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  • Name: Drew Barrymore ( Drew Barrymore )
  • Date of birth: 22 February 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: CULVER city, United States
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress, producer, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Drew Barrymore: the biography

    Drew Barrymore called «angel and demon», a talented girl to 15 years managed to fall to the bottom and float to the top. She was born February 22, 1975 in America.

    Drew belongs to the old acting dynasty, which originates from her great-grandfather Maurice Barrymore. Father, mother and grandfather were also actors. However, drew’s dad liked to drink, so the mother left him before the birth of her daughter. Divorce she filed late. Baptized aspiring actress Steven Spielberg and Sophia Loren. With such parents and godparents she could hardly choose another profession.

    Childhood drew Barrymore was held in the Bohemian atmosphere, she was often with his mother on the secular parties staged in Los Angeles. She later recalled that instead of dolls she had empty bottles of alcohol, and communication with children replaced a buddies mom.

    Growing up, drew Barrymore tried to compensate for the lost childhood toy. She loved everything to do with zebras: striped clothes, fun toys-animals, trips to the zoo. But it was after 15 years, and before that age drew was «the lost girl». At 9 years old she had already learned the taste of alcohol in 10 years tried marijuana, and 12 hooked on cocaine. In 14 years, he twice got to the clinic, where was treated for drug addiction. The girl-the teenager had several suicide attempts. She managed to overcome the addiction.

    In 15 years, drew Barrymore felt independent, refused to help his mother and managed to write and publish a memoir. Then her life changed dramatically for the better.


    For the first time in front of the cameras drew Barrymore appeared in 11 months – it was an advertisement for dog food. One of the dogs had bitten the girl, but instead of tears she laughed, surprising producers. In 2 years, drew appeared in the film «Unexpected love», and in 5 years she starred in the film «the Gods». At 7 years old she auditioned for a role in «Alien» and his discourse was fascinated by Spielberg. The film was a success at the box office, and drew Barrymore became proud Americans. The filmmakers literally filled up it with suggestions.

    However, the success of «Alien» its such films failed to repeat that success. But among migratory roles of that period were successful works. For shooting in the film «Irreconcilable differences» Barrymore was nominated for a Golden globe, though the actress is under 18 years of age.

    In 1986, in rolling out the film «adventure» where she played the ditzy Lisa. After this role, she woke up a superstar. Then there was a series of teen roles that did not suit the actress. She was out of control on the court, argued with the cast and crew. As a result of her began to invite to the movies less often. Drew came to his senses in time and stopped, but a few years of absence, her audience forgotten. In the 90s she had to start all over again – to star in small roles. In 1992 she played a schoolgirl in the film «crazy arms» and got this job a Golden globe.

    Gradually drew Barrymore went from teen to adult roles. In the paintings «DoppelgangeR» and «the history of Amy Fisher» critics have noted her impeccable game. She played a calculating killer and victims, lovers of women and modern Cinderellas. In 1998 with her participation was released the movie «the wedding Singer» and immediately became a hit. The fees for the actress has risen to unprecedented heights for each film, drew has earned $ 7 million.

    In the 2000s, she launched her own production company and began producing films. The first draft of «Charlie’s Angels-2» was a commercial success. It is clear that one of the main roles played herself drew Barrymore. Then there was the movie «fever pitch», «Lucky», «Smack him» and others in which she was an actress, and producer.

    Personal life

    Drew Barrymore was married three times. The first time her choice was a restaurateur Jeremy Thomas, he was a senior, drew for 12 years. The wedding was celebrated, when the actress was 19 years old. After six months the marriage broke up.

    Girl for a while forgot about his personal life and got a career. She said that married life and motherhood from her is not going anywhere. In 2001 he met the comic actor Tom green and soon married him. And those relationships don’t stand the test of marriage, after a year the couple divorced.

    Then drew broke novel with Justin long. The press often discussed their good relationship in 2008 the couple announced their engagement. Everyone was waiting for the logical continuation of the novel, but instead drew and Justin broke up. The reason they refused to comment.

    In the summer of 2012 drew Barrymore for the third time married. Her lover was the art consultant will Kopelman. They met for a year and a half before that, the actress was in no hurry to tie the knot – check your and his feelings. Three months after the wedding, in September 2012, drew’s daughter, olive. And in April 2014 was born the second daughter Frankie.


    • «Alien»
    • «Crazy love»
    • «The scream»
    • «The wedding singer»
    • «Children up to sixteen»
    • «Fuck you, Freddie!»
    • «50 first dates»
    • «Charlie’s angels: full throttle»
    • «Duplex»
    • «Mixed»


    Drew Barrymore

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