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  • Name: Douglas Booth ( Douglas John Booth )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Douglas Booth: a biography

    Douglas Booth is a British actor, known to fans of cinema shooting in the biographical film «worried about the boy» tragedy «Romeo and Juliet» and TV series «Great expectations».

    He was born in London, in the coastal area of Greenwich, which the locals call «sea gates of Britain». His mother Vivien de Cala, has a Dutch origin, engaged in the fine arts. Father Simon Booth – financial consultant Maritime transport companies and large banks. Douglas has an older sister Abigail, who followed in the footsteps of his mother, graduated from the school of visual arts in Chelsea and became an artist.

    Douglas first 10 years spent in London and then moved to Sevenoaks Kent, where he studied at the «Solefully school.» But due to dyslexia, which he suffered from birth, the boy had several times to change schools. He has this disease almost most complex form, it could read and write, but not with the speed demanded by the teachers. Later, Booth studied at the diocesan school of the Anglican Church in Royal Tunbridge wells and the school, «Lingfield Notre Dame» in Surrey.

    In childhood he preferred to be creative: learning to play the trumpet, and performed in school plays. After 12 years, the boy has played the protagonist in the play of Aeschylus «Agamemnon», he realized that he likes to be the center of attention. It was then that Douglas Booth has decided to become an actor.

    With 13 years he began to study acting at the National youth theatre, then at the Guildhall school of music and theatre. In 15 years the young man became a client of literary and theatrical Agency Curtis brown, through which subsequently received her first role.


    The debut of 17-year-old Douglas booth in the movie was a television adventure film «From time to time during» on the novel by children’s writer Lucy M Boston. It is about a young time traveler who from the crucible of world war II falls in the past century and reveals family secrets.

    The following picture «worried about the boy» was also on television. In this biographical drama Booth conveyed the image of a famous pop singer, boy George. Actor skillfully showed the career of the musician from an unknown man who wears women’s clothes for performances in a third-rate cabaret, the star of the first magnitude English music scene.

    But the real success and fame came to Douglas after he appeared in the drama television series «Great expectations», filmed on the cult novel by Charles Dickens. Booth portrays on screen, a simple village boy PIP, the blacksmith’s pupil, who mysteriously fall condition and a great opportunity. This colorful film was a huge success with the audience. Only the first episode gathered an audience of about 7 million.

    The next time the actor was forced to speak about itself in 2013 when she starred in another adaptation of classic works – Shakespeare’s «Romeo and Juliet» in which he plays Romeo Montague. The role of his young lover went to a young American actress hailee Steinfeld. Compared with the traditional play the role of Douglas booth little expanded at the expense of some replicas are excluded from the plot, the characters.

    In 2014, he released a colorful motion picture «Noah,» based on the epic biblical story. The picture tells the story of the flood and the righteous Noah, who with the blessing of God, builds an ark to save his family and a pair of animals of each species. In this movie, Douglas Booth was played by Shem, one of Noah’s sons. When «Noah» came in the Russian hire, he set a record at the box office, bringing in the first weekend more than 600 million rubles.

    Personal life

    Douglas Booth is already more than 3 years Dating the same girl, whose name he did not disclose to the public. The actor lives in Bermondsey – South area of London, where rents an apartment with his sister Abigail.

    In 2015, a quarterly men’s magazine «Gentleman» called the young man one of the 50 British men, tastefully dressed.

    Booth is a supporter of gender equality and supports feminist movement «HeForShe». The actor does not smoke and never used even light drugs, citing the fact that he didn’t want to hurt my body, which is his «working tool».

    Best friend Douglas booth – actress Vanessa Kirby and Freddie Fox, with whom he played together in «Great expectations» and «worried about the boy».


    • 2009 — From time to time during
    • 2010 — worried about the boy
    • 2011 — Christopher and his kind
    • 2011 — Great expectations
    • 2012 — Summer. Classmates. Love
    • 2012 — Favorite Dickens
    • 2013 — Romeo and Juliet
    • 2014 Neu
    • 2014 — the riot Club
    • 2015 — Jupiter Ascending


    Douglas Booth

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