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  • Name: Edgard Zapashny ( Edgard Zapashny )
  • Date of birth: 11 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Yalta
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: Director of the Great Moscow state circus , people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: not married

    Edgard Zapashny: biography

    Edgard Zapashny is the representative of famous and ancient dynasty Zapashny circus performers. Edgard and his brother Askold – the trainer in the fourth generation. Their names are now known far beyond Russia.

    Edgard Zapashny was born in the summer of 1976 in Yalta. His father Walter Zapashny was already one of the most respected trainers in the country. His team – predatory animals. Walter M. – Honored artist of the RSFSR in 1988.

    Edgard Zapashny in childhood
    Early childhood | mychel.ru

    The circus artists were the grandparents. And the father of my grandmother Lydia was a famous eccentric and the clown Carl Thompson, who played in Russia under the stage name Milton.

    So another way great-grandchildren clown Milton – Edgar and Askold zapashnye Maritza – have not seen for myself. The festive atmosphere of the circus they are imbibed with mother’s milk. Children in the early years knew that to be the successors of the famous dynasty of zapashnyh.

    All childhood Edgard Zapashny watched his father work. He left the arena in a respectable age of 70 years. But for the rest of his life and could not leave a favorite thing, and remained artistic Director of the troupe he created «Brothers zapashnye».

    Edgard Zapashny with his father and brother
    Edgard Zapashny with his father and brother | moskva.bezformata.ru

    In early childhood Edgard Zapashny was very different from his year younger brother. He was calm and considerate boy. But Edgar is constantly battered by parents for the bizarre antics and tireless energy, which was in full swing and not always found the right way.

    And if the mother sometimes looked at leprosy son through the fingers from the strict father battered. He controlled not only the behavior, but the training of sons, checking school grades to the senior class. Even at the Institute, he was keenly interested in the progress of Askold and Edgard.


    Circus biography of Edgard zapashnogo began in 1988, when he was 12 years old. It happened in Riga, where with a concert tour went to the father.

    After high school, the whole family went to China. It has been a difficult time, which is called «dashing 90-e». The crisis experienced by the whole country. Actors and circus performers were no exception. In 1991, Walter Fragrant Chinese was offered a lucrative contract that literally saved the life of circus animals. After all the care it demanded a lot of money.

    Edgard and Askold Sapan
    Edgard and Askold zapashnye | Stuki-druki.com

    So Edgard Zapashny with family went to an amazing foreign country, which met the entire family with their Pets quite warm. Especially for Zapashny was built a spacious summer circus in the famous Safari Park near Shenzhen. To differ from the Chinese, the brothers have changed color and became a blonde.

    After the end of the contract family as a whole has returned home. On tour they traveled all over the former Soviet Union. Visited many foreign countries – Japan, Mongolia, and Hungary.

    And in 1998, in the life of zapashnogo Edgard and his brother was a critical event: the father in celebration of the anniversary gave the sons the reins of the most striking and complex attraction called «Among the predators».

    Edgard Zapashny
    At the circus | Dv-reclama.ru

    The young trainers were able not only to adequately respond to this precious gift, but also successfully developed the family business. They created a «Circus of Zapashny brothers» and increase, shows. Appeared stunning new circus theme «Colosseum», «Camelot», «Sadko», «Camelot 2: the Governor of the gods», «Legend», «K. V. K., G. A.», «Terrible force» and many others.

    Edgard Zapashny has received higher education. He has a diploma of Moscow Institute of entrepreneurship and law. Excellent command of English and Chinese language, which is learned during the stay in China.

    Edgard Zapashny with his father and brother
    With his father and brother | Zoojournal.ru

    On account of Edgard is unique in its complexity circus, which is listed in the Guinness Book of records. It’s a trick, during which Fragrant is the loose legs on cereals two moving horses around the arena while on his back balancing two girls. This room was prepared a year and a half.

    In November 2012 Edgard Zapashny, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation appointed Director of the famous Great Moscow state circus on Vernadsky Prospekt.

    In the work of a nationally-known trainer happened and dark bands. One day his brother got out of the cage of a tigress with a bloody face, obtaining from the animal a heavy blow with his paw. And he had to meet with the tragedies that occurred in his immediate colleagues because the circus is one of the most dangerous and traumatic. An example of this can serve as not only a brother but a mother and a father, has repeatedly suffered serious injuries in the arena.

    Edgard Zapashny in the circus
    At the circus | Dv-reclama.ru

    Edgard Zapashny often appears on screen in various TV shows and movies. In the spring and summer of 2007, he was a member of the show «king of the ring», which was broadcast on «the First channel». Here he has managed to win 6 out of 7 possible victories in the intermediate fights, winning in the final battle, Eugene Dyatlov.

    And even the legendary circus can be seen in the TV show «the Great race», «Cube», «the Big question» and «Empire of illusion: Safronova’s brothers perform». Edgard Zapashny leads the author’s program on TV channel «Zvezda», which is called «Legends of the circus».

    Edgard Zapashny
    He was a confidant of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin | Nastroenie.tv

    Viewers saw the actor in several films, for example in the TV series «Interns», where he played himself in «Daddy’s daughters» and «Real boys».

    In February 2012 Edgard Zapashny created as proxy of the candidate in Presidents of the Russian Federation, and now acting President Vladimir Putin. In March 2014, has put his signature under the appeal of Russian cultural figures in support of the President’s policies in Crimea and Ukraine.

    In the fall of 2016 in the Duma elections became a confidant of the party «United Russia».

    Personal life

    According to the artist, he was able to «teach» journalists to the fact that he is not mediapersons, which gives much food for yellow media. Therefore, the personal life of Edgard zapashnogo was a long time in the shadows, about her no one knew anything except ten closest friends.

    Edgard Zapashny with Elena Petrikova
    With Elena Petrikova | Serialstv.org

    For 13 years the trainer lived in a civil marriage with the leading artist of his circus by Elena Petrikova. But the joint life of a couple of legal marriage failed. According to Edgard, Elena realized that the «youth» of its halves will never end, and that means a strong family with him will not work.

    Edgard Zapashny I Olga
    Olga | Stuki-druki.com

    Their love seemed Sweet, he met in Voronezh. Redhead babe with magnificent figure of Olga liked him right away when he saw her. It happened in one of the Voronezh fitness centers. Olga is a fitness instructor. Broke novel. He continued when she moved to the capital. She is a good specialist, who is often in foreign missions. Therefore, the move to Moscow was connected with her career.

    Edgard Zapashny with the children and Olga
    With children and Olga | Starhit.ru

    Olga in 2011 she gave birth to Edgar’s daughter Stephanie. But the pair did not become a family. This did not happen and after 2 years, when was born the second daughter Gloria.

    However, Edgard Zapashny. It takes in life and the education of girls is a huge part, gave them his name and has assumed the financial costs. After each tour, he rushes to daughters, and tries to give them high parental warmth.

    Edgard Zapashny s daughters
    Daughters Stephanie and Gloria | Starhit.ru

    But the personal life of Edgard zapashnogo, it seems, develops its own way. He recently admitted that he has a girlfriend. Perhaps their relationship will lead to marriage.


    Edgard Zapashny

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