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  • Name: Eddie Murphy ( Edward Regan Murphy )
  • Date of birth: 3 April 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Brooklyn, new York, USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, singer, writer, Director, stand-up comedian
  • Marital status: divorced

    Eddie Murphy: biography

    Eddie Murphy – iconic American comedian and actor, whose finest hour came in the 80-ies. Such films as «48 hours», «Beverly hills», «coming to America» «trading places,» «Dr Doolittle» and many others made him a star of the first magnitude. In addition, Murphy is also known as the musician has recorded several solo albums, and as a comedian in the style of stand-up.

    Eddie was born in Brooklyn, new York and was the second child in the family: his parents already had an older son Charlie, who also became an actor. The boy’s mother, whose name was Lillian, worked as a telephone operator, and his father, Charles Edward Murphy was a COP. Despite the fact that Eddie’s dad died when he was still only 8 years, it is obvious that it is from him that the boy has inherited the acting talent of Charles at the Amateur level performed in the theatre, as well as performing as a comedian.

    After the death of his father Eddie and his brother Charlie spent a year in foster care because mother the loss of her husband turned out to be such a great tragedy that she was in the hospital. Later, the woman was married to an employee of the company for the production of ice cream Vernon Lynch and took the kids.

    The gift to make people laugh appeared from Murphy in elementary school, so he was popular among classmates, and even teachers. With 15 years Eddie has already performed in clubs with original jokes and that as a stand-up comedian made the first confession.

    Thanks to the humor of Eddie Murphy got on TV and for several years appeared in mega-popular weekly show «Saturday night live» in which he played multiple roles. And with this, shows the actor went into the cinema.


    In 1982, Eddie Murphy made his debut in police Comedy «48 hours» and instantly woke up famous. Following the films «trading places», «the Best defence», «Golden child» and especially «coming to America» made him one of the favorite actors of the 80-ies.

    But most successful crime Comedy «Beverly hills,» in which Murphy played detective Axel Foley. Interestingly, the first of this character was to play Sylvester Stallone, but under certain circumstances, Directors and producers replaced him with Eddie, and, as time has shown, not lost.

    Later the actor has been a creative crisis. In order to overcome it, he sat in the Director’s chair and created the film «Harlem Nights». The picture was good box office, but was harshly criticized by experts and even received negative award «Golden raspberry» for worst-case scenario.

    Returned location to the person Eddie Murphy with grotesque Comedy «the nutty Professor». In the new century, the actor continued to please fans with new works: «the haunted Mansion», «norbit», «tower Heist», «a Thousand words». It is impossible to ignore the only Nicomedia role in the career Murphy: in the musical drama «Dreamgirls» he portrayed R&B singer, James early. Also, the actor created the absolutely brilliant voice of donkey in the cult cartoon «Shrek».


    But Eddie Murphy is not only a popular Hollywood comedian and actor. He clearly proved himself as a lead singer of «The Bus Boys», and as a solo artist. Some of his songs got into the movie as soundtracks such as «The Boys Are Back in Town» sounds in the Comedy «48 hours» and in the animated film «Shrek,» Eddie takes the hit of Ricky Martin’s «Livin’ La Vida Loca» together with Antonio Banderas and «I’m a Believer».

    One of his solo albums, «Comedian», released in 1983, was even awarded the highest music award «Grammy». Murphy sang and paired with his friend, pop singer Michael Jackson. They can together be seen in videos of the king of pop’s «Remember the Time» and «Whatzupwitu».

    Personal life

    Before the first official Union Eddie Murphy was not only some stellar novels with colleagues, but also two children born out of wedlock. Paulette Mackyle gave birth to his firstborn son, Eric, and Tamara hood’s second son, Christian.

    But in 1991, the actor began Dating model and designer, Nicole Mitchell, whom he met three years earlier. In 1993 at new York’s Plaza hotel were they are going to play a luxury wedding, and Eddie with Nicole became husband and wife. Over the following years the couple gave birth to five children, but in 2005, Murphy and Mitchell broke up, and after a year broke it off officially and finally.

    Next the sweetheart of the famous comedian was the former singer of cult group the Spice Girls Melanie brown. They some time lived in a civil marriage, the woman gave birth to daughter angel iris Murphy brown. Despite the fact that the child his name, Eddie did not want to recognize this girl and agreed only after confirmation of his paternity with a DNA test.

    In 2008, the actor married a second time on the film producer Tracey Edmonds. The wedding took place on an island in Bora Bora, but the marriage was contracted without the official civilian representatives, so according to the laws of the United States was invalid. The last four years, Eddie Murphy is Dating a young model Paige butcher, who in early may of 2016 gave birth to his daughter Izzy Una Murphy, was the ninth child of the famous artist.


    • 1982 — 48 hours
    • 1983 — trading places
    • 1984 — Beverly hills
    • 1988 — coming to America
    • 1996 — the nutty Professor
    • 1998 — Dr. Doolittle
    • 1999 — Cool guy
    • 2006 — Dreamgirls
    • 2011 — tower Heist
    • 2016 — Cook


    • The 1980’s Minimum Wage Rock & Roll
    • 1982 — The American Worker
    • 1982 — Eddie Murphy
    • 1983 — Comedian
    • 1985 — How Could It Be
    • 1988 — Money don’t Make No Man
    • 1989 — So Happy
    • 1993 — love’s Alright
    • 1998 — All I Fuckin’ Know
    • 2013 — Red Light


    Eddie Murphy

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