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  • Name: Karaarslan Gabriel ( Jabrail Karaarslan )
  • Date of birth: 10 October 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: of gerger, Turkey
  • Activity: businessman
  • Marital status: married

    Dzhabrail Karaarslan: biography

    Dzhabrail Karaarslan – founder of a major logistics business. Engaged in business in the sphere of transport and forwarding services. Is a citizen of Turkey.

    Born October 10, 1976, in the Turkish province of Adiyaman (the town of gerger). Karaarslan Gabriel, enrolling in 1994 in Istanbul University’s law faculty, gained valuable knowledge. Training in one of the largest universities of Turkey allowed him to become a successful businessman, who founded a profitable business.

    The Foundation and development of business

    1997 Gabriel Karaarslan creates a logistics company. It helps partners from Russia, which the Turkish entrepreneur was able to work closely together. The geography of activity of the company embraced the international space. It is not only Russia, but also countries involved in the Commonwealth of Independent States and some countries in Asia.

    Today, ULS Global is a major holding. It includes companies that provide services not only in logistics, but also in the field of transport, and provision of forwarding services. The company operates in various countries including Russia, Turkey. ULS Global company with a world name, it is known in Italy, Germany, the Baltic States, Finland, China, Kazakhstan.

    Dzhabrail Karaarslan
    Dzhabrail Karaarslan

    Work holding is based on the desire to reduce costs and delivery times of goods. For these purposes, the developed logistic scheme, the routes are optimally suited to the process of transport of goods from one country to another. From Turkey to Estonia the goods are delivered by aircraft, owned by the holding company and from Estonia to Russia and return transportation is provided by ferry service.

    2008 – the year when Dzhabrail Karaarslan became the owner of one of the airlines of Turkey. Formerly known as Kuzu Airlines, it later became known as ULS AIRLINES. Under the proficient leadership, the company began to cooperate with companies which carry out international transport. Among them EMIRATES (UAE), Turkish Airlines (Turkey), Saudia (Saudi Arabia), DHL (Germany), UPS (USA). Turkish AIRLINES, her office is in Istanbul. Transport belonging to the company, based on the Turkish airport «Ataturk».

    Personal life

    Karaarslan Gabriel — a model family man. The businessman is married. Has 3 children.


    Dzhabrail Karaarslan

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