years. Only in 1976 it leaves its first team and becomes the singer of his own ensemble.

    The singer’s popularity only increased. Routinely available records with her songs – only in the Studio «Melody» released more than 20 discs-giants and a huge number of mini-plates. Also, her album came out in France, Germany, Cuba, Poland, Hungary and other countries. The singer has toured worldwide. Only in the Parisian hall «Olympia» has given about 50 concerts in a row. Became the first Soviet singer who has performed in Bolivia, Honduras and Afghanistan.

    Anyway, Edita is a recognized innovator. She became the first singer on the national scene, which removed the microphone from its stand and began to sing, holding it in his hands. The first to communicate with the public at their concerts, thus further strengthening the contact with the audience. First performed in the Russian language famous foreign song, which was «Only you» the Platters. The first was to organize concerts and recitals, devoted to their own anniversaries.

    A lot of the songs performed by Edita Piekha entered the Golden Fund of Soviet and Russian pop. She is a multiple nominee and winner of such prestigious awards as «jade plate», «Diamond grammafon», «ovation», «Legend of music», «God of Air» and many others.

    Personal life

    Edita was married three times. First man and first love was the Director of the ensemble «Friendship» Alexander Bronevitsky. In this marriage Edith gave birth to a daughter Ilona Bronevitsky, which later became the famous radio host, entertainer, actress and singer. The couple lived together for 20 years, but due to the accumulated mutual resentment broke up. Their divorce was the reason for the departure of Edita Piekha from the ensemble «Friendship». Later, the singer has repeatedly said that the parting with her husband was a mistake.

    Second marriage Peha almost immediately made captain of the state security Committee Gennady Shestakov. They lived together for 7 years. Third husband of the singer was Vladimir Polyakov, who worked in the administration of the President of Russia. They married in 1994 and have been together for 12 years. The last two marriage Peha openly calls failed.

    From the only daughter Edita Piekha is a grandson Stas Peha – known Russian singer, and granddaughter of Eric Bystrov, who became a successful designer. Also, the singer waited and great-grandchildren Peter and Vasilisa.

    Selected discography

    • 1964 — Edita
    • 1966 — Great Neighbor
    • 1972 — Edita Pieha and ensemble «Druzhba»
    • 1980 — Sings With Edita
    • 1981 — a day without a song
    • 1983 — Smile, people
    • 1986 — feel, guess, call me
    • 1987 — My friends
    • 1989 — Back to top
    • 1994 — I love you
    • 2000 — Never not love later



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