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  • Name: Dustin Hoffman ( Dustin Hoffman )
  • Date of birth: 8 August 1937
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, USA
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actor, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Dustin Hoffman: biography

    Dustin Lee Hoffman is an American actor, film Director and producer. His filmography includes several dozen roles, which became a classic. Until today, Hoffman remains one of the most hardworking actors in Hollywood history. And he not only removed a lot, but carefully considering every petty detail of the image, and also helps colleagues to understand the psychology of their characters.

    Dustin was born in the family of jazz pianist Lillian gold and Harry Hoffman who changed many professions. The boy was the second child in the family and suffered terribly from what is considered the older brother of Ronald unsurpassed ideal. And the thing is that my brother was a straight-a student and as a teenager starred in an episode of the famous film «Mr. Smith goes to Washington».

    Dustin Hoffman's mom Lillian gold
    Dustin Hoffman’s mom Lillian gold | Ofpof

    Himself Dustin studied poorly. By the way, its development from the beginning was behind, for example, in three years he still was unable to speak. School Hoffman stars in the sky are not enough, as I was very shy boy and was often the object of jokes. One of them was even expelled from school in the 7th grade. The teenager played in a student play a small role, but the seniors convinced him the end of the play to go on stage and say, «Bless us all God damn it!». The boy was so anxious to have at least some remark that he agreed, what made a huge scandal.

    One of the main Hobbies of Hoffman in childhood was music. He learned to play the piano, and after high school he enrolled in city College Santa Monica in the faculty of arts. However, this College boyfriend left, as acting there had devoted more time than to play the instrument. Then Dustin studied at the Los Angeles Conservatory, which he left due to the fact that he was not enough of acting lessons!

    Dustin Hoffman in his youth
    Dustin Hoffman in his youth | The Telegraph

    Future movie star involved in the actor’s Studio «Pasadena Playhouse» and went on to conquer the new York stage. There he was faced with the fact that the basics of his knowledge is insufficient. Hoffman became a student once again, this time in the famous Studio Lee Strasberg, graduates of which were Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and other famous people.

    In parallel with education, the young man had to work. He held the post of assistant doctor at the psychiatric hospital, but when he realized that he could go crazy from this experience, I went to type text in a publishing company. Later, the guy was selling toys in the supermarket. Subsequently, a qualified actor, Dustin began appearing in various Broadway productions, where it was used in the role of unconventional people.


    For the first time in that movie Dustin Hoffman had in the first half of the 60-ies. He has appeared in many television series, but his real film debut finds the drama «the Graduate,» in which he got the main role. Interestingly, the script, the character Hoffman was supposed to be tall, handsome, bright blonde, at first glance crazy women. But Dustin with exaggerated clumsiness in the movements and languor in the eyes created even more drama.

    Dustin Hoffman in the film
    Dustin Hoffman in «Tootsie» | MemeGogo

    Another success was unpredictable. All critics unanimously thought that the picture «Midnight cowboy» will be a failure, but in the end, the film has collected a collection of awards and included in the list of the best films of the twentieth century. Around Hoffman as an actor begins to emerge excitement, which is supported by new projects – Western «Little big man», the biographical drama «lenny», the crime Thriller «Straw dogs».

    The pinnacle of the first half career of the artist can be considered, which brought him the first «Oscar» family drama «Kramer vs. Kramer» funny Comedy «Tootsie,» in which he transforms into a woman, and also a psychological picture of «rain Man» where Dustin got the role of autistic Raymond Babbitt. The last picture gave the actor a second statuette «Oscar».

    Dustin Hoffman in the film
    Dustin Hoffman in the movie «meet the Fockers» | Mediaset

    Despite his age, Dustin Hoffman continued to appear. Matured actor can be seen with al Pacino and Madonna in the film adaptation of the comic strip «dick Tracy», with Nicole Kidman in the gangster Thriller «Billy Bathgate», with Morgan Freeman in the film-accident «Epidemic». Also on account of his important role in the Comedy «meet the Fockers», the psychological Thriller «perfume: the story of a murderer» and the romance «Last chance Harvey».

    Personal life

    As a young Dustin Hoffman was never a big favorite among women. Only after the appearance on the screens of the ladies began to seek meetings with him. Some time, the actor had an affair with the German model of Russian-born Vera von Lehndorff, and American singer Betty Kelly.

    Dustin Hoffman and his wife Ann Bjorn
    Dustin Hoffman and his wife Anne Bjorn | Celebrity Photo Gallery

    In 1969, Hoffman married the dancer Anne Bjorn and adopted her child from a previous marriage, Karina. The couple was born a daughter Jenna. After six years of married life, Anne, who left the stage unexpectedly recovers dancing career, because of what Dustin needed to abandon several interesting scenarios: he had to sit with the kids. In the end, the family began to emerge from conflict, and in 1980, the year the marriage was terminated.

    Just a week after that, the actor got married again. His choice was a lawyer and businesswoman Lisa Gottsegen with which Hoffman before secretly met just under a year. The couple are still together given birth to four children: sons, Jacob and Maxwell, and daughters Rebecca and Alexander.

    Dustin Hoffman and his wife Lisa Gottsegen
    Dustin Hoffman and his wife Lisa Gottsegen | Saturday Rambler

    A very unusual legend is in the family of Dustin and Lisa. It turns out that when married parents of this woman, Hoffman was at that wedding as a guest musician and played young on the piano. And as the mother of the current wife of the actor at that time was already pregnant, Liza jokes that I heard the music of her husband long before he saw him after many years.


    • 1969 — Midnight cowboy
    • 1970 Little big man
    • 1979 — Kramer vs. Kramer
    • 1982 — Tootsie
    • 1988 — rain Man
    • 1991 — Captain Hook
    • 1996 — American Buffalo
    • 2004 — meet the Fockers
    • 2006 — perfume: the Story of a murderer
    • 2014 — Chef on wheels


    Dustin Hoffman

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