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  • Name: Ed Harris ( Edward Allen Harris )
  • Date of birth: 28 November 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Englewood, United States
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, film Director, film producer
  • Marital status: married

    Ed Harris: biography

    Ed Harris born 28 Nov 1950 in the U.S. state of new Jersey. His father worked as a salesman in the shop, in his spare time sang in the choir, and some time later opened his own shop. The mother of the future actor worked in a travel Agency.

    Ed’s family was far from the theatre and cinema, so he thought about the scene. In school he was more interested in sports. Harris was involved in baseball and American football, has shown good results. He even received an athletic scholarship, which entitled him to study in Columbia University, one of the best universities in America. The boy took advantage of this opportunity, but soon sports career and training are no longer interested in.

    Ed Harris tried to learn to play the violin, but quickly stopped the lessons. As he says himself, felt sorry for the dog, who’s terrified of his game was scored in the far corner.

    In 1971, Harris left the University and moved to Oklahoma – then his family lived. He enrolled at the local University, began to participate in student productions and was so fascinated that he decided to become a famous actor in Hollywood. Hoping for good luck ed Harris dropped out of the University, he Packed a suitcase and moved to Los Angeles. Professional education he received, but later graduated from the art Institute in California.

    Ed Harris said that if it had not become an actor, he taught history at the school.


    His career in cinema ed Harris started out with bit parts in movies and TV shows that are not popular with the viewers. His first serious work began shooting in the film «Koma», filmed in 1978. He had a small role, but he was giving 150 percent.

    Following several years have brought progress in his career, he starred in low-budget projects. This period can be identified unless the drama «the right stuff», released in 1983. The indifference of the Directors not especially bothered by ed Harris – he compensated for his theatrical roles.

    In 1989, the situation changed when the actor been cast in the Thriller «the Abyss». After painting the screens came to him fame, he became popular and received several tempting offers from the Directors. Since that time, he acted in several projects for the year.

    Four times, Harris was nominated for an Oscar, but so never and have not received the cherished statuette. The actor received the award «Golden globe», which was also nominated four times.

    In the filmography of ed Harris ‘ more than 70 prominent roles, the best of them he played in the films «mind Games», «Watch», «Radio», «history of violence», «Pollock», «the Truman Show» and others. The most ambitious project in the career of the actor was the film «national Treasure 2: Book of secrets». The blockbuster was released worldwide in 2007 and raised more than $ 450 million — three times the budget of the film.

    Personal life

    About my personal life ed Harris doesn’t confide with journalists and carefully hides it from the General public. While it is possible. For Hollywood stars, he demonstrates an enviable permanence in marriage. With his wife Amy Madigan, he lived for 33 years. They met in the autumn of 1983 in the film «a Place in the heart.» It was not only the joint work of the couple together, they starred in four films.

    Six months after the wedding, in the spring of 1983 in Harris ‘ daughter, Lily Dolores. Now she’s a grown independent woman.

    A favorite activity of the actor is the dream that because of the tight schedule he did not have enough time. He appreciates the freedom, but says that this is the state about which do not shout at intersections. Ed Harris – the man with a complex character. He says of himself, that one evening to make friends with them is impossible. But with old friends he’s funny and Frank.

    Its the happiest day ed believes the birth of his daughter, and about his childhood loves to tell. The actor jokes that haven’t lived up to the age when they want to recall it.


    • «The third miracle»
    • «Radio»
    • The «cleaner»
    • «Night of the running man»
    • «Near the house»
    • «Two tickets to Paradise»
    • «Apollo 13»
    • «The last innocent»
    • «Watch»
    • «That was me»


    Ed Harris

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