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  • Name: Dorothea Wierer ( Dorothea Wierer )
  • Date of birth: 3 April 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Birth place: Brunico, Italy
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: biathlete, bronze medalist of the Olympic games in Sochi
  • Marital status: married

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    Italian biathlete Dorothea Wierer for his team means a lot. Thanks to an incredibly quick shooting this athlete’s Italy in the mixed relay won the bronze medal at the Olympic winter games in Sochi in 2014, and also took silver and bronze medals at the world Championships. Additionally, the Wearer is the owner of a Small World Cup 2016 in the classification of the individual races.

    Biathlete Dorothea Wierer
    This beautiful girl is the main hope of the Italian team biathlon | Facebook

    Biography Dorothea wierer originates in the small town of Brunico, located in the Alpine region of Tyrol, in Northern Italy. Historically this area was inhabited by immigrants from Germany and Austria, hence this is not European name athletes. By the way, the name «Dorothea» says German roots girls. Since childhood, Doro used to speak Italian, German languages and is still bilingual. In addition, Olga is fluent in English.

    Photo By Dorothea Wierer
    Dorothea grew up near the Alps | Facebook

    Very young Dorothea loved to run with the guys in football, not only did not lag behind, but was considered to be one of the strongest players on the team. And in biathlon Dorothea Wierer was due to the persuasion of the elder brother – the guy has a few years to learn to ski and shoot, and decided to involve the sister to this very exotic for Italy, sport. She first got on skis in 10 years, then participated in the first competition, but failed to hit any targets.

    Photo Dorothea wierer playboy
    In 2016, the Wearer has agreed to pose for Playboy magazine | Facebook

    Who would have thought that after a few years, the Wearer will not just promising biathlete from Italy, but also the most rapid-athlete that participates in the world Cups. At the Junior level Dorothea gathered a constellation of medals, and in 2011 became an absolute world Junior champion and was awarded «rookie of the year». Then it was waiting for a big-time sports. I should add that the girl has not forgotten about education and graduated from University with a degree in «Tax and customs».


    At senior level she at first did not show serious results. As acknowledged in an interview with the sports magazine Dorothea Wierer, it was banal laziness. Moreover, after the turn the head of the successes in youth competitions she gained a few extra pounds. But when the athlete decided to train harder this immediately bore fruit: at the winter Olympics in Sochi Italy at the head of the Wearer wins the bronze medal in the mixed relay. Climbing the Olympic podium gave Dorothea motivation, and she felt really serious.

    Biathlete Dorothea Wierer
    The rate of fire of Dorothea is one of the best in the world | Facebook

    And the next season 2014-2015 became her natural glory. The four stages of the world Cup Wierer was called the best in different types of races, not to mention silver and bronze medals. Last season, the Italian is only gaining speed, satisfied with one bronze medal in the pursuit race at the world Cup in Swedish Ostersund. Despite the obvious successes of recent years Wierer openly admits that it does not intend to prolong his athletic career . She is already considering to move on to coaching and actively studying coaching activities.

    Personal life

    On the penultimate day of may 2015, she changed marital status and married technical Manager of the Italian Federation of winter sports, Stefano Corradini. They met back in 2008, and in the personal life of Dorothea Wierer, the man came four years after that, although at the time still only as a boyfriend. Stefano is older than Dorothy for 12 years, but this does not prevent the couple to feel one: they both love to dance in night clubs, eat out and a little lazy. Now the couple live in the town of Castello di Fiemme.

    Dorothea Wierer with her husband
    Wedding of Dorothea and Stefano Corradini | Facebook

    Interestingly, if the Russian biathlon fans will know not only by name but also in person, in Italy the situation is the opposite. As the number one sport for Italians is football, at home Dorothea does not feel a star, even after great performances at the Olympics and the world Cup. She hoped that the situation will change over time and the audience will be to learn it on the streets. Including for the promotion of his name and winter sports, she agreed to take part in a Frank photo shoot. Such a proposal was made Dorothea wierer «Playboy», one of the most famous men’s magazines after the girl had secretly awarded the title of «most sexy women of our time».

    Photo By Dorothea Wierer

    Dorothea Wierer

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