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  • Name: Djigan ( Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein )
  • Date of birth: 2 August 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer, rapper
  • Marital status: married to Oksana Samoilova

    Dzhigan: biography

    Djigan (Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein) is a popular hip-hop artist, rapper, artist Black Star Incorporated, the former champion of Ukraine and prize-winner of Europe on a kickboxing.

    He was born in August 1985 in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, in the family of a sailor. As my father often went abroad, was brought to the son as gifts of music CDs. The boy with the great pleasure listened to their singing with their idols.

    Once Dennis found that quite by accident recorded my voice. The result he liked, and he began to record his singing on songs without vocals. Since that time, the boy dreamed of a creative career, in particular I wanted to write and perform songs, but quite a long time could not choose the genre — veering between rock and rap.

    Denis wrote his first song in ninth grade. Presentation of the track was held in the auditorium before the graduates of the school. However, such a scene he was little, he decided to hold hip hop events, become a DJ, since he had a big audiokollektsii, which numbered about 500 audio cassettes and CDs 2000. Soon they organized a party became popular and famous of MS began to show interest in him.

    Here Denis took the stage name «djigan» or GeeGun. The first part of the alias were due to the possession of the album «O. G. Original Gangster» rapper Ice-T, the second was a reflection of his love for weapons.

    Dzhigan also glorious successes in the sport. He started martial arts from the age of eleven, he had become the champion of Ukraine in kickboxing and to win medals at the tournaments of Europe. The singer founded the «Sports school of martial arts, which is not a commercial project, and the desire of stars to contribute to the development of physical culture of youth.

    Geegun songs

    In 2005, my party dzhigan invited to play DJ DLEE, who was the official DJ of rapper Timati. Colleagues met at various festivals and significant events in Russian rap industry. The result of the artists was a joint song: Bogdan Titomir, Timati and dzhigan released the track «Dirty whores», which gained great popularity among Internet users.

    In 2007, at the invitation of the General Director of Black Star Inc. Paul kuryanova dzhigan moved from Odessa to Moscow and became an artist of the label. In his first work was the song «Classmate» that he performed along with Timothy.

    Great success does not have to wait long. In 2009 geegun Anna Sedakova and released the song «Cold heart». The track immediately became a leader in the sales on digital platforms.

    Great victories was designated for Dzhigan 2011. The song «Let it go», recorded together with singer Julia Savicheva has become a leader in the number of downloads on the day of the presentation, ahead of the releases of Russian and foreign artists. The track was an absolute hit and topped the charts «HIT FM», DFM, «Russian radio» and others. the video for the song was in hot rotation leading TV channels. The song earned the Duo the prize «song of the year» and «Golden gramophone».

    In September 2011, the premiere of the song «You’re next» Djigan and Zhanna Friske, which has strengthened the reputation of the rapper. Presentation of the video took place at a joint autograph session artists in Moscow at the meeting came more than a thousand people.

    The beginning of 2012 was marked by the joint work of Djigan, Vicky Cool singer and the group «Disco Crash» — the recording of the track and video for «Carnival». The song received a resounding success. The year was memorable and the film «goon» with Sean William Scott starring: Djigan had to write a soundtrack for the film («You’re a champion»).

    It should be noted that for the rapper tape «Knocked out» was not the first acquaintance with the cinema in 2011 dzhigan starred in the film «shadow Boxing 3: the final round». This episode is hard to call it an acting debut star, because he played himself.

    The first solo work Dzhigan was the song «We are no more», the video for which was released in April 2012. All of these songs became the debut album «the Cold heart», on which the contractor worked for three years.

    December 31, 2013 djigan announces departure from Black Star Inc. He decides to go to independent swimming. In proof of this, in February the premiere of the video «you Have to disappoint» a new single of the artist. The song became the anthem of a healthy lifestyle watch the video starring the best athletes of European and Russian bodybuilding.

    In 2014, the «award of MUZ-TV. Evolution» djigan was voted «Best hip hop project of the year» and received the coveted plate. On June 9 he became the winner of «Fashion People Awards» («RnB-Fashion»).

    A second joint work of Djigan and Julia Savicheva «Love nothing else» called a hit even before. The song was in the radio station Europa Plus, Love Radio, DFM, on the first line in iTunes and the video for it — the TV channels of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries.

    Long gone are the days when Dzhigan considered only as a creature of Timothy. Today he helps aspiring musicians to rise to fame. Of course, singer does not forget about himself – his new singles appear with surprising regularity.

    Dzhigan: personal life

    Dzhigan – not only a famous singer and athlete, but also a loving father. He is married to the founder of the brand MiraSezar and models

  • Oksana Samoilova, behind which part in several advertising campaigns of popular brands and work in Europe. The couple has two daughters, Ariel and Leah.

    Dzhigan: discography

    • «Cold heart»
    • «Your choice»
    • «Music. Life»

    Dzhigan: photo


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