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  • Name: Dzhanik Fayziev ( Jahongir Faiziev )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1961.
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Activity: the Uzbek and Russian film and television Director, producer
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Dzhanik Faiziev: biography

    Jahongir Faiziev the habibulloevich was more familiar to the domestic audience as dzhanik Faiziev, who became famous after the release of the cult films «the Turkish Gambit» and «Admiral». And since the late 1980s, Director every New year happy Russian project «Old songs about the main», which is broadcast on the First channel.

    Janik Faiziev
    Dzhanik Faiziev | kino-teatr.ru

    Dzhanik Faiziev was born in the summer of 1961 in the Uzbek SSR. In Tashkent he spent his childhood and youth. Jahangir grew up in a creative family. His mother is a wonderful actress Svetlana Norbaeva, and the father of the famous Uzbek Director Habib Faiziev. But the parents divorced when the son was barely a year. Mom remarried a man who was also closely associated with the world of cinema: it is the Ossetian actor Bimbolat Batagaev. The second marriage of the mother was born brother Janik – Zaurbek Batagaev.

    It is not surprising that in the childhood years dzhanik Fayziev has started to appear on the set. At age 11 he starred in the film «Waiting man», and in 1975, when he was 14, played a small role in the film «Man goes for the birds.»

    Dzhanik Faiziev in the film
    Dzhanik Faiziev in the film «Man goes for the birds» | kino-teatr.ru

    To dream of any other profession, except that which is connected with the cinema and television, dzhanik Faiziev could not. So after finishing school he went to Moscow and became a student of the famous Institute of Cinematography. First, he chose the acting Department and studied in the group of Boris Chirkov. In 1983, Janik received a diploma.

    But after a few years Faiziev once again came to the now native cinematography. This time, to Director education. He studied first in the workshop of Yuri Ozerov, but then continued to learn the secrets of directing, under Irakli Kvirikadze.


    In the mid-1980s Faiziev, then still a student of the acting Department of VGIK, again appeared on the screens in the film «Youth of genius» and «the adventures of the little Flour».

    Dzhanik Faiziev in the film
    Dzhanik Faiziev in the movie «the Little MUK» | kino-teatr.ru

    Looking ahead, we say that as an actor Jahangir the habibulloevich was appeared 2 times in the movie «Code of silence» in 1989 and the TV series «Murka» in 2016. His main priority is directing and producing.

    After graduating from the acting faculty of dzhanik Faiziev returns home and finds a assistant Director at «Uzbekfilm». Received realizes acting skills in the Theatre-Studio of film actor. But he better understand what direction it attracts more. Soon Fayzieva appointed Director of the Tashkent theatre «Ilkhom».

    Janik Faiziev
    Dzhanik Faiziev | telekritika.ua

    About the talent of the Uzbek film Director said that it is increasingly invited to Moscow, where he and the late 1980s, puts the cycle of Christmas music film «Old songs about the main thing».

    1993 biography of Janik Fayzieva more closely linked with the work in Russia. He finally moved to Moscow. He was appointed editor of the popular program «Kinopanorama» on the channel «Ostankino». Faiziev becomes the developer of the project and Director of the program «Interception» on «NTV». Later, he works as the Director of the project «Namedni» and others.

    In 2002, Faiziev goes to a new level of responsibility: he was appointed Director of the Directorate of film production on «the First channel».

    Janik Faiziev
    Dzhanik Faiziev | telekritika.ua

    Biography of Janik Fayzieva is not only a great television projects. In the early 2000s, the Uzbek-Russian Director gives the audience their first movie, a cult feature film «Turkish gambit», which take the heat of criticism.

    3 years later, in 2008, to the big screen triumphantly leaves a drama «the Admiral» in which Faiziev is the producer. Another rating project in the same capacity Jahangir habibulloevich was the is a year: in 2009, viewers watched a Comedy «high security Vacation», where the main roles were played by Sergei Bezrukov, Dmitry Dyuzhev and Alena Babenko.


    Again to realize his directorial talent dzhanik Faiziev managed in 2012. The audience saw his new drama film «August. Eighth» about the events in South Ossetia, where one of the key roles went to Svetlana Ivanova.

    Dzhanik Faiziev and Svetlana Ivanova in the film
    Dzhanik Faiziev and Svetlana Ivanova in the film «August. The Eighth» | Life.ru

    And in 2016 the fans of Uzbek stars will see his new film – a fantastic action movie called «Goalkeeper of the Galaxy.» The writer of the project were made by he and Andrei Rubanov. The budget of the project amounted to $ 15 million. In the genre of «sci-Fi action» Director made its debut, so many are looking forward to the release of pictures to evaluate its performance.

    Personal life

    The famous Director doesn’t like talking about personal stuff. He avoids to access those pages of his life, preferring to relate to in a conversation only their work and creativity.

    But in 2011 the private life of Janik Fayzieva was the center of attention of the tabloids. In the movie «August. The eighth» between the Director and the actress Svetlana Ivanova broke novel. Piquancy of the situation added the fact that both sides of the novel was not free from the bond of matrimony. Svetlana was in a civil marriage with cameraman Vyacheslav Lisnevskiy. The marriage ceremony took place in the Maldives.

    Dzhanik Fayziev with his wife and daughter
    Dzhanik Fayziev with his wife and daughter | Life.ru

    And dzhanik Faiziev at the time was married to Lena Aspli. Lina is an actress by education, but a degree was not working. The couple raised a daughter and a son. This is probably why lovers how could «classify» your relationship, hiding from prying paparazzi. But the latter managed to take some pictures of the pair kissing passionately. Their affair became public knowledge.

    Dzhanik Faiziev and Svetlana Ivanova
    Dzhanik Faiziev and Svetlana Ivanova | vigo247.Gee

    Even more difficult was to hide the relationship, when in 2012, Svetlana Ivanova gave birth to a daughter Pauline. All inquiries, the actress answered the riddle, claiming that her beloved husband and a father to a daughter too well known to call his name. Besides, he’s «not quite free».

    But in summer 2015 the secret is out: the 37-th Moscow film festival, the pair came together and officially announced their relationship. Since the personal life of Janik Fayzieva and Svetlana Ivanova flows in one direction. According to some reports, the couple is in a civil marriage.

    Filmography (actor)

    • 1972 – «Waiting for you, boy»
    • 1975 – «Man goes for the birds»
    • 1982 – «Youth of genius»
    • 1983 – «the adventures of the little Flour»
    • 1989 – «Code of silence»
    • 2016 – «Murka»

    Filmography (Director)

    • 1991 — «Kammy»
    • 2000 — «request Stop»
    • 2005 — «Turkish gambit»
    • 2012 — «August. The eighth»
    • 2016 — «Goalkeeper Of The Galaxy»


    Dzhanik Fayziev with Lina Aspli

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