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  • Name: Eddie Redman ( Eddie Redmayne )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1982
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: London, England
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: British theatre and film actor, model
  • Marital status: married

    Eddie Redmayne biography

    Eddie Redmayne is a native Briton who was held in the acting and modeling business. Biography Eddie Redmayne filled with lots of awards and prizes, among which the most important is considered the «Oscar» for the role of scientist Stephen Hawking in «the Theory of everything».

    Eddie Redmayne
    Winner of the award «Oscar» | Conversations About Her

    Biography Eddie Redmayne starts from 6 January 1982. Eddie’s father is financier and mother is a business in the field of transportation. Eddie is the middle son of three children of Patricia and Richard Redmayne.

    The head of the family sent their sons to Eton to get a decent education. Eddie was fortunate to study with Prince William. Older brother Eddie went to school with future Prime Minister of Britain, and the younger was a classmate of Prince Harry.

    Eddie Redmayne
    Actor in his youth | Astrakino.RU

    The love of the theater originated in the heart of a youth inspired after watching a performance of Shakespeare’s «a Midsummer night’s Dream». The inspiration was able to realize in the theater club in high-Wycombe, where expressed a desire to go a novice actor.

    Training in Eaton guy combined with additional lessons in music, art and choral singing. During his years at Eton in the creative biography of Eddie Redmayne had the first experience of dressing in women’s clothes. After Eton, the future actor continued her studies at Cambridge at Trinity College where your major is art history. The subject provided an in-depth study of art history in France and England from the XIX to the XX century.

    Eddie Redmayne
    Combines her acting career with a modeling | Moda pra HOMEM

    In addition to the main activities Redmayne continued to sing in the choir and became an apprenticeship model that would bring pocket money. The theatre debut took place in 2002. From Eton College, the casting Director asked to the Cambridge College to find talented student in the role of viola in Shakespeare’s twelfth night. Dormandy, advised him to try for the role of Redmayne.

    The guy auditioned, and then was embodied in the role of an agent. The leadership at Cambridge College dismissed Redmayne from attending lectures for six months, but ordered him to keep up and catch up on knowledge in your free time. After the end of the semester Eddie returned to the classroom, prepared a thesis and absorbed the necessary knowledge he had final exams.

    Eddie Redmayne
    In his youth | Pda.diary.ru

    Features a young student (does not distinguish between red and green) did not become a barrier to successfully prepare a thesis on Yves Klein and his blue. Redmayne graduated from Trinity College with honors and joined the among the best graduates of the course. Diploma Eddie has already decided on further activity, however, left a year though, to ensure the correctness of his decision.


    Theatrical career of Eddie Redmayne out of College, immediately distinguished success. For best debut and supporting role in the theatrical production «the Goat, or who is Sylvia?» won at the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards and was nominated for the award. Laurence Olivier for the role of Edward Albee.

    Eddie Redmayne
    Played on the stage | film frames

    In 2005 started the filmography of Eddie Redmayne c serial films «Elizabeth I». Successful debut managed to implement the following TV shows, movies, and TV shows. Since 2008, the young actor is presented as a model for luxury brand Burberry. Photo of Eddie Redman appeared in the print edition of Vanity Fair column the most stylish men.

    Eddie Redmayne in the film
    In the movie «the Golden age» | Fanpop

    Shooting a movie paved the path to working together with Hollywood stars. For example, in the «Golden age» counterpart of the Redman with the shooting pavilion was cate Blanchett in «the False temptation» was filmed with Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie.

    In 2014, a fateful premiere of the film «the universe Stephen Hawking», or as it is called, «the Theory of everything», where Redman played the role of the famous physicist. The picture brought fame to Director James Marsh and team composition in General. Melodramatic story about a scientist and in love with his student Jane Wilde.

    «The universe Stephen Hawking» brought Redman-awaited «Oscar» which followed the award «Golden globe» and was also awarded a BAFTA.

    After the Oscar-winning role of the artist came the offer to play the main role in the film «Girl from Denmark». This is the story about the man who first dared to gender reassignment surgery. Needless to say that the actor played brilliantly, again proving his talent and professionalism. Movies Eddie Redmayne always had great success with the audience.

    Eddie Redmayne in the film
    In the role of Lili Elbe in the movie «the Girl»].Gee

    In 2016, the screens out the film «Fantastic animals and where they live,» in which Eddie also appeared in one of the main roles together with Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol and others.

    Personal life of Eddie Redmayne

    In his personal life, Eddie Redmayne is beloved wife Hannah Bagshaw. Looking British the groom met his future wife in 2012. About the engagement, Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshaw became known in June 2014. December 15 held a ceremony in the County Somerset, and celebration surrounded by friends and relatives, the pair noted at Babington House, where the bride arrived by boat.

    Eddie Redmayne with his wife
    With his beloved wife | MyWatch.ru

    Redmayne and his wife Hannah Bagshaw was heading to the guests filled with candles track. As was later admitted, the whole process of wedding preparation put on their fragile shoulders of Hannah, and he didn’t have to experience nervous tension, because the wife’s done rather splendidly.

    In June 2016 the personal life of Eddie Redmayne again changed. The couple became happy parents-came to light and their daughter iris Mary.


    • «Elizabeth I»
    • «The false temptation»
    • «The Golden age»
    • «Another other Boleyn girl»
    • «Yellow handkerchief»
    • «The black death»
    • «7 days and nights with Marilyn»
    • «Les Miserables»
    • «The Universe Stephen Hawking»
    • «Fantastic animals and where they live»


    Eddie Redmayne

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