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  • Name: Ed Ed ( Ed Shulzhevsky )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnodar
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Ed ed : biography

    Eduard Ivanovich shulzhevskii, better known to fans as the singer of the ed ed, was born in the southern Krasnodar in 1982. The musical abilities of his son very early noticed the father – the Honoured artist of Kuban Ivan shulzhevskii. First daddy did singing lessons with 4-year-old son Sam. Then Edward took him to music school where he learned to play the piano. Since 6 years of age the young singer regularly participated and won in various music festivals and vocal competitions.

    In addition to music ed ed at 9 years of age became interested in ballroom dancing. This hobby has led to the fact that he became a professional dancer. After finishing grade 9 Edward entered the ballet school.

    At the age of 17 shulzhevskii — student capital GITIS.

    Ed ed: musicals

    The entrance exam to GITIS ed ed beautifully sang one of the arias «Notre Dame de Paris» in French. This not only helped him to do, and once in the second course, but also determined his occupation for the next few years.

    When ed moved to the third course, we heard about the dial the company of the musical «Notre Dame de Paris», I decided to participate. According to him, he was so nervous that he sang poorly. In the belief that failed the audition, the aspiring singer is sent home. As it turned out, the producers of the play Catherine von Gechmen-Valdek and Alexander Vainshtein was not so strict to the applicant, as he himself: they invited him to sing arias captain of Feb. Over the next two years shulzhevskii played in the formulation of one of the leading parties.

    When the musical closed, most of the actors have moved into a new production of «Romeo and Juliet». The producers took and Shulzhevskii. But this time he was entrusted with the main role of Romeo.

    After two high-profile musicals that were successful in the capital a few seasons, ed ed becomes quite recognizable and successful artist. That time, the singer and now remembers with pleasure as his rapid ascent up the career ladder. It is with these two musical performances began his artistic career ed Shulzhevskii.

    Ed ed: music

    Teamwork Shuliavska liking. But after a while he realized that you need to go to «single voyage» and try to make something of their own. All the time while he performed in musicals, he wrote his own songs. Two of them, which ed considered the most successful, he started his solo career. The songs «Snow» and «Strange life» shulzhevskii first performed in 2006. Both compositions were successful, and received airplay on some popular Russian radio stations.

    To run ed ed chose a very successful and a win-win method – the Europop. In the future career will be useful, and the ability to dance. In their speeches, the singer is a smart move. To deliver dance programs helps ex-participant of «factory of stars» choreographer Miguel.

    The greatest success came to ed with songs «me and You» and «My baby». These two songs directed by Georgy Toidze removed the clips. The videos were made in Hollywood and for a long time spinning on Muz-TV and MTV, entering the rating of the broadcast. Soon Shulzhevskii fell first awards and prizes.

    The first solo concert of the musician was held in 2008 in the capital of CEC «Crystal». The program was called «Black-and-white concert» and it has been visited by many famous representatives of Russian show-business. After the concert, some of them admitted that they did not expect to see such a high level and now struck a singer from a list of singers, one-day, admitting that his career is on the rise. In the same 2008-m were first record ed. It includes 13 songs, most of which he wrote himself.

    And in 2009 shulzhevskii began working with the famous singer and composer Denis Maidanova. The fruit of their collaboration is the song «She and he» and «Love it». These two new songs immediately turn into hits and more than 16 weeks are kept in the rotation of the hit parade of Russian radio.

    Another success for the singer becomes the song «By the name of Anastasia.» Concerts Shulzhevskii it is often sung by entire stadiums or concert halls. For this song ed received his first «Golden gramophone».

    2011 shulzhevskii said its new program called «he and She». Now the concert ed was accompanied by show-ballet. The tour was held in 12 largest cities of Russia and have been sold out.

    In 2013, ed ed again briefly returns to musicals: he got the lead role in the musical production «the Three Musketeers», playing d’artagnan. The musical has toured in Germany.

    And in 2014 shulzhevskii visited for the first time in recital in his native Krasnodar. This was the start of his new tour on cities of Russia. The singer was accompanied by the variety Symphony orchestra].

    Ed ed: personal life

    Personal life ed Shulzhevskii closed. About her we only know that the singer is not yet married. A huge army of fans of ed accompanies all his concerts. Some even are on duty near the house.

    About Shuliavska know that he loves yellow. Once even bought a car the same color. Fans Shulzhevskii know about the likes of the musician and his concerts you prefer to go in the yellow shoes.

    Ed ed: discography

    • Take this from me
    • Strange life
    • Me and you
    • My baby
    • She and he
    • Named Nastya
    • Blue night
    • You’re all
    • If suddenly

    Ed ed: photo

    Ed Shulzhevskii

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